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          February 2013


Marina Grgas
Grand Vice President - Collegiates

Greetings from your Grand Vice President for Collegiates!   


2013--a special year for Lambda Kappa Sigma! On October 14th 1913, Ethel J Heath, a librarian at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and eight female students founded the Lambda Kappa society. 100 years later, Lambda Kappa Sigma is now an international organization with several hundred members who are promoting the profession of pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma has come a long way- Ethel would be very proud! 



In honor of our 100th anniversary, please reflect on the core values of Lambda Kappa Sigma and what Lambda Kappa Sigma means to you. I encourage all chapters to make this year unlike any other year. What will you do to make it extra special? Just think, what would Ethel do? 




I hope you all enjoy the Spring Edition of LinKS. Feel free to email me suggestions for future LinKS publications.




Lambs Love,  

Marina Grgas 

Marina Grgas, PharmD

Grand Vice President for Collegiates


New Western Region Supervisor


The new Western Region Supervisor is Nicole Lombardo, our former alternate supervisor.


As a collegiate, Nicole was initiated into the Alpha Zeta chapter at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. She is an outstanding member of Lambda Kappa Sigma. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious! 

The Western Region is very lucky to have her! 

Baby Announcement!
Our New England Region Supervisor, Michelle Kershaw, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 12/4/12!

Name: Madison Bonnie Kershaw
Stats: 5 lbs 1 oz, 17.5 in
Congratulations, Michelle and John, on your new bundle of joy!!


Every chapter must maintain communication with their Region Supervisor, Grand Vice President for Collegiates and IO. Your Region Supervisor should have communicated with you what their expectations are, what reports you need to send and important deadlines. Please be sure to review all the IO deadlines and ensure all deadlines are met. When emailing me, your GVPC, please use the following email address:

"How To" Guides
Ever wonder how some chapters organized their most successful events? Wish you could replicate that event with your own chapter? Now ewe can! "How To" guides are step by step instructions on how to organize a chapter event or project. If you want to submit a "How To" guide for future publication in LinKS, please email your Region Supervisor.


By: Alpha Mu Chapter, Submitted by: Marina Fridman (Region Supervisor)


As a regional supervisor, I am always amazed and awed by the great ideas that our chapters come up with to help the community and also further their health care knowledge. This year the dedicated sisters of the Alpha Mu chapter of University of Toledo came up with a great idea to help the local girl scouts get their first aid badge.  


1. Get in contact with your local Girl Scout Council.  

This will be your contact person for the whole event. They will give you tips on event planning and ensure that your event is compliant with all Girl Scout regulations.

2. Logistics 

After we reviewed the requirements to earn the first aid badge, we decided that our event would include both the Juniors and Cadettes level girls because of overlap in requirements. We set a cost of $2 per girl, to help cover the cost of supplies. When deciding the number of girls to limit your event to, keep in mind the size of your rooms. We would have loved to invite 100 girls but, due to space issues, we limited it to the first 60 girls who registered.

3. Make a Flyer 

The flyer will have to be approved by the Girl Scout Council. Our council sent out an email and also request 500 flyers to distribute at their monthly troop leader meetings. The troops will contact you to register.

4. Review the requirements and see how the levels overlapped. 

After reviewing both level's requirements, we needed 6 stations to fulfill the requirements. The 6 stations we had were: Meet a Pharmacist, Meet a Doctor, Meet a Nurse, Meet a first responder, Shock/Hypothermia and Check Call Care Poster, Common Injury Care and How to wrap injuries
5. Find Professionals to come in a speak at each station

Meet a Pharmacist (we had one of our P3s speak at this station), Meet a Doctor (University of Toledo has a Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Lambda Kappa Sigma equivalent of the medical field. They helped us find a local doctor to speak.), Meet a Nurse (We contacted the Student Nurses Association and they provided us with a nursing student.), Meet a first responder (Contact your local fire or police department, most have a community education department.), Shock/Hypothermia and Check Call Care Poster (We asked some of our members to lead this station), Common Injury Care and How to wrap injuries (We asked some of our members to lead this station)

6. Gather supplies

Contact local pharmacies, doctor offices, and hospitals to donate the first aid kit supplies and ACE bandages. 


1. Stay Organized
As the troops start to register via email, keep a master list of all the troop numbers, girl's names and contact person.
2. Make a budget before you set your cost of attendance
We set our cost at $2 per girl; this amount would cover the cost of supplies, but not the cost to buy the girls' badges. If we did this event again, we would increase the cost to $5 per girl and, any money that was left over after the cost of supplies would be donated back to the Girl Scouts of America. Additionally, ask if one of your alumni are able to donate some of the supplies. Many alumni work in a setting where they can get needed supply at wholesale cost.
3. Overbook your event and start a wait list

Our original limit was 60 girls; we allowed 80 to register to cover any last minute cancellations or no-shows and started a waiting list which had 40 girls on it. We kept the contact information of the waiting list troops and told them that we would notify them if a spot opened up, up to one week before the event.

Educational Grants

Congratulations to the 2012-2013 LKS Educational Grant winners!


B. Olive Cole Grant: Courtney Barnas (Xi)


Cora E. Craven Grant: 

Deborah Bourquin (Omicron)Beth Moore (Alpha Nu)Alexandra Rouse


Mary Connolly Livingston Grant: Maggie Ladlie (Alpha Zeta)


Adele Lobraico Lowe Grant: Emily Fisher (Omicron)


Norma Chipman Wells Grant: Courtney DesJardins (Alpha Beta)


Marilyn & Joe Haberle Grant: Jillian Dempsey (Alpha)

Professional Development 
Learn more about Resolving Social Networking Mistakes in this article written by Christine Perry.


If you wish to contribute articles pertaining to Professional Development, please email me your article. 

Chapter Management
Visit the LKS website to meet the Grand Council officers and Region Supervisors.  The Chapter Management section of the website has been recently updated with information for  Chapter members. Please check back regularly for updates and clarifications.


  • February 15th: Deadline for Blue & Gold Triangle reports and articles
  • Saturday, March 2nd: LKS Dessert Reception at APhA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA 
  • March 1st-March 4th: APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 15th: Hygeia Day 
Centennial Celebration

If you haven't heard already
(don't know if that's possible!), Lambda Kappa Sigma will be celebrating its 100th birthday next summer!  
LKS was founded in 1913 by Ethel J Heath in Boston, MA at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  
This will be a memorable celebration- you will not want to miss it!  
The meeting dates and location have been set: July 25-27th 2013 at the Sheraton in Boston. Please start planning now! The more in attendance, the better! I look forward to seeing you there!