October 2014
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President


We have had a lot to celebrate these past few months: successful fundraisers, history in the making by Chris Bombardier and Barry Haarde [see below!], more children sponsored and awards for all our dedicated donors and volunteers. 

While you read about our growing accomplishments and celebrations, I want to point out our staff, who work diligently and make it look so easy. This is a difficult program to develop and run: it's heavily labor intensive as we follow individually over 1,200 people with hemophilia in 12 countries! Martha, our executive director, Tricia, our sponsorship program manager, and Nancy, our bookkeeper--thank you for being the engine that keeps Save One Life running. With fuel from our sponsors and donors, we all pull together to let hundreds of patients and families in need know they are not alone and they are supported. Thank you! 

Best wishes,   
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life 
One Life At A Time Celebration

Laurie Kelley, Martha Hopewell and Usha Parthasarathy welcomed more than 75 guests at the One Life At A Time celebration on September 17 in Washington, DC. This was an occasion to express our appreciation for the vital and enthusiastic support we receive from so many who make our mission a success. Laurie shared that, since its founding, Save One Life has assisted more than 1370 families in 13 countries with over $1.5 mission in direct aid.
Jessica Swann accepts the 2014 
Sponsor of the Year Award on behalf of 
Leon and Judy Faitek  

We gave special acknowledgements to four individuals who have contributed in important ways to our success in 2014.

Judy Faitek of San Diego, California was named our 2014 Sponsor of the Year. In addition to sponsoring six beneficiaries, Judy is the first sponsor to include Save One Life in her planned giving. She did this in honor of her late husband, Leon, who so generously gave his time and resources to the cause of hemophilia. 

Arwind Manohar of Baxter Healthcare, Wheels for World's Gold sponsor, 
accepts the award on behalf of 
Barry Haarde

Neil Herson of ASD Healthcare, Denali Quest's Gold sponsor, accepts the award on behalf of Chris Bombardier
Two intrepid individuals have been indispensable to our fundraising over the past three years: Barry Haarde and
Chris Bombardier.

Barry completed his third Wheels for the World tour across the southern United States in the spring of 2014, raising more than $47,000.  

Chris became the first person with hemophilia to climb Mt. McKinley, summiting the peak on July 6 and raising more than $28,000. This is the fourth peak in Chris's Seven Summit Quest to be the first person with hemophilia to climb the highest peak on each continent. 

Save One Life's success also depends on the cooperation of 40 program partners in the countries where we work. Our 2014 Program Partner of the Year is Hemophilia Federation (India) Pondicherry Chapter, located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Read more about the chapter's founder, Dr. Nalini, below. 

Usha Parthasarathy, Save One Life's India Program Coordinator,
accepts the Program Partner of the Year award on behalf of HFI Pondicherry Chapter

Save One Life selected Mark W. Skinner to receive our 2014 Inspiration AwardAs past president of NHF and past president of WFH, Mark revolutionized the organizations he has served, which in turn have helped more people with hemophilia globally. He now serves as president of WFH USA. He has been a personal inspiration to Laurie Kelley and many hemophilia leaders around the world. We are proud and honored to award him this year.
Mike Rosenthal, national director WHF USA, accepts the
2014 Inspiration Award on behalf of Mark W. Skinner.
Program Partner of the Year

Congratulations to Hemophilia Federation (India) Pondicherry Chapter, our 2014 Program Partner of the Year!

Pondicherry Chapter, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, is presided by Dr. P. Nalini, a pediatric hematologist who founded the chapter in 1995, after more than 30 years as a practicing physician. The chapter has just over 200 patients, with 28 enrolled in Save One Life's sponsorship program. 
Dr. P.Nalini, President
HFI Pondicherry Chapter

Pondicherry as been a pioneer chapter for Save One Life, with five students among the first in India to receive scholarships when the program was launched in 2012, and five families among the first in India to receive micro-enterprise grants in 2014. The chapter has also received support from Save One Life's Smile on Summer Fund to send children to hemophilia camp.

All this is due to the tireless dedication of Dr. Nalini, who, in addition to her work with the chapter, advocates and serves on various state government committees addressing the welfare of orphans and children with disabilities. Her work earned her a Life Time Achievement Award from the Indian Medical Association, which she received on September 28, 2014.
Save One Life beneficiaries in Pondicherry
receiving their sponsorship funds

First Micro-Enterprise Grants in India

Save One Life awarded the first micro-enterprise grants to six families of the Pondicherry and Bhubaneswar Chapters in June. The grants were used to purchase cows, a refrigerator, establish a roadside vegetable stand and purchase a sewing machine. These stories illustrate the importance of micro-enterprise grants to help families with hemophilia help themselves.
Fathima and Mohammed with their new refrigerator

Fathima owns a small sundries shop located in her mother's house, where she lives with her family. Her husband has a heart condition, which prevents him from working. The family's monthly income is $40. Her only child, four-year-old Mohammed, has severe hemophilia A. Fathima received a grant of $250 to buy a refrigerator to store bottled water, juice and milk for sale.

Anitha with her new cow

Anitha is a widow with two sons. She earns $40 per month working at a local clinic. Her youngest, Subhash, is 11 years old with severe hemophilia B.  Anitha received a grant of $350 to purchase a cow and its calf. She is supplementing her income by selling milk.

When Laurie met Prafulla and his 14-year-old son Jitendra during her 2013 trip to India, she learned that he had to travel almost 100 miles to work as a farm laborer, earning $40 a month. When she asked what would make his life easier, he didn't hesitate to answer "a roadside shop" so that he can be near his son. Today, with the help of a $700 grant, Prafulla and Jitendra are managing their new vegetable vending business together.
Prafulla and son Jitendra ready to do business at their roadside stand
Welcome New Sponsors!
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We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:
Jennifer Arms
Craig and Kelly Mears
Michele Piotrowski
Donna Rushing
Jeremy Short
Ellis Sulser
Eddie Williams*
Becky Ybarra

*Eddie is our newest member of our Dedication Circle as the sponsor of 12 beneficiaries
Surrender of India looks forward to your sponsorship!
One Life At A Time Celebration Sponsors




NHF Annual Meeting
Sudharshan and his mother Usha Parthasarathy, Bob Graham, Martha Hopewell and Barry Haarde

National Hemophilia Federation generously donated a booth to Save One Life during its annual meeting in Washington DC, September 18-20. 

With great help from volunteers Usha Parthasarathy and Bob Graham, Save One Life received over 30 pledges from new and current sponsors who visited our booth and selected children to support. Thank you, NHF and our generous supporters!

This [photo of Brian] is so heart breaking. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life and forget how much others need and how frivolous my complaints can be. I have a six year old and just couldn't imagine, as a mother, not having the proper resources to help my child. Thank you for sharing and caring...Save One Life's work is epic!

Dina Dickson 
Brian Mugwenhi of Zimbabwe
is sponsored by Mr. Wolfgang Marguerre of Octapharma

Thank you very much for what you have done for me. This scholarship is so useful, especially now!


When I got the news I could not put my emotions into words. You relit the flame of hope into my soul. You gave me confidence in a bright future. 

I will use this money to purchase books and other necessities for my studies. I promise to produce excellent results as I enjoy studying and doing my best. I dedicate my time to constructive activities and I have learned to fight for my goals. I also want to demonstrate that, if anyone has a goal, it can be accomplished, of course with help and support when needed.


Thank you again for choosing to invest in me! 

Ionut Robert Iova

First student in Romania to receive a Save One Life scholarship
Ionut, a prize-winning history student in Romania, expresses his gratitude
I visited 13-year-old Janel Olegario at the Philippines Children's Medical Center and thought of sharing his photo for good reasons -- he was released today.

Janel had missed school for two weeks, complaining of a tummy ache, before the family made the 12-hour trip to Manila to discover he was suffering from a psoas bleed. 

There is no hematologist in their home province. The family travels to Manila two times a year for regular checkups and when Janel has a serious bleed. The round trip fare to Manila is $50. With a monthly income of $150, this cost is prohibitive. The family keeps their Save One Life sponsorship funds in reserve to pay for these trips. They expressed much gratitude to their sponsor for making a big difference in their lives! 
Andrea Echavez
Member of HAPLOS
Janel Oegario and his parents at the Philippines Children's Medical Center. Janel is sponsored by Erik Melde

We salute the brother-sister team Evan and Abby Poole of New Palestine, Indiana, who raised $740 toward our scholarship fund by organizing a golfing event on October 12.  

Your Save One Life Team
Martha Hopewell
Executive Director

Tricia Sico
Sponsorship Manager

Nancy Morrison

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