November 2013 
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

Welcome to OneVoice! 

We are making progress toward our goal to sponsor 85 more children for a total of 1100 supported beneficiaries by December 31. To date, 58 have been sponsored since September: we have just 27 more to go!
We especially want to thank Mr. Wolfgang Marguerre, chairman of Octapharma, for adding 30 more children for a total of 100 sponsored beneficiaries. Mr. Marguerre is now the leading sponsor in our "Dedication Circle," which includes sponsors who support 10 or more beneficiaries. We are deeply grateful for his generosity!
Whether it's 100 or just 1, all our sponsors make a huge difference in the lives they help. That includes you!
As we near the time of year for counting blessings and giving thanks, all of us here at Save One Life appreciate the great confidence you have shown to us this year.
We look forward to continuing to strive toward helping as many needy people with bleeding disorders as we can. Thank you for making this goal possible!
With best wishes for the holidays,   
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life 
Emanuel  Alin Dodea of Romania looks forward to your sponsorship! 
"I Saved A Life" Campaign:
Just 27 To Go!
If every person who reads this OneVoice invites a friend, colleague or family member to sponsor a child, we will easily meet our goal to add 27 more sponsorships for a total of 1100 by December 31. 
Please forward this newsletter to someone you know and invite them to join you as a sponsor.

Our board member, Eric Hill of BioRx, sums up how important a sponsorship can be to a needy family. He writes:

"Save One Life is one of those rare organizations that puts feet on the ground and makes sure that kids living in conditions we can't imagine get some relief.  These are just two of many difficult situations I've witnessed in my travels to Save One Life countries:
-A family needing money to take a four-hour bus ride to the ONLY hematologist in the country because their son's knee is the size of a volleyball due to an untreated bleed.
-A family needing tuition to a private school because the public school administrator believed their son has demons or might spread his disease and kicked him out.
Thank you for helping to make a difference for families like these."  
If you are ready, you can save a life right now, right  HERE 

Save One Life at the NHF Annual Meeting 
Laurie Kelley and Martha Hopewell are joined by Save One Life board member Chris Bombardier, cyclist Barry Haarde and other enthusiastic sponsors at our "Meet & Greet" during the NHF annual meeting. 

This year the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) generously donated a table to Save One Life for a display during NHF's annual meeting from October 3-5 in Anaheim, CA. 

We were delighted to have this visibility and the opportunity speak with many visitors who were drawn by our colorful photos, brochures and give-aways. We really appreciate the visitors who have since become new sponsors. Welcome!

Martha Hopewell with  Megan and Thomas Adediron of Nigeria in front of the Save One Life display

We enjoyed seeing one of our newest program partners, Megan Adediron, founder and president of the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria (HFN) and her husband Thomas from Kaduna, Nigeria. 
NHF has twinned with the HFN and Megan was invited to Anaheim to make a presentation about the realities of living with a bleeding disorder in Nigeria and her work to raise awareness and  identify and help patients.,
Another special visitor, Emmanuel Kofi from Ghana, also dropped in. Emmanuel, a person with severe hemophilia, accompanied Martha Hopewell during her trip to Ghana last February, and is now studying for his Ph.D. at UC Riverside. 

Laurie Kelley conducting an interview in Mumbai, India for Save One Life 
Laurie Kelley in India

Laurie returned from a 10-day trip to India, November 5 - 15, where she participated in a 3-day hemophilia camp in Mumbai, visited Save One Life scholarship recipients in 5 cities and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the hemophilia society in Chennai. Click here to read detailed accounts of her trip. To enjoy her many photos, click here!

A Fun Video of Camp Ray of Hope in Romania 
Save One Life provided a grant of $3,000 to S.T.A.R. Children Relief, our program partner in Romania, to organize Camp Ray of Hope for 50 children in August. Our key contact, Adriana Henderson, recently returned and posted this fun slide show of camp on You Tube: 
Save One Life Scholarship Program Making a Difference
With funding from the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation and others, Save One LIfe has now provided scholarship support to 60 students since August 2012. The majority of our awardees are in India, as well as Kenya, Ghana and the Philippines. From accounting, business and computer science to pharmacy and psychology, our students do their best to overcome the challenges of their bleeding disorder to succeed.
M.D. Sajid, a 20 year old from Kolkata, India, was one of our 2012
M.D. Sajid from Kolkata
scholarship awardees. He met Laurie Kelley and Usha Parthasarathy during a recent visit. Orphaned and living alone, he applied to Save One Life for a scholarship toward an 8-month basic computer course. Save One Life awarded $180 toward his tuition, and he also received a contribution from the Kolkata hemophilia chapter. Still in need of just $40, Sajid raised the remaining funds himself by tutoring students. Both of Sajid's elbows are contracted from repeated bleeds, but that didn't stop him from reaching out to shake both Laurie and Usha's hands in gratitude for the support he received. 
Earlier in October Usha traveled to Manipal, India to attend the distribution of Save One Life scholarships to twelve young people ranging in age from 17 to 24. Usha was particularly impressed with the positive attitude and determination of one 18-year-old student, Shreesha Krishna, who weighs only 80 pounds! Shreesha lost his father in September from complications due to a stroke. His mother died five years ago. He lives with his elderly grandparents, both of whom are frail. Shreesha received a scholarship of $220 to study commerce, with the aim of becoming a bank accountant or manager. 
The average scholarship award is $300 to $500--so little compared to the cost of higher education in the US--and yet life-altering for many of our scholarship recipients, who will have a better chance for gainful employment, financial security and better health care as a result! 

Corporate Fundraisers
Thanks to these companies for choosing Save One Life as the recipient of their fundraising activities during the NHF annual meeting in Anaheim.

New Sponsors
We warmly welcome these new sponsors 

Jason Blyth and Becky Lamken
Mark and Ellen Borreliz
Helen Bruce
Colorado Chapter of NHF
Tim Duncan
Shelley Jayeh
David Moore
Barbara Pileri
Glenn Sieverson
Jeremy Short

Thank you to Neal Fitzpatrick for giving Patrick Schmidt the gift of a sponsorship in memory
of Patrick's mother, Suzanne.

Mark Salino of the Philippines was sponsored by 
Barbara Pileri in November

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:
Rose Bult
Laura Gravina
Janet Howard

What you all are doing is so inspirational for me, and so important to the hemophilia community. I really want my sons to have a sense of appreciation for the medical treatment and community that we have available. I think your organization is a great way to instill gratitude as well as give to others without the same benefits that we have. 

Victoria Hartman

In Memoriam
We sadly announce the recent passing of Danilo Miranda from an intra-cranial bleed on October 29. Danilo was 59 years old. He lived in Manila, Philippines and is greatly missed by all his friends at the HAPLOS Foundation.

Coming Up in 2014!
Denali Quest
Save One Life board member Chris Bombardier will be the first person with hemophilia to attempt "Denali," the highest peak in North America, in June 2014.  This will be the fourth peak in Chris's quest to climb the "Seven Summits," the highest mountain on each continent, to raise funds for Save One Life! 
We thank these corporate sponsors for pledging 2014 support for the Denali Quest:
Gold Sponsor  
Wheels for the World:
Big Wheels 
Keep On Turnin'
Once again, Barry Haarde is going to ride across the USA to raise funds for Save One Life! Next April Barry rides from Costa Mesa, CA to Savannah, GA, covering 2904 miles. 
We thank these corporate sponsors for pledging 2014 support for Big Wheels Keep On Turnin:
Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor
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