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How to Meditate with Gururaj
"It is by the acceptance of oneself that one can look deeper within oneself. It is by the acceptance of oneself that one can truly analyze oneself. It is by the acceptance of oneself that one can truly feel oneself. Most of us feel other people instead of feeling ourselves." 
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AMS Newsletter 
Volume 38, February 2014
Our Dear meditator friends,  

We hope you are warm and cozy during this cold weather season; it is a great time for meditations.  Below we have information and dates for you about upcoming retreats and courses. We also want to remind you that the Path of Unfoldment is available as an ebook on our website.  It is a great addition to your ebook library.  You will also definitely want to buy Jaish Lamb's short compilation of Gururaj's teachings, which he calls Gems of the Heart.  You can get this gem for .$99 on Amazon. 


 Upcoming Retreats

Spring Retreats


Poconos Mountains, PA
April 4 - 6, 2014

Gearhart, OR

April 4 - 10

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Summer Retreats 


AMS National Retreat

Haverford (Philadelphia), PA

June 27 - July 2


CMS Annual Retreat

Victoria, BC, Canada

August 16 - 22


E-book: 'The Path of Unfoldment'

E-book Excerpts from 'The Path of Unfoldment'

by Savita Taylor


Path of Unfoldment cover

                  Available as an e-book on the AMS website


Effortless Meditation


The most important thing to remember when doing any of Gururaj's practices is that the meditation must be done in a completely effortless manner. We have all been brought up to believe that in order to achieve something we must try very hard, and that the harder we try the more likely we are to succeed, but in meditation this simply isn't true. Meditation is not a mind technique and it does not use the intellect, or even the emotions, in any way. It is a process more powerful than our minds, more powerful perhaps than anything we have tried to do before. And yet it is the simplest thing in the world to do. Our true essential being really is very simple - it is only our minds which try to manipulate and distort this simplicity in an attempt to control it and somehow to make it 'ours'. We have a tendency to try to do this with meditation also. Once we understand that it is this very desire to interfere and control which is the stumbling block, it becomes easier to allow the meditation to take us where it must. 

It is to be made clear here that this does not mean that we lose control of ourselves during meditation. A subtle distinction must be made between our Selves, or our true being, and our little selves, or our ego. Meditation done effortlessly leads us to a state where we are very much in control, in the sense of being totally aware and at one with our Selves, and yet at the same time we can become the observer, and allow this flow to continue naturally, without trying to control it at all.


The Experience of Meditation


We must never forget that meditation is a tool; it is not an end in itself. This is extremely important. lf we become absorbed in the nature of the paintbrush, in its shape and texture and how it feels to hold, we will not see the picture it is creating, the beauty of which far exceeds that of the brush itself. Proper meditation techniques bring harmony and happiness into our daily lives - this is what we are seeking and it is to this that we must turn our attention.


Meditations should never be judged as 'good' or 'bad' according to our subjective experience of them. We must allow the meditation to do its work, and trust that whatever happens within a meditation is what is meant to happen, according to the particular state of our nervous system at that time. The scruffiest brush can paint the most beautiful picture. With our very limited knowledge of the nature of the workings of our mind we should never presume to understand the way in which meditation is unfolding it. So long as we practice our meditations regularly and conscientiously, they will lead us towards our spiritual goal. As Gururaj says: 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'. When we go to a physician we take the medicine he prescribes without questioning its contents. The sole criterion we have for judging either the physician or his medicine is whether we get well again. 


E-book: 'Gems of the Heart'
E-book: 'Gems of the Heart'
by John Lamb

An uplifting experience and a learning forum, from Gururaj's UK works - a selection of short extracts, poetry and 3 talks.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

AMS is run by volunteers and help is greatly needed to keep AMS in existence.  If you are able to help out in any way, even for small pockets of time, please contact Vidya at

"Life is made to give and not to take. For the giver always gains the greater benefit." ~ Gururaj