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February 2014
Share the experience with your soul mate in the shadow of Mount Konocti.

Our February newsletter is all about renewing and deepening the connection you share.  Stargaze while sitting in the hot tub, on a private deck or in a hammock for two.  Rediscover the passion or explore the beginnings of intimacy in beautiful, serene Lake County.


If you'd like personal assistance planning your stay, just call (800) LAKESIDE to speak with one of our friendly Lake County concierges.

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 Wine & Chocolate and More

Devote the afternoon to spoiling your sweetheart with premium wines paired to incredible chocolates and savory bites. Try a

handcrafted microbrew; stroll through the antique car show or test your senses on wine and olive oil.  



Mt. Konocti Winery & Event Center

2550 Big Valley Road, Kelseyville, CA 95451

(707) 279-0563,


Clear Lake Bed and Breakfast 


Spend a leisurely morning enjoying an in-suite breakfast overlooking Clear Lake. Watch the grebes and ducks playing on the water's edge from your balcony. Marvel at the clear night sky while you stargaze from a two-person balcony spa.


2 Sixteenth Street, Lakeport, CA 95453

Additional Bed and Breakfast destinations:
 Wildhurst Vineyards 



 Finish your day by discovering handcrafted fruit-focused wines that come from a farmer's love of his land and a winemaker's passion. Before buying a bottle of your favorite wine to take back to your room (don't forget the bottle opener); check out the extensive gift shop which features local produce and various wine-themed items.



3855 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA 95451

(707) 279 -4302,

The Saw Shop Gallery Bistro


Start your night with an intimate dinner for two at this unique California-style bistro.  Chef Jeremy Zabel uses locally grown produce and local wines to create meals that will make your taste buds explode with delight.


3825 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA 95451
(707) 278-0129,
History and Legends








The Legend of the Horse


When white men came to the valleys about Clear Lake, the country was inhabited by several tribes of Pomo Indians.  These tribes were friendly with each other in many ways but differences often arose over hunting or fishing grounds.


Big Valley on the southwest of Clear Lake had two or three tribes which mingled freely with each other and also with those of the Scotts Valley, Upper Lake and Ukiah sections.  To the south and east of Mt. Konocti lived Indians who were not Pomos.  They were more war like and were not very friendly with the Big Valley Indians.  These tribes we now know as Sulphur Bank Indians.


Occasionally they came in contact with each other but marriage between the tribes was much opposed by both.  In spite of this the young braves and maidens were sometimes attracted to each other and wounded hearts often resulted.  The story of one of these romances became a legend among the Hoolanapos, explaining to them the reason for a large treeless place on the slope of Mt. Konocti.


The heroine of the story was the very beautiful daughter of one of their chiefs.  This maiden often rode her pony through the tangles of the forest or lingered along the shallows of the lake paddling her canoe.


On such a trip one spring morning she encountered a young man of the unfriendly tribe fishing among the rocks.  The two were at once attracted to ach other and talked long together.  Before parting they agreed to meet again and as the days passed, they were spending many hours together. For a time these meetings passed unnoticed but before long, friends of the girl learned how she spent her hours on the lake and carried the news to her father.   The chief was very angry.  He upbraided his daughter and forbade her to go alone on the lake in the future.


The young brave waiting in vain for her day after day.  At length he learned the truth from some of the Hoolanapos.  Determined not to lose the girl, he went, as was the customs of the Indians, and sat before the wigwam of her father, thus proclaiming himself as a suitor for her hand.  The chief was enraged, bade him begone and ordered him to return no more to the land of the Hoolanapos.


The young man pleaded long and earnestly but to no avail.  Then in despair he sought out a friend among the Hoolanapo boys and sent a message to the maiden proclaiming his undying love and begging her to meet him at an appointed place.  Several times they met in this way.  Then they planned to elude her father.


One night when the Indians were making merry in the village the young brave came with two ponies. Awaiting her chance when the gaiety was at its height, the girl slipped away into the shadows and hurried to her waiting lover. Mounting the horses they rode swiftly and noiselessly away.


All might have been well had they not met a Hoolanapo huntsman returning from a day in the mountains, who tried to stop them. Failing, he went quickly among his tribesmen giving the alarm.


Soon a dozen horsemen were in pursuit and the lovers rode hard, urging their ponies to their utmost speed. Cut off from the easier routes around the mountain, they sped up its steep slope with the pursuers close behind.


As they approached the glades near the summit, the maiden's hose began to lag. She urged him on but just as they were about to pass over the ride and start downward a huntsman of the pursuing Indians let fly an arrow. The maiden's pony was hit and the brave animal reared to fall in a death plunge.


Quickly the lover lifted the girl to his own horse. On they fled and at last left the others far behind. Tradition has it that they lived happily every after.


In falling, the stricken pony stretched its length head downward on the mountain side. The Indians say that on that spot trees and shrubs never grew again.


Even today we may see the open glade on the mountain side, shaped like a horse lying with its head downward.


The horse, so called, has now been planted to walnut trees but even these fail to obscure the outline.

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2/8                   Wine & Chocolate and More , Mt. Konocti Winery, Kelseyville


2/8                   A Night at the Speakeasy, Soper Reese Theatre, Lakeport


2/15                 Valentines Day "Aphrodisiac" Dinner, Thorn Hill Vineyards, Lower Lake


2/21                 Third Friday Live Concert Series , Soper Reese Theatre, Lakeport


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