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Newsletter / March 2014
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Think Spring!
Lactation Credentials
Lactation Support in Wood County
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Think Spring!
The Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition is so excited for all that is happening in 2014!  We have new logos for our Milky Miles 5K and 10K in Marshfield and Wisconsin Rapids and we have a new logo and a  location for our golf outing this September!  These events are a wonderful way for us to raise awareness about breastfeeding and the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition.  This year, our Marshfield 5K will also include a Family Fun Day, complete with free food and games!  We want to use this day to thank the community for all of their support.

We are focusing our efforts this year on increasing the number of breastfeeding friendly businesses in Wood County, continuing to support breastfeeding mothers and further supporting mothers through breastfeeding support groups.  We are also developing a new strategic plan for the coalition.

Join us in "thinking spring" as the dates for our exciting events approach and we get to work on our new strategic plan!
-Leah Meidl and Amber France Co-Chairs of the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition
  Proud mama!  Amelia's breastfeeding her baby!        
The Basics of Lactation Credentials

Last year, the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition supported a training for Certified Lactation Specialists.  We were thrilled that this training doubled the number of lactation professionals in Wood County!  There are a few different educational and credentialing programs for lactation professionals.  All professionals have undergone extensive, week-long training in lactation.


Certified Lactation Specialist (CLS) and 

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) 

These are two lactation credentials that are very similar to one another.  Both are credentials that are obtained by individuals who have completed 40 hours of lactation education and have passed a written exam.  The Certified Lactation Counselor course currently uses video testing to ensure that participants understand the trademarks of a good breastfeeding latch.  The Certified Lactation Specialist course utilizes multiple photographs on their written exam for this purpose.  Both of these credentials require continuing education.  The courses are offered by private agencies.


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

The next step in lactation credentialing is to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant by passing the IBCLC exam.  This exam can be taken by lactation professionals who have completed at least 80 hours of lactation education and 1000 or more hours of practice in lactation support.  The exam to become IBCLC certified is offered only once per year and is very comprehensive! Once the IBCLC certification is granted, there is also lots of continuing education and additional requirements to keep up with best practices.


If you have any questions about these credentials feel free to contact us! For more information about upcoming CLS and CLC trainings, visit:


For more information about becoming an IBCLC, visit:




Lactation Support Services in Wood County

One of the major goals of the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition has been to increase support for breastfeeding moms.  So much research has found that support is the BEST way to increase breastfeeding duration and rates.  So we are doing just that, supporting moms in any way that we can.
The Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition has members from the Wood County Health Department, Riverview Hospital and Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital. All of these agencies are dedicated to supporting breastfeeding moms.  
When a new mom delivers her baby, she is provided extensive breastfeeding support in the hospital.  Upon discharge, mom is given a packet of breastfeeding information, complete with a list of all of the individuals in Wood County who hold lactation credentials.  Both Riverview Hospital and Saint Joseph's Hospital follow-up via telephone with these moms at 7-10 days postpartum.  They are welcome to an office visit as needed.  
The support doesn't end there!  Continued support is offered as needed through both hospitals.  The staff at the Wood County Health Department start follow-up postpartum as well.  All moms who indicate that they are breastfeeding at hospital discharge are contacted at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after baby is born by a lactation professional.  They are offered support through phone contact, home visits or office visits.  All of these services are free.  They are welcome to call their breastfeeding support person at any time!
Individuals who participate in the WIC program receive even more follow-up through a peer counselor.  The WIC program is committed to increasing mother's breastfeeding success.  They are offered extensive breastfeeding information at all visits and the peer counselor contacts them multiple times prenatally and postpartum.
To inquire about the support services offered by these agencies, contact:
Wood County Health Department at (715) 421-8911
Riverview Hospital at (715) 421-7452
Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital at (715) 393-3222