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Issue # 9, 2013
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Downton Abbey Exhibit Extended!

At the Avery House Through July
Great News! Fashions of an Age: The Downton Abbey Era exhibit of clothing and accessories will now be open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m. through July.  Nearly 1000 people have toured the exhibit since it opened at the Avery House in January.
  Downton Abbey Dowager     Downton Abbey Mrs Hughes
This wonderful display of Edwardian clothing is based on the wildly popular British television series, Downton Abbey and highlights how the changes in clothing from 1912 to 1920 reflect the social and class changes of the era. Exhibit pieces are from the PLF collection or on loan from local families.  
Downton Abbey Cast  
Downton Abbey is shown on PBS and has just completed its third season.  It is set in the fictional English country estate of Downton Abbey and depicts the lives of the aristrocratic Crawley family and their servants in the Edwardian era.  Fashions of an Age: the Downton Abbey Era is a must see exhibit!  

Fashions of an Age: The Downton Abbey Era exhibit is open for your enjoyment each Saturday and Sunday from 1 - 4 p.m. through July.  Private tours for 10 or more are available outside of regular hours upon request. Donations always appreciated!  
Snowy Avery House

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Disney's Main Street USA
Modeled after Fort Collins

Disney Main Street USA


Did you know that Old Town Fort Collins was the inspiration and model for Disney's Main Street USA? Harper Goff and Walt Disney created the original Main Street USA in the 1950's using photographs of Goff's home town, Fort Collins, Colorado.


In a 1992 interview, Harper Goff stated "Yeah, I was born in that little town Fort Collins, Colorado.  My dad owned a newspaper there, the "Fort Collins Express Courier" and I grew up there.
It was a very prosperous town.  We had banks that looked like banks, you know, and there was a Victorian city hall. I was born in 1911 and these buildings were around when I was a kid.  When I started working on Main Street, I had photographs of Fort Collins taken.  I showed them to Walt and he liked them very much. Disneyland's City Hall was copied from Fort Collins, so was the Bank building and some of the others."

Roundabout at LaPorte and N. College, 1922  

At Disney Main Street USA's entry there is a roundabout grassy streetscape that is also rumored to be modeled after the roundabout existed at the Fort Collins intersection of LaPorte Ave. and North College (pictured above in 1922).


So...next time you visit Disney's Magic Kingdom, you should feel right at home knowing that Main Street USA was modeled after our picturesque Old Town Fort Collins.
Antique Spotlight


Our spotlight is shining brightly on Evie Reuter, our Avery House Special Tour Coordinator. Evie arranges tours for dozens of groups each year that happen outside of our normal open house hours.
Second grade curriculum in Colorado includes the study of local history and that's when Evie works her magic. Each year thousands of local 2nd graders make the trip to the Avery House and learn about the Avery's everyday life and their many contributions to the history of Fort Collins. Local teachers know that their students will be treated to a fun, informative tour.
Evie Reuter
Evie and other docents are always delighted when parents who accompany the students say " I remember when I was in 2nd grade and we toured the Avery House."
April and May are especially busy for Avery House school tours and we have Evie to thank for arranging all of them. Thank you Evie for your dedication and many contributions to the Avery House and PLF!

Avery House Sketch WW Sketch                        1879 Avery House                                                   1882 Water Works Facility 
                     328 W. Mountain Avenue                                            2005 North Overland Trail                                    Fort Collins, CO, 80521                                               Fort Collins, CO 80521