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Professional Development
Calling All "How-To's"
Risk Management/Code of Conduct
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Joan Rogala, IOM,CAE 


         December 2013


Marina Grgas
Grand Vice President - Collegiates


Greetings from your GVPC! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! This time of year is a reminder to all that there is so much to be thankful for--family, friends, education, food, shelter--the list can go on for an eternity. What are you thankful for? At your next chapter meeting, take some time to discuss what you are all thankful for. Make this a mini chapter project or a chapter bonding event. Something as small as this can be instrumental in bringing a chapter a little closer together. 


 As the semester quickly comes to an end, I wish you all the best of luck on finals. Study hard!


I hope you all enjoy this Winter Edition of LinKS. Feel free to email me suggestions for future LinKS publications.


Lambs Love,  

Marina Grgas 

Marina Grgas, PharmD, BCPP

Grand Vice President for Collegiates


Professional Development
Learn more about The Art of Goal Making in this article written by Omicron collegiate, Debbie Bourquin and Central Region Supervisor, Stephanie Mrozek.


If you wish to contribute articles pertaining to Professional Development, please email me your article. 

Calling All "How-To's"!
Did your chapter organize and execute a very successful fundraising event? Did your chapter's professional committee organize an outstanding project? Let us know. We want to hear about it!

"How-To" sheets are step-by-step instructions on how to organize and execute a particular event or project. The instructions should be specific and detail-oriented, so that anyone can read them and reproduce the event or project. 

"How-To" sheets can be very beneficial for chapters that are struggling with developing new and innovative ideas or for chapters that just need a change. By submitting a "How-To" sheet, you are not only highlighting your chapter's successes but would also be helping other chapters in need. If you wish to submit a "How-To" sheet, please email me. It will be featured in the Spring and Summer editions of LinKS.
Risk Management and the Code of Conduct
Lambda Kappa Sigma adopted a Risk Management program in 2008 to protect our members and our Fraternity. Through this program, LKS has taken a strong stance against hazing, drugs and alcohol. A Code of Conduct was created and each member is required to read and sign it. 
In addition, LKS has implemented an event-planning approval process for overnight and weekend chapter events, as well as events that are held more than 40 miles from the campus. If your chapter wishes to plan such an event, please submit a petition and an event planning form to the Grand Council 30 days prior to the date of the event. 
The Grand Council is currently working on detailed event guidelines to assist with planning. Stay tuned for more information. Please contact your Region Supervisor if you have any questions regarding Risk Management and/or the Code of Conduct.
2014 Convention, July 23-26

Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2014 Lambda Kappa Sigma Annual Convention, which will be held at the Waldorf Astoria in Naples, Florida!

LKS Trivia


New to LinKS: LKS Trivia! In each edition of LinKS, I will post one trivia question. The first 5 collegiates who answer the question correctly will win a prize! (Sorry, you cannot win more than once a year.) Just email your answer to me.

Here is the question...
Who is the current Grand Vice President for Development and which chapter is she associated with?

Answer to LinKS Fall Trivia: Alpha Psi at the University of New England 

Chapter Management
Visit to meet the Grand Council Officers and Region Supervisors
The Officer Portal section of the website has been recently updated with information for Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity Chapter members. Please check back regularly for updates and clarifications.

Every chapter must maintain communication with their Region Supervisor, Grand Vice President for Collegiates and IO. Your Region Supervisor should have communicated with you what their expectations are, what reports you need to send and important deadlines. Please be sure to review all the IO deadlines and ensure all deadlines are met. When emailing me, your GVPC, please use the following email address:

  • December 9th: LKS Social at ASHP Midyear 
  • December 15th: Deadline for submitting proposed amendments to the Bylaws to the IO
  • January 15th: Announcement of recipients of Educational Grants