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How to Meditate with Gururaj
"Life without fun is like an unbuttered bun!"
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AMS Newsletter 
Volume 37, November 2013
Dear Meditators,  

Our group in the Midwest decided to have the Thanksgiving Retreat during the weekend after Thanksgiving Day this year. It will be a cozy wonderful time for meditators to gather. Make sure to check out the information below. 

There were two fantastic weekend retreats 
in October in NY and Knoxville, TN. Check out the group Facebook page for photos and comments.  If you are not yet a member, you can request to be added to this Facebook group.

If you have not seen the public FB page then, check it out and make sure to "LIKE US." 
Karuni and Sarah are doing a fantastic job of posting Gururaj's teachings.  












 Upcoming Retreats

yoga-girl-home.jpg Thanksgiving Retreat


November 29 - December 1, 2013
Toddhall Retreat Center

Columbia, IL  


Double:  $185

Single:    $218


THEME: What is the prayer of my heart?


We will sink into the depths of our inner being while chanting and meditating with friends. Everyone will contribute to satsang whether verbally or in silence as we explore the teachings of Gururaj as they resonate in our own hearts.  We will give thanks from the Truth of our hearts as we enter into the holiday season.


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Living God

I am very fun-loving:  I love life, I love loving, and I love laughing. For that is in this moment. This is the living God. You do not need to forget the ideals you have. Let the ideals be there. You do not need to change your ideas or your ways of upbringing or your traditions:  but let ideals become practical ideals, because all the philosophies in the world are of no avail if they are not practical here and now.

That is how the abstract, the Absolute, becomes the relative, and the relative becomes the Absolute. That vital living force must become more and more vital. With every breath you take, you're breathing in that living force; but you're not conscious of it. What I want you to do is to become conscious of that living force. And that living force is the Absolute force.  That living force is God. 

                            ~from Darkness to Light, pp 143-144.
Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

AMS is run by volunteers and help is greatly needed to keep AMS in existence.  If you are able to help out in any way, even for small pockets of time, please contact Vidya at

"Life is made to give and not to take. For the giver always gains the greater benefit." ~ Gururaj