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Gururaj Ananda Yogi
How to Meditate with Gururaj
"Love is the outcome...joy is the outcome...faith is the outcome...of diving deep within."
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AMS Newsletter 
Christmas 2013
Seasons Greetings from the American Meditation Society.  Wishing you peace and joy over the holidays!

From Gururaj:

"If you have a jug of dirty water, put the jug under the tap and turn it on. As the clean water falls into the jug, the dirty water will gradually be cleared away leaving only clean water. By doing our meditation practices regularly, we are doing the same thing - we are adding divine power to the mind and body. The positive energies, being more powerful, push out the negative energies." 


"Through meditation, or whatever spiritual practice is allocated to you, you go beyond the realms of the mind, beyond the realms of the body, and beyond the realms of the finest relativity. You merge away into the Absolute, where experience does not need any external factor, where experience does not need an experiencer, where experience experiences itself. That is bliss. That is the love that Christ talks about, and it is not difficult to reach there."