March 2014
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

I was inspired to found Save One Life 15 years ago while visiting a family in Karachi, Pakistan. Mohammad's father said he couldn't afford the $20 a month to send his son to school. Today, with the dedicated support of more than 400 sponsors, we send sponsorships to more than 1,100 children and adults every year.
Two years ago, we sent our first scholarships to help our beneficiary teens access vocational training and/or a college education. By improving their skills, they can be self-sufficient and more successfully support their families. We have already supported 76 young people with their education.
This month we introduce our micro-enterprise grant (MEG) program by awarding our first grants to two deserving young men in Nigeria. 
The MEG program completes our vision of helping children and youth with hemophilia access the resources necessary to become economically independent and productive to society.  Read about our first grantees below.    
With thanks to all our sponsors, donors and program partners for making it possible. 
Best wishes,   
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life 

Hemophilia Awareness Month
This month let's remember
all children with hemophilia--
especially those living in poverty.
Just $22 a month can change their lives, providing education, food, medicine 
and access to care.   
We have just 17 left to reach our goal of 31! 

LeadUP! Program's first 2014 Volunteer
Meet Evan Poole, a college freshman at Trine University in Indiana.
LeadUP! volunteer  
Evan Poole
On March 27 Evan and 20 of his Delta Chi fraternity brothers and tennis teammates are going to play ten straight hours of tennis to raise $1,000 for Save One Life's scholarship program. 

Evan and his family  discovered Save One Life while attending NHF's annual meeting last October. Evan's mother DeeDee writes, "We were shocked to discover how many people are not diagnosed and have little access to care or medicine. Save One Life caught our attention because it offers a real opportunity to make a difference." She adds, "I was totally impressed with the mission of Save One Life, and we became inspired as a family to sponsor a child and do what we can to help families with hemophilia and living in poverty." 
Evan exemplifies the spirit of the LeadUP! Program perfectly by writing,  "The LeadUp! Program and this fundraising effort are offering me the opportunity to increase my involvement on campus, and to advocate for those of us living with bleeding disorders while serving other deserving young men less fortunate than us." 
Read more about Evan's community leadership and donate here.
Go Evan and team!


T-shirts, pledge cards, Save One Life tokens ready for the
Thunder Tennis Marathon players


Meet Our First Micro-Enterprise Grantees
2014 MEG Recipient 
Michael Ntekpere
Michael Ntekpere has the quiet confidence that comes from meeting life's challenges with courage. 

He is the only child of his mother, who passed away when he was six years old. He lost his father in 2010, and is now responsible for five half-siblings, ranging in age from 12 to 23.

In 2003 Michael had a bad knee bleed. Doctors in Nigeria and Ghana were unable to treat him properly due to their unfamiliarity with hemophilia. A member of Michael's church funded his travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, where his leg was amputated. Today Michael walks nimbly using a prosthetic. 

Michael is the national youth coordinator for the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria and participated in the WFH Advocacy in Action program in Dubai in 2012.
Michael will purchase a computer and electric generator for his Internet cafe located in Ikot Ekpene, a small city near the coast in southern Nigeria.  His clientele is primarily students from the local polytechnic university.
Our second grantee, Adam Idris, lives in the city of Kaduna in north-central Nigeria. A personable young man with a great sense of humor, Adam received his certification as a professional in database technology in Accra, Ghana in 2010. It's been difficult for Adam to secure employment, given limited opportunities in Kaduna and his physical disabilities, so he has been repairing telephone handsets from home. With his grant Adam will establish a small store front near his home to sell inventory in addition to making repairs. 
Executive Director Martha Hopewell had the opportunity to meet both Michael and Adam during her trip to Nigeria in 2013.

Welcome New Sponsors!
Tony Hernandez
Sandra Hibner
Amy Lange
Kristin Marema
Arthur McGowan
Jacqueline Underwood

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:
Tim and Emily Collins
Laura Gravina
Wolfgang Marguerre
Michele Piotrowski

Wheels for the World
Once again, Barry Haarde is riding across the USA to raise funds for Save One Life! 
On April 19 Barry leaves Costa Mesa, CA to arrive 2,904 miles later in Savannah, GA, on May 17.
With the support of our corporate sponsors, Barry has raised almost 90% of his fundraising goal of $45,000. 
Let's help Barry 
get that final 10%! 


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In Memoriam

Klinish Eraldo from Dumaguete in the Philippines passed away on February 28 in his mother's arms en route to the hospital. He was suffering  from an internal bleed. Klinish was 14 years old.
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