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Issue # 8, 2013
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Fort Collins: Looking Back
Lady Moon 1905
Lady Moon - 1905


Lady Catherine Moon was a colorful character in the Fort Collins area during the late 1800's and early 1900's. In many ways, her storied past set precedence in Colorado and both shocked and enthralled her community.  She was typically seen wearing a plumed hat and was known as a good business woman and lover of horses.
Lady Catherine Moon began life in Ireland in 1865 as Grattan Lawder, becoming an Irish barmaid before moving to the U.S. She arrived in Larimer County in 1883 and divorced her first husband, Frank Garman, to marry Cecil Moon. 
Cecil Moon was an Oxford graduate from an aristocratic British family.  He was known as a wayward son who had been sent far from his family.  Shortly after the two met, Cecil's grandfather died and Cecil inherited the title of Baronet along with a large fortune. Catherine then became known as Lady Moon and soon took control of Cecil's fortune, buying up land and cattle. It was rumored that Cecil's mother found Catherine socially unacceptable.
In 1906 Lady Moon became the first woman in Colorado history ordered by the court to pay alimony following her divorce from Cecil.  She paid a lump sum of $5000 in order that Cecil be able to "maintain himself in a manner befitting a gentleman."
Barmaid, British aristocrat, ranch owner, business woman, twice divorced, court ordered alimony provider.  Lady Moon certainly gave the citizens of Fort Collins something to talk about!  Learn more about Lady Moon at the Fort Collins Local History Archives located in the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery or online at http://history.poudrelibraries.org

Become An 
Avery Tour Guide!  
Weekly Guests to Avery House
Are you looking for a fun way to meet new people and be more involved in our community? Becoming an Avery House docent might be just the activity you have been looking for. 
The best part is that you don't have to be an expert on local history and you can choose your level of involvement.   
Avery tour guides meet and greet visitors from all over the world. They share the beautiful Avery home with guests and showcase the unique cultural heritage of Fort Collins. As a docent you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to your community in a meaningful way and make friendships along the way!

Avery House docents can choose to volunteer one Saturday or Sunday afternoon a month or simply volunteer at one of our larger events at the property.  

Contact us for more information about this exciting opportunity. Call (970) 221-0533 or email us at poudrelandmarks@gmail.com for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!




Joius in our efforts to promote historic preservation and education in the Fort Collins community and beyond.

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Great Value Of Leaning About Local History
2nd graders tour Avery House
Has your local 2nd grader toured the Avery House yet as part of their local history studies?  On a cold but sunny morning last month, McGraw IB World Elementary School students and their teachers stepped off their school bus and back in time into the Avery House. They learned about life in Fort Collins in the late 1800's and saw the similarities and differences to their life today. The students were mesmerized by the simple toys Victorian children played with and the small size of the clothing and beds from the era. They listened with wide eyes about having to use a chamber pot in the middle of the night. 
These reactions are common for children touring the 1879 historic house.  The school tours may seem like just a fun activity but they actually go much deeper than that.  Research has shown that learning about local history helps children connect to their community, develop a sense of civic pride, and understand that they are part of the larger story of our world.  

Jacobb with Avery toys
At the Avery House, children see the Avery family as models of good and responsible citizens and how the actionof the Avery family have had a lasting legacy in our community. This knowledge of local history helps children learn about who they are as citizens and helps guide them in their own decisions. 
Thomas Jefferson wrote that "History doesn't tell us the answers to our questions, but it helps to inform us so that we might make better decisions in the future." A tour of the Avery House just might be the spark that ignites a child's sense that their actions have lasting impact and that they are making history every day through their actions.

Older adults are also a treasure trove of historical information for younger generations.  Have you ever sat down with several generations of your family and asked the eldest to just talk about the old days? Try adding this activity to your next family gathering. You will be surprised at what you can learn and it will help younger generations feel a deeper connection to your own unique family history.
People of any age benefit from learning about the past. We encourage you to take a tour of the Avery House and share that sense of community with your loved ones. You'll be glad you did! 
Snowy Avery House

The Avery House is open for touring Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m. and for groups of 10 or more at arranged times.  Call (970) 221-0533 or email poudrelandmarks@gmail.com for more information.  
Antique Spotlight


Swingle Workers at Water Works Swingle Logo

The PLF Spotlight is shining brightly upon Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care.  Over the years Swingle has been a great contributing partner for our 1882 Water Works facility.  Last week Swingle donated their equipment and crew of Jeremy Ellerman and Evan Casey for an entire morning to prune the many large trees surrounding the parking lot at the Water Works.  


Donating their professional skills and equipment saved PLF several hundred dollars and made our parking area safe for visitors to the site this summer.  Some of the branches hung over the parking area and were in imminent danger of falling out of their trees, as they were already broken. When the crew was done that day, their chipper/shredder trailer was full to the brim. Many thanks to Swingle and to other local companies who donate their services to PLF.  Your contributions are GREATLY appreciated!


Are you looking for a quality tree trimming service?  You can contact Swingle at (970) 221-9287 or www.myswingle.com.

  1882 Water Works

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