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Happy New Year, Looking forward to this year!

Happy 2013 to everyone. Like most people, ever year I make a few resolutions. This year it's about weight loss and only weight loss for me. For my students and anyone who follows my art, I plan to do a whole lot of videos about art and painting and renew my commitment to creating a painting a day. At least five per week. 


After an artist block that has lasted during the month of December, I woke up to a new creative day. Maybe it was my excitement during the holiday. Our children and grandchildren can renew the awe of the Christmas Season in all of us. In a sense, because they are so close, we all become children with all the joy and hustle and bustle of the past two months.  As I came back to reality, I look forward to 2013 as an opportunity to become a better man, husband, artist and teacher. 


Stay tuned for many instructional videos for free and a year of new paintings, both oil and acrylic with a renewed emphasis on improving skills, tools and techniques.





January 2013  Krivenko Studio Art Class Newsletter



In this Newsletter: January has traditional been a slow season for my art classes. Only eight oil painting classes and one acrylic class this month.

Five new oil paintings making the rounds.
One acrylic painting in Scranton.
Book review on "Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop"

Next class is in Lancaster, Pa. on Friday, January 11th. I will definitely be there. 

Next Diakon Living and Learning after 50, oil painting class: Subject will be "Cow and Sunflowers" on Saturday, January 19th. 

Check out my new look on

Next Newsletter
Next Newsletter will published on February 4th.  During the Holidays, I have been lacking in my commitment to publish on time. The good news is the many emails I received from my list of subscribers about my tardiness on meeting my deadlines. I promise I will do better. Thanks again, Phil
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Adult Acrylic Painting,"Art a'Villa".
"Mazy and Kitty Celebrate" Acrylic class Monday January 14th, Scranton 5:30 to 8:30pm
mazy and kitty

With many encouraging request from students and events specialists at AC Moore, I started acrylic painting classes for adult beginners. It's a three hour class mostly at night for persons who work during the day. 
"Mazy and Kitty Celebrate" (below) class is taking place in Scranton on January 14th, Monday. I encourage students to ad text to make this painting personal. Also you can up-load these images to Facebook as part of a greeting to friends and family. 
mazy detail  
In the past, I have made printed greeting cards on greeting card paper kits sold at Staples and Office Max to print, then sell on Etsy
Another thought, when sending greeting cards to friends and family. I always made sure to display a logo or signature on the card for the purpose of letting the recipient know the artwork was created by the sender for a real personal touch.
 The subjects are decorative, trendy and maybe seasonal. The class is extremely causal and fun with a party atmosphere (short of party hats). You may bring your own snacks and beverages and have them next to you on the table. It will be art as entertainment, great relazation, especially after a stressful day at work. 

I'm calling it Art a'Villa so these classes do not get confused with our oil painting classes. Art a'Villa is short for AltaVilla, my Mother's Maiden Name.

Email me if you have any questions at:
Book Review
Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animials by Carla Sonheim


I like this book and you will too if you have children in your life. I got on the floor with my granddaughter Sadie. She made a lot of scribbly lines, then we erased some and added eyes, feet and tails to make an imaginary animal. It was fun and she was engaged for around five minutes, which is great for a 3 year old. I'm looking forward to when she gets a little older so we can create more animals from scribbles. Hopefully, without three tails. She calls it, "artisting".
This is a cool concept for developing talent very early in a kid's life, or for yourself to take doodling to the next level. Check it out, Here is the link to amazon.
imagenary friends book amazon
In a review, Adriana Lo Russo said;
My God, when I first this book and started reading I was like that's it, that's what I've been looking for, since I was a kid I used to see animals on cracks, patterns were sometimes anyone else could and this book brought back everything that I once had but was sleeping inside of me. Thanks Carla Sonheim (the author) for bringing back my childhood memories. I love your book and it has been such an inspiration to me.

Paintings making the rounds
New Paintings will be making the store rounds,  A class, "View from the Cove" is scheduled this Friday, September 11th in Lancaster, Pa. I will definitely be there. Next site for this subject will be in Royersford, Pa. on Friday the 25th. Details
view from the cove 2013

"Tuscan Villa" (below) class will be in Scranton Pa., Thursday, January 17th. Details
tuscan villa2013 

"Cottage in the Pines" (below) class will be in Allentown, Pa. on Janurary 29th. Details
cottage in the pines 2013  

"Big Sky" (below) class in Hanover, Pa. on February 12th. Detailsbig sky painting dec 2012

"Cow and Sunflowers" (below) class in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
on January 15th. This class is full, with a waiting list. I may schedule another class in Wilkes-Barre before it moves to another store. Details
cow and sunflower jan 2013


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