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December 2015
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Chapter Spotlight:Delta Chapter

TriviaLKS Trivia
It is time for the fall trivia question! The first 5 collegiates who answer the question correctly will win a prize! (Sorry, you cannot win more than once a year.)

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Here is the question...

In what year did LKS introduce Founder's Day to teach members about Lambda Kappa Sigma and honor founder Ethel J. Heath and the charter members of LKS?
12/3: ASHP Registration Ends.

12/6: ASHP Midyear Meeting (New Orleans)

1/13/16: APhA Early Bird Registration Ends.

1/15/16: Deadline for LKS Educational Grant applications.
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Grand VP for Collegiates
Afton Wagner

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Justine Dickson

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Melissa O'Brien

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Greetings from your Grand Vice President for Collegiates!

It is hard to believe that the fall semester is coming to a close! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was meeting new lambs and visiting with Sisters at Convention in St. Louis. Convention always has a way of renewing my LKS spirit each year, and I want to thank all attendees for making the event so special. We had such a great time connecting with each other and learning about ways to strengthen and grow our chapters. We also had some good old fashioned "lambtastic" fun!

I want to personally congratulate all of our chapters on a successful 2014-2015 school year and highlight our chapters who were recognized for Chapter of the Year and Region Chapter of the Year at Convention:

Lambda Kappa Sigma Chapter of the Year
1st Place: Alpha Beta Chapter
2nd Place: Alpha Zeta Chapter 
3rd Place: Xi Chapter

Lambda Kappa Sigma Region Chapter of the Year
Northern New England: Alpha Rho
Eastern Atlantic: Alpha Pi
Northeastern: Delta
Mid-Atlantic: Alpha Phi
Northern Lakes: Alpha Omicron
Midwestern: Alpha Iota
Southern: Alpha Kappa
Western: Lambda

As you move forward with the semester, always remember that you can contact your Region Supervisors for assistance. If you have any questions or need suggestions on anything from how to improve your Chapter of the Year standing or how to better manage your chapter, we are all here for you.

Fall is also a time of year where I incorporate a number of personal traditions, such as visiting an apple orchard, running in fall races and taking a trip to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin for my porch! As a collegiate chapter member, Founder's Day was one of my favorite collegiate chapter traditions and a time to honor our Founder, Ethel J Heath, and charter member of LKS. I hope your chapters were able to celebrate this important date in Fraternity history. Perhaps you have created additional fall chapter traditions and events that highlight the LKS Core Values of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Sisterhood and Integrity.

What are your favorite chapter traditions and how do they incorporate the LKS Core Values? Please email me at and share your ideas so that we can share with all chapters!
I hope you all enjoy this edition of LinKS. 

Feel free to email suggestions for future publications to me at


Afton Y. Wagner, PharmD
Grand Vice President for Collegiates
Chapter Spotlight:Delta1
Delta Chapter Supports National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Continuing their tradition of a social event to benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, the sisters of Delta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh put a spin on their traditional "Teal-Tini" event in 2015 by hosting a "Teal Tap." This was in hopes that it would appeal to more people and really make the event the huge success they always knew it could be.

The event included specially designed teal cups that featured the NOCC's slogan, "Take Early Action and Live." Also featured was an ovarian cancer awareness information booth, matching tank tops, several adorable raffle baskets and, of course, lots and lots of teal (the NOCC's official color)! The event raised over $2,000 for the charity, and the sisters could not be more proud of the event and its success, especially considering that 180 people came out for the event, when only about 75 were expected.

After months of planning and searching for accepting venues, the sisters were able to host the event at the #1 sports bar in Pittsburgh, Carson City Saloon, located on the city's south side. The event took a lot of diligent planning to reserve the bar, to design cups and tee shirts and to decorate the large space. The sisters were able to collaborate with BarSmart® to help fund and advertise the event, which helped make the event a huge success.

Members of the NOCC were also very pleased and touched by the event. One participant was even brought to tears while talking to committee members about the recent loss of her mother to ovarian cancer just a few months before. I think that while the event was supposed to be fun, the chapter did a great job of reminding event goers why this was a worthwhile cause.
The chapter hopes to continue the event in future years and to include more sponsors and advertising to raise more money and awareness for the fight against ovarian cancer.

Has your chapter developed an event or project that you would like to highlight in a future issue of LinKS? Email
ProDevProfessional Development--Social Media
Learn more about the topic of social media in this article written by Northern Lakes Region Supervisor, Tracee Abams.

If you wish to contribute articles pertaining to Professional Development, please email your article to
Region Supervisor Spotlight:Region
Tracee Abrams, Northern Lakes Region
Where do you work? I'm employed at the Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, New York. I currently work in the Emergency Department of our Medical Center focusing on Transition of Care and Patient Safety. 

What was your chapter of initiation and/or alumni chapter? I was initiated into the Xi Chapter at University of Rhode Island in the Fall of 1998. I'm now a member of the Xi Alumni Chapter.

How has LKS contributed to your leadership skills and experience? My experiences with LKS has taught me how to lead both in the community and in the professional environment. It has afforded me the opportunity to network with, to teach and to learn from all of my LKS sisters.

What positions have you held and what committees have you been a part of? I have been Membership Coordinator, Corresponding Secretary, Fundraising Chair and Student Academic Liaison. I have also served on the Alumni Committee.

What advice would you give to an LKS collegiate member about navigating his/her pharmacy career path? Follow whatever interests you. Follow the path that makes you happy, whether it be research, retail, hospital or so much more. Find ways to become involved in your community as well. As pharmacists and leaders, there is so much we can do.

What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time, I am doing work for my own photography business. I love photographing everything from sunsets to babies. My most recent project has been photographing a breast cancer survivor as she celebrated her 50th birthday and is now entering her first bodybuilding competition. She's such a strong and amazing woman and an inspiration to photograph.
"Lamb taLKS": Webinar Series
Recording and OpportunitiesWebinars
In November 2014, February 2015 and May 2015, we held three webinars in the Lamb TaLKS live webinar series that were presented by Alpha Collegiate Chapter.

The presentations were focused on chapter obligations, fraternity structure and recruitment and orientation. Kudos to Alpha Chapter for Lambtastic presentations!

Click on the links to view the webinar recordings if you could not make the live webinars. We hope you find the information helpful to your chapters, especially during recruitment and orientation time.

Is your chapter interested in presenting a Lamb taLKS webinar? Do you have an idea for a webinar topic? Email