Gururaj Ananda Yogi
How to Meditate with Gururaj
"If every moment is well lived, then the next moment will take care of itself."
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Volume 31, December 2012
Dear Meditators,  
Season's Greetings
Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season 
and a Peaceful New Year

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your AMS family
Satsang Excerpts from Gururaj 
You are Beautiful

Life is so beautiful but we fail to appreciate the beauty within us.  Do you know that each and every person is totally beautiful?  For we don't look at face value. Each and everyone is a beautiful person because your real, inner self is beautiful.  Learn to recognize that.  Learn to feel that and you will see how your confidence will grow, how you will feel yourself to be a better person.  You could be rich or poor or whatever, that doesn't matter. That's just incidental because you came with nothing and you're going with nothing.  But learn to recognize yourself to be beautiful and you will find yourself to be beautiful.  


So, the mind conditions your beatitude until you start realizing it.  So start with the mind.  No one denies you this.  Start with the mind and say, "I am beautiful. I'm great. I'm a master of my life. I am one with God."  And slowly and gradually through your spiritual practices, you will realize it.  And that is called Self Realization, with a capital 'S'.  And that is how you will recognize or cognize or know or realize Self Realization. Then all troubles are gone.                                                                                            ~ UK 85-20


The Search for Truth 


These talks are very necessary; they give us some understanding. I used to sit and listen at the feet of so many gurus in my search for truth. And I would recommend to you also that if teachers come to your town, to go and listen. You don't need to accept. But go and listen; you might pick up something.


My whole idea is to see all our people progress. And by progress, I mean greater and greater integration. There might be just a word or two that click. This is good. Gain from everything; learn from everything, for everything teaches. Look at the ants crawling on the floor; look at the system in their colony. You learn from it. Have we got that system? Look at how a beehive is constructed. Look at the system; look at the precision. Look at the animals: the lions and tigers don't kill for the fun of killing; they only do it for necessity when they're hungry. Look at all these things, how everything can teach us. And this does not mean that you divide your loyalties. Your loyalty is there: to your wife, to your guru, to your father, to your mother. But learn from everything. That makes life interesting.


So when it comes to listening to a teacher, it has its own importance. To impart knowledge and wisdom is the dharma of a guru. But his greater dharma is to transform. Words and understanding by itself cannot transform; but the power, the spiritual force that is transferred, that transforms. And no one can do it by himself. You need a transferor to have the transference. There is plenty of electricity in the river but you need the hydroelectric plant to draw the electricity. There's plenty of water in the reservoir, but you need those pipes, and pipes from the pipes, so that water can be in your kitchen and bathroom at the turn of the tap. So all these things are necessary.  ~ US 80-38

 Quotes from Gururaj
Meditation Tip!


Gururaj:  When your facial muscles relax, then very automatically your body follows suit and you would find greater relaxation. So after closing your eyes, simply relax your facial muscles.  With practice it becomes automatic.  This will help you deepen your meditations more, because your body is in a relaxed state. Otherwise it takes much longer.  Meditators sometimes have to spend about fifteen minutes before they can get into a state of relaxation.  But like this, it's quick.  ~ UK 86-51

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