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"525,600 Minutes-
How do you measure, measure a year?"
--from the Broadway musical, Rent

This lyric kept running through my head as I reflected back over this past year serving as your Grand Vice President for Alumni. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.

We have much to celebrate with the chartering of three new collegiate chapters (Alpha Omega, Beta Alpha and Beta Beta) and the reactivation of Alpha Sigma collegiate and Alpha Phi alumni chapters. Discussion is ongoing to reactivate several other alumni chapters as well. These successes would not be possible without your support of the fraternity, and I would like to extend my warmest thanks to each of you.

What a year it has been for our newest alumni members, the Class of 2015. Congratulations! I look forward to working with you in the year to come. Remember to update your profile on the Member Portal so we can keep in touch with you.

You can also share news and updates with me at so I can include it in the next newsletter!

With summer upon us, it means Convention is fast approaching. Alpha Zeta has been working hard and can't wait to welcome us to St. Louis. I can't wait to reconnect with sisters I have known for years and meet new Lambs 4 Life. Let's make some wonderful memories together and see how the next year measures up!

All my best,

Patti Lozano, RPh, BCOP
Grand Vice President for Alumni
Calling Alumni-at-Large Members


Are you an alumni-at-large member attending Convention? The Alumni Caucus to nominate and select delegates will be held on Wednesday, July 29, at 5:00 p.m. Please consider serving as a delegate to represent your fellow sisters. 

What Are EWE Reading?


A new feature of the newsletter, sisters share comments/reviews on books they are reading.

Here are some suggestions from Grand VP for Collegiates Afton Wagner and LKS Executive Director Joan Rogala.


 Afton Wagner Recommends:

"I just finished The Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami, an award-winning, internationally best-selling author. 
This book sold a million copies the first week it went on sale in Japan. It weaves the tale of Tsukuru Tazaki, young man haunted by the unintended consequences of past friendships that were severed for reasons he does not understand. As he moves along in life, he cannot shake these broken bonds and is encouraged by a new girlfriend to look back into his past in order to mend his future. It is a story of love, friendship, forgiveness, heartbreak and mending a broken soul. The story is a little odd and mysterious, but Murakami paints a fascinating picture of the protagonist's life in a remarkable, almost hallucinogenic way."


Joan Rogala Recommends:


"I recommend a couple of books. The first is One Second After, which deals with the aftermath of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) and how it changes a small West Virginia town (and all of the U.S.) forever. It's thought-provoking and real...this one is hard to put down!


"I also enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain, a poignant story about a NASCAR racer and his life interrupted. Interestingly, it's told from the perspective of the family's loyal golden retriever! One of my top five favorite books ever."

If you'd like to share what EWE are reading, please email me the book title, author and your comments at

Picture Perfect


Geri Smith (Omicron) with Pi Collegiate Chapter members for Annual Alumni Day at Rutgers University.








Phi alumni members (clockwise from left: Merri Cascio, Marcia Harms, Deanna Dempsey, Petra Fippen and Dr. Jeanne Van Tyle) enjoy a night out together in March.





Tau alumni members (left to right: Karen Fancher, Missy Krause, Amanda Simmons, Patti Lozano and Gayle Cotchen) at the inaugural 5th year brunch.


The event celebrates transition from class work to their year of rotations.




Grand Vice President for Alumni Patti Lozano and fellow Tau Alumni Berni Heron attended the Hematology Oncology Pharmacy Association meeting in Austin, Texas.






What's New with EWE?


CHRIS and ANDRE GRASS shared in the celebration of the marriage of their daughter Ashley on October 18, 2014.


LISA SAVAGE married Wes Grate, enjoying a Halloween wedding party in October 2014.


MARIJO KRAISINGER competed in (and completed!) Florida's Ironman in November 2014.


TIFFANY SELF is soon to be wed. She announced her engagement to Mike Vicars.


STEPHANIE ALVAREZ was named Outstanding Young Pharmacist of the Year in May at the annual convention of the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (PSSNY).


We'd love to hear what's happening in your life. Please email me your notes and photos to

ChapterEternalUSEChapter Eternal


Please remember these cherished sisters and any others who have passed away

since the last convention.

They are gone but not forgotten...



Christy M. Fisher (Alpha Beta)

Sonja Gee (Omicron)
Katherine C. Han (Alpha Pi)

Dorathy Osborne McAlanis (Eta)
Patricia M. Roos (Omicron Alumni)
Patricia Farley Scouten (Tau)
Laurann Webber (Alpha Zeta) 

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