September 2013 
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

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As you are reading, please consider helping us to sponsor 85 more children to meet our goal of 1100  sponsored beneficiaries by December 31. Read more about our 
"I Saved A Life" campaign below. With your help, we can lift the spirits and hopes of more deserving children and their families as 2013 draws to a close.
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Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life 
Wilson Bracobam of the Dominican Republic looks forward to your sponsorship! 
"I Saved A Life" Campaign
If every person who reads this OneVoice invites a friend, colleague or family member to sponsor a child, we will easily surpass our
goal of 85 new sponsorships by December 31. 
Please forward this newsletter to someone you know who cares and invite them to join you as a sponsor.

Our board member, Eric Hill of BioRx, sums up how important a sponsorship can be to a needy family. He writes:

"Save One Life is one of those rare organizations that puts feet on the ground and makes sure that kids living in conditions we can't imagine get some relief.  These are just two of many difficult situations I've witnessed in my travels to Save One Life countries:
-A family needing money to take a four-hour bus ride to the ONLY hematologist in the country because their son's knee is the size of a volleyball due to an untreated bleed.
-A family needing tuition to a private school because the public school administrator believed their son has demons or might spread his disease and kicked him out.
Thank you for helping to make a difference for families like these."  
If you are ready, you can save a life right now, right  HERE 

First Hemophilia Camp in Nigeria


With a generous grant from the Colburn-Keenan Foundation and a gift from a private donor, Save One Life funded the first hemophilia camp in Nigeria. 

Megan Adediron, executive director of the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria, organized a weekend filled with fun for 20 boys in July. Megan's goal was to engage her campers in activities that can serve as alternatives to the national passion
--soccer--where kicking balls is the culprit in many ankle and knee bleeds. In a country where factor is rarely available, such activity can cause permanent joint damage.  

Campers learned games like chess and scrabble, and frolicked in the pool. After such a special experience, the boys are already looking forward to next year!

Our new bookeeper and administrative assistant, Nancy Morrison 
Welcome .... 
Nancy Morrison

We are happy to welcome Nancy, our new bookkeeper and administrative assistant. Nancy has an interesting and varied background, including bookkeeping for Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility and grantmaking for Timberland's corporate social responsibility programs. 
Nancy is  involved with the Vipassana meditation center in her hometown, and loves to knit presents for people. She appreciates our mission and is very excited to be working with Save One Life.
Save One Life at the NHF Annual Meeting 

This is the first year that Save One Life will have its own table at NHF's annual meeting in Anaheim.   Thank you NHF for making this possible! 
Please come by to visit us (we'll be in the foyer), and join us at our annual "meet and greet" at the conference center's Starbucks on Saturday afternoon, October 5, at 3:00pm. 
Your coffee is on us! 

New Corporate Support
We thank our new 2013 Gold sponsor CSL Behring for its generous core services donation, which just arrived to make this third quarter our best performing ever!  
New Sponsors
We warmly welcome these new sponsors in July, August and September

Parag Bhutta
Kendall and Vijay Dean
Andrea Echavez
Jessica Klass
Andrea Moore
Chris Pagliccia

Orlando Salazar of the Dominican Republic was sponsored by Amy Tollner 
in September

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:

Alison Arter
Patty Bentley
Mike Bradley
BDI Pharma
Bleeding Disorders Resource Network (5 new beneficiaries)
Central California Hemophilia       Foundation
Curtiss Reid Coleman
Ros Dawson
Margaret Fisher
Barry Haarde
Eric Hill
Chris Lamb
Burt and Vicky Lo
Eileen Morrow
Joe Pugliese
Patrick Schmidt
Angelene Simonelo
Amy Tollner
Ken Trader
Beau Ward


I am elated to know that Save One Life has offered to take five more beneficiaries from our chapter. The financial support of our sponsored beneficiaries has given a new light to their families. For that we are thankful to Save One Life and the donors.

Best regards,

Mukesh Garodia
Guwahathi Chapter, India

In Memoriam
We sadly announce the recent passing of Vicente Camay from Cebu City, Philippines, due to internal bleeding on July 30

Coming Up in 2014!
Denali Quest
Factor Reliance of America has partnered with Save One Life to support climber Chris Bombardier to be the first person with hemophilia to climb the highest peak in North America: Mt. McKinley (also known as "Denali," which means "the high one" in the local native American language) in July. This will be the fourth peak in Chris' quest to climb the "Seven Summits," the highest mountain on each continent! 
Wheels for the World:
Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'
Once again, Barry Haarde is going to ride across the USA to raise funds for Save One Life! Next April Barry will head out from Costa Mesa, CA to ride 2904 miles across the south to Savannah GA. 
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