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"If you can make yourself loveable, then there is no power on earth that can stop people from loving you. I don't know a single person in this world who hates me. Why? Because I have trained myself to be loveable - and that requires the giving of love. The giver is always the gainer. Give love, love, love and direct it to all."
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AMS Newsletter 
Volume 40, August 2014
Dear Meditator Friends,  

It was a joy to my heart to the see the spirit and enthusiasm in all our meditators, new and old on the summer course, and to see AMS growing and strengthening.  I want to congratulate our new teachers that completed nine months of teacher training:  Anna Blasucci, Lisa Jarvis, Ron Laino, Casey Sams, Regina Milano, Dolma Bedi, and Sophia Shkreli.   Also a big thank you to John Beauchamp and Babita for taking seats on the AMS board and to Lorietta for serving for the last three years.  Your current board members are:  Joe Charsagua, Praseela Feltenstein, Sutriya Johnson, John Beauchamp, Babita McKasson, Lauren Lambert, Vidya Anderson.  

Namaste, Vidya
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Upcoming Retreats



Sloatsburg, NY

October 17 - 19

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Greenville, TN

October 31 - November 2

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Columbia, IL

November 28 - 30

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Eureka, MO

July 10 - 15, 2015

Satsang with Gururaj
Knowing the Superconscious Mind

CHELA:  Will a person, who meditates continuously, know when the superconscious forces of himself control and guide his mind?


GURURAJ:  Beautiful. What gives you the recognition of the superconscious mind controlling your mind? The superconscious level of your mind does not control. The controlling factor of the mind is the conscious level, influenced by the subconscious level. The superconscious level of the mind, which is the subtlest realm of relativity, is energizing but not controlling.  


Through meditation, how do you know the value of the superconscious mind? What cognizes the superconscious level? It is not your conscious mind and neither your subconscious mind, but the superconscious mind becomes aware of itself-not in any form of analysis-but it becomes aware of itself experientially. So reaching that deeper level of the finest relative, it experiences itself, like a flame experiencing itself in its own effulgence, like the sun experiencing itself through the light it emanates. So when one reaches the superconscious level, it experiences itself. It is aware of itself. And then, being aware of itself, it has to express itself. How does it express itself? Through the various layers of the lower minds, the subconscious and the conscious mind, it expresses itself as joy and love. 


So the experiencer experiences without any aid; the flower does not willfully give off fragrance, it becomes the nature of the flower to give off fragrance. In the same way, the superconscious level exudes this joy which permeates your entire system. Then you do not say, "I love," you say, "I am love." Be that; be love. When you say, "I love," it shows a need; it shows the difference, the duality, between subject and object. There is objectivity and subjectivity, and there is the discriminating line between the two that separates the subject from the object, because you need to love.  And whenever there is a need, there is a dependency.  And wherever there is a dependency, you are in bondage and not in freedom.


The superconscious level of the mind is forever free and experiences its own freedom; and these things are so easy to gain.  By a simple process of meditation, that takes you deep within yourself, you gather all these qualities. Have your garden beautiful. Have lovely flowers in your garden, and the butterflies come automatically. You don't need to call them, "come butterfly, come butterfly, come butterfly."  No.  Let the garden be beautiful, and the butterflies come automatically. They enhance the beauty of your garden; color adds onto colour; your pink and yellow roses are so enhanced when the butterfly alights on it. So simple.

~ Gururaj, US 82-32

Retreat Reflections
Reflections on the AMS National Retreat
Philadelphia, July 2014
By Linda Fitzpatrick

"You are limitless.  Negate the little ego self and have the sense of the bigger reality through which you exist.  Then you can say, I live!"  ~ Gururaj

Theme of the Retreat:  'The Nature of Balance'

Move any mountain.  Change any schedule.  Give yourself the gift that takes life to another level.

This is actually my message to myself because I get caught up in tasks and schedules that, in the end, become transcendent when they're informed by the Gurushakti that infuses our retreats.

Sutriya shared a memory of her time with GR.  As I remember her story she was away somewhere with him and other AMS folks and she was trying to get just the right angle on a beautiful photo.  GR, in his impish way, kept jumping in front of her lens.  She'd move, he'd jump in front.  She'd move, he'd jump in front until finally she became exasperated.  Only then did GR give the message:  Keep me in the foreground and the background will take care of itself.

This retreat, from Friday to the following Wednesday, was peppered with recollections like this from the "old" people.  "Old" meant the ones who knew GR in the flesh.  "New" meant the ones who bask in his grace without knowing his physical being.

Being at a retreat gives us amazing views of each other.

World-class teacher Jeff Carr synthesized teaching from decades of study of spiritual masters punctuated by his "performance" of GR at the auction. His mimicry of our Guru's accent, posture, and appearance, gave those of us, who never met the Guru in the flesh, a real sense of what he was like.

Jaisha provided an unforgettable satsang about her very personal assault by "the monkeys" punctuated by a hilarious tale of trying to buy a hairbrush in Lisbon.  Like they say, you had to be there.  But the message that came alive in her story was full of GR's grace:  "Become the surfer.  Enjoy surfing the waves."

The retreat gave us time for meditation and quiet, for camaraderie and deep conversation, for laughter and complaints about the food (sugar donuts for breakfast?).  But we enjoyed the beautiful serene grounds and stimulating conversations with the host Sisters.  We saw new sides of one another.  Board member Lauren Lambert in her sexy, slinky outfit mimicked Vanna White, hostess of Wheel of Fortune at a noisy and raucous auction fundraiser.

We all had such fun dancing at our Kirtan with Joe Charsaqua singing and on guitar and Lorietta on the harmonium.

At Communion in the Chapel, the otherworldy sounds of Phil Bowers' violin sailed on the chords of Dale's organ music.

Vidya and Kenton created a beautiful ritual to initiate our new teachers.

But the most important reflection is on the palpable love.  The spirit of GR comes alive...leaving me feeling that he really is there for me, and you, and you.

I had a business meeting a few days afterwards.  My colleague knew I had been at a retreat.  He said "that retreat must have been good for you. You seem more your essence."

So next time I give myself pushback about attending a retreat I'll try to remember how powerful and meaningful and important those days always are.

I leave with Gururaj's counsel:  "You are limitless.  Negate the little ego self and have the sense of the bigger reality through which you exist. Then you can say, I live!
Recently Published Books

candle in heart hands Jacob Salzer, an AMS meditator, has recently published the following books: 

The Sound of Rain
The Sound of Rain is a collection of 54 haiku poems and 2 short essays. Salzer's haiku poems encourage the reader to quiet the mind and live in the present moment, rather than be consumed by the past or future.

The Last Days of Winter

The Last Days of Winter is a collection of poetry written over the past 8 years. The poems consist of the author's memories, reflections and observations. Salzer's poetry encourages the reader to look within in order to find peace and silence, even in the midst of a busy, turbulent world.

For more information, please visit his website:     click for more info