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Newsletter / November 2014
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February 2015
Our First EVER pampering day for moms!  Stay tuned for more information!

April 18th 2015
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Tips for Traveling and Breastfeeding

-Remember that expressed breastmilk is good at room temperature for 6-8 hours!

-Baby may be distracted by new sights, sounds and people.  If this happens, find a quiet place for baby to feed.

-Continuing to breastfeed baby versus feeding expressed breast milk will help protect baby from any germs you were both exposed to while traveling or visiting family.

-Bring your pump along in case you need it!  It may be helpful to purchase a car charger for pumping in the car as needed.  Pump battery packs work great as well.

-Remember that breastfeeding is the absolute easiest way to feed baby while on the go!  No bottles, water, formula or storage required!

-If you use a breast pump, nipple shield or other items, remember to pack them!

-Remember that expressed breastmilk is good at room temperature for 6-8 hours!

-Keep your pump parts fresh and avoid frequent dishes by keeping your pump parts cold in a lunch box with an ice pack in between pumping sessions.

-Remember that you are providing the ABSOLUTE BEST nutrition for baby!  Keep it up!


Its official, the holiday season is upon us!  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to express our gratitude for everyone in Wood County who breastfeeds, supports breastfeeding and stays in touch through our newsletter.  Wood County has made great strides in supporting breastfeeding in the past few years with all of your help, and we are not done yet! We have begun outreach to local businesses to improve support for working mothers.

We wish you and yours the absolute happiest of holiday seasons!  Stay tuned for next years events, including a new day of pampering for moms!

-Leah Meidl and Amber France Co-Chairs of the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition
The Second Night Concept

The second night concept is a wonderful way to explain infant behaviors that sometimes leave parents distraught.  The second night concept tends to occur when baby first discovers their new, scary, cold world!  After the initial period of sleepiness (usually 24 hours), your infant may awaken and be quite unhappy about the changes in their world.  It is very overwhelming for baby!  It is normal for them to cry when they leave the breast.  They seem to want to eat all the time, fall asleep and then wake up as soon as you put them down! An important thing to note about the second night concept is that this can happen again anytime the baby is overwhelmed by new lights, noises, smells and people!  These situations are especially notable during the holiday season.  

So, what do you do?  


-Do lots of skin to skin contact with baby.  This is the closest he will get to being back inside that safe, cozy uterus!

-Let him nurse, this will help your mature milk come in faster.  Remember, the colostrum is all he needs until then!

-When he drifts off to sleep at the breast after a good feed, break the suction and slide your nipple gently out of his mouth. Don't move him except to pillow his head more comfortably on your breast. Don't try and burp him - just snuggle with him until he falls into a deep sleep where he won't be disturbed by being moved. Babies go into a light sleep state (REM) first, and then cycle in and out of REM and deep sleep about every hour or so. If he starts to root and act as though he wants to go back to breast, that's fine...this is his way of settling and comforting.

-Let baby have his hands!  They were always available to him in utero, keep them that way now!  He had fingernails in utero too, if he does scratch himself, it will heal quickly.  Let him touch and feel- no mittens or swaddling those arms!


2003 / Jan Barger RN, MA, IBCLC / Lactation Education Consultants




Local Resources

Wood County has numerous resources for expectant and new mothers, professionals and families!  Check out our website for lots of great materials with information about things like Second Night, the Affordable Care Act, Building a Supply and much much more.  These documents are printer friendly as well!  Our website also has other links to great resources, information and upcoming events. Check it out and feel free to share and print at:

Find us on Facebook! We regularly maintain a Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook and stay up to date on the local news, events and daily breastfeeding tips!

Finally, within Wood County we have a number of wonderful breastfeeding professionals.  This includes 6 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and 1o PLUS lactation specialists or lactation counselors!  Our latest resource list is below.

AND,   in 2015, we have the opportunity to train even more lactation professionals!  June 18-22nd there will be a training for Certified Lactation Specialists right here in Wood County!  The course will be presented by Lactation Education Consultants and is highly recommended.  For more information visit their website at: 
(the course offering is not yet listed on the website, but it will be soon!)