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 Post-Convention Issue, Fall 2013  

Words cannot express how exciting the Centennial Convention was! From celebrating our history to the fun events and the gracious hospitality of the Alpha collegiate and alumni sisters, the event was truly outstanding.

I think that many of us experienced a thrill of excitement and a sense of awe as we gathered at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences for our Opening Reception. My breath was taken away when I realized that I was standing in the very same place our sisters did when they formed our beloved Fraternity 100 years ago. Seeing the historical documents and photos was absolutely incredible. The old scrapbooks and photos also brought back memories of past conventions and dear sisters. I was deeply touched.

As sisters in Lambda Kappa Sigma, we love and uphold our ideals and our mission. I have also come to learn that not only do we love our profession, but our profession loves us back. In my travels with the Fraternity, I hear over and over about how much we are admired by administrators and faculty as well as by other leaders in pharmacy. Now that is something we can be proud of!

As I reflect on our first 100 years, I am encouraged by the vision of what we are becoming. I'm truly proud to be a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma and will always consider myself to be a Lamb for Life!

All my best,

Grand Vice President for Alumni
A Spectacular Convention!

banquet reception  

Sisters often tell me just how much they enjoy seeing photos from our conventions. I hope you enjoy the images included with this issue of the Alumni Newsletter! 

From our Opening Reception to the Final Gala, excitement was in the air at the Centennial Convention in Boston, where we gathered in July to celebrate where Lambda Kappa Sigma began 100 years ago. 


We started things off right with a trolley tour of Boston. Despite the rain, we were able to see so much of the city and all of the history there. Our tour ended on the steps of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. It's a lovingly cared for school, and the architecture is stunning. I can imagine our first Lambs there...and how much having a group of sisters to support them on their journey must have helped!


The reception at the college's Grand Hall was truly one of the highlights of the convention. We were graciously welcomed by the college, and we were entertained with wonderful delights. The room was abuzz with joy. 


Business sessions are always a necessity for any organization, but I feel that ours are very special. As the meeting was called to order and the national anthems of the countries where we have colonized were played, I swelled with pride to think that we have such a wonderfully diverse group and that we hold ourselves to such high standards. Our memorial service was also deeply touching, recalling those sisters who have gone before us and made our way easier and challenging at the same time.  


Comedian Anita Renfroe (pictured below) gave us all a laugh! Alumni could really related to her "Muthahood" humor--and our younger sisters got a glimpse of life to come. For those not at the convention, check out one of Anita's performances on YouTube. 


Anita Renfroe  


We also proudly supported our long-standing philanthropic partner, Project HOPE. Our traditional HOPE waLKS (pictured below) was continued in a grand way with a stroll through Boston, including a crossing of the Charles River. We were also privileged to have in attendance Lucas Bezerra, a representative from Project HOPE, and Dr. Sunder Neelakantan, who has served with Project HOPE. The final total of how much was raised for Project HOPE will be announced soon. 




Our Final Gala was nothing short of spectacular. It was an honor to be celebrating such a special event with over 300 sisters and special guests of Lambda Kappa Sigma. We celebrated, honored special sisters, recognized chapter achievements and danced! At the close of the evening, we were an elated but very tired bunch.


The following photos are just a taste of the great celebration that we had in Boston, observing 100 years of sisterhood!  


alumni visit  



longtime friends    

young alumni  Marilyn and Bruce 

Neil and Dixie 

alumni friends


alums and collegiates mingle         


2014 Convention: Naples, Florida!

Naples beach  

Mark your calendar for July 22 through 26 and plan to attend the 2014 in Naples, Florida. The planning committee is already hard at work, and it promises to be another great convention.


Be watching your LKS communications for more details about the won't want to miss it!


This Issue's Lamb Question
lamb sweater  

Who is this happy sister, and why is she wearing that sweater?

This is Jennifer Brandt, Epsilon Alum and Grand President of Lambda Kappa Sigma.

Following a long tradition, Jenny is wearing the "ugly lamb sweater" that has been passed down through many Grand Presidents. It has become a tradition to wear it during the convention, and Jenny did not let us down!

Jenny is a Clinical Specialist Pharmacist at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. She lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband and two children. Jenny has had a long history of service to Lambda Kappa Sigma, serving in several Grand Council offices and as chairman of many committees.

We are proud to have such a fun-loving, active member like Jenny!
Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust
LKS dessert reception 2009


Our annual convention Trust events were once again extremely successful. The luncheon, auctions and our new Accolades program combined to raise a significant amount of money for our beloved Trust.


Sharon Brown and I were privileged to attend the Fraternity Communications Association meeting in May 2013. Our goal was to learn new and better ways of communicating with our membership (which we did). But we also brought back some other really great ideas. One of those was the Accolades program, which was designated as a fundraiser for the Educational Trust. Here how it worked: Sisters purchased Accolade Cards to recognize qualities and contributions of others. The recipients were rewarded with lamb stickers, which could be worn on their convention badges. By the end of convention, several sisters had entire flock of lambs on their badges! We're excited that this program was so well received and that it raised approximately $650 in just a few short days.


The Trust Luncheon and Auction were once again memorable--the food was delicious and the fellowship was fun. As usual, the auction and bidding were spirited, pitting sister against sister with the real winner being the Educational Trust. In all, $7,000 was raised for the Trust. Good work, Sisters! A HUGE thank you also goes out to all of those who donated many valuable and sentimental items for the auction.


The Trust was the recipient of many special recognition donations, some of which honored our centennial. You don't need to wait for convention to contribute to the Trust...donations can be made all year long.


The Trust is always grateful for the many chapters that make donations. If you belong to an alumni chapter, please consider planning a fundraiser or a donation to the Trust. If your chapter has a scholarship fund, it can be endowed through the Trust as well.


Thanks to everyone for their unconditional support of the LKS Educational Trust. YOU are making a difference in the education of our Sisters.

Joint Alumni/Collegiate Conference--Lamb Apprentice!
  alumni at work

Our joint Collegiate-Alumni conference this year featured a fun and interactive event called Lamb Apprentice (like Donald Trump's version). Teams included collegiates and alumni, who were given the task of creating a marketing plan related to the problem presented in their unique case study. Because pharmacists are known for thinking quickly on their feet, teams were given just 20 minutes to create their marketing plans.

Three teams volunteered to present their plans to the group. (Thank you to those who volunteered--and didn't need to be pressured to do so!) It was amazing what was accomplished in such a short time. Our panel of judges (distinguished alumni) were impressed, and "You're Hired" was bestowed on all of our presenting teams.
You can look forward to reading about some of these marketing plans in upcoming issues of the Alumni Newsletter and LinKS. The plans created just might help your chapter do something bold!


What's NEW with EWE?

LKS dessert reception 2009 

Arielle Bibeault, Alpha alum, recently became engaged. She has some lovely pictures of her ring on Facebook (if you haven't already seen them). Congratulations!



Chris Grass, Alpha Zeta alum (yes, that's me) and Andre Grass, LKS Patron, announce the engagement of their daughter, Ashley to William Underwood. We are in full-scale wedding planning right now! The couple will be married October 18, 2014, at the historic Kuhs Farm in Spanish Lake, MO.


Michelle Kershaw, Lambda alum and New England Region Supervisor, gave birth to daughter Madison (Maddy) on December 4, 2012. If you were at convention, you had the chance to meet this little sweetie!


Ginger Scott, Alpha Nu alum, was named a Fellow of the APhA for 2013. We're very proud of our sisters like Ginger, who are recognized for their excellence by their peers.


Rachel  Hagemann, Alpha Zeta alum, became engaged in April of 2013. Best wishes, Rachel.


Melissa Favale O'Brien, Alpha Pi alum, was married on June 9, 2013. Congratulations to the happy couple.


Megan Ketchum Ragan, Alpha Zeta alum, added a second son to her family in February 2013. Brandon joins big brother Christopher. Congratulations on your growing family.


Lacey Van Sipe, Omicron alum, is engaged, and we're anxiously awaiting more details. Congratulations!  


Be sure to send me YOUR news. We love featuring news about our sisters in the Alumni Newsletter. Don't have any news about yourself? Send me news about another sister.


You can send your news to me at 





100 year book
Lambda Kappa Sigma Centennial History Book-- Get Your Copy Today!

To commemorate the centennial of Lambda Kappa Sigma, a fabulous hard-cover book was published. These books made their debut at the convention and were very well-received. 


The book is loaded with stories and photos of very special LKS sisters and events. Thumbing through the book is like taking a trip down memory lane (and there were some very fine memories, indeed).


If you missed the opportunity to order one of these timeless books, it's not too late! If you would like to order a copy, just call the International Office at 1-800-LKS-1913.


These books are priced at $100 each. In addition to purchasing one for yourself, consider buying one for a special sister. This book would make a fantastic gift!


Don't delay -- supplies are limited. You'll have to wait another century to get a book like this again!

inside cover of book


chapter page    

Calling All Preceptors!

Do you precept students? I recently precepted a student from a pharmacy school where there is no LKS chapter. As it was summer and nearing convention, I was excited to tell her about our upcoming centennial celebration. She was very intrigued by what we do, what we stand for and how we have members all over the world. She said that if there had been a chapter at her school, she most definitely would have joined.
Do you precept students from a school where there is no LKS chapter? Please take an opportunity to let your students know just how much LKS means to you. Also, tell our Grand Vice President for Development, Tiffany Self, about that school as well. Tiffany is in constant contact with pharmacy schools to spread the good word about LKS and has assisted with the formation of several new chapters.
YOU know how great LKS tell others. You never know where the next great chapter is going to colonize!
Lambda Kappa Sigma is an International Pharmacy Fraternity, was founded in 1913 and is dedicated to developing the intellectual, leadership and professional skills of its members needed to maximize their potential and strive for their personal best.

LKS promotes professional growth through educational programs which enhance professional development in the field of pharmacy, with an emphasis placed on Women's Health Issues.

The Alumni Newsletter is published at least four times a year. You are warmly invited to submit personal and professional updates, new story ideas, photos, etc. to Chris Grass, Grand Vice President for Alumni and editor of the alumni newsletter.


Chris Grass

Grand Vice President for Alumni
Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity


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