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Murphy's Law
Bar & Grill

1590 East Flamingo
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in Conjunction with the 2012 ASHP Midyear Meeting


 Monday, Dec 3rd  9:00pm-11:00pm


~ Dessert and coffee will be served ~



Stop by the LKS Booth during the ASHP Expo (Booth 707)

For more details about your $10 "Murphy's Law" voucher!



Acceptance only


Please join us for great fun and sisterhood 

as we create new "lamb for life" moments.

See you there!
Issue: XX
          November 2012


Marina Grgas
Grand Vice President - Collegiates

Greetings from your Grand Vice President for Collegiates!

It is hard to believe that the spring semester is upon us! Time sure does fly when you're working hard and having fun! I want to thank all the chapters who have sent me their chapter minutes and monthly reports- I am impressed with all your hard work this semester and enjoy reading about your events and projects! Keep it up!



Every year ASHP showcases their residency programs at the Midyear meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you plan on attending this meeting, please stop by the LKS Dessert reception to meet several members of our Grand Council and chapters nationwide. You recently received an invitation via email with information regarding the reception date, time and location!



Next year, Lambda Kappa Sigma will be celebrating its 100th birthday! This will be a special celebration, you will not want to miss it! Has your chapter started fundraising to send members to this meeting? If not, it's not too late! Designate at least one fundraising event as the centennial fundraiser- all money raised will help send members to Boston. If you need help with fundraising ideas, please do not hesitate to email your region supervisor or myself. 


I hope you all enjoy the Winter Edition of LinKS. Feel free to email me suggestions for future LinKS publications.


Good luck on your final exams! I know you will all do great! I also want to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!



Lambs Love,  

Marina Grgas 

Marina Grgas, PharmD

Grand Vice President for Collegiates


Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

In late October of this year, Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC and Delaware. Many homes were ruined and lives lost. Weeks later, families are still living in shelters and power has yet to be restored in many towns. Those lucky enough to have survived this storm have gone above and beyond to help those in need.

Our very own Alpha Pi chapter in Queens NY has been working diligently to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, including their own members. They have organized a Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive to collect items for donation to local shelters. They plan on continuing this effort through the year, making donations to shelters, FEMA and the Salvation Army. 

Lambda Kappa Sigma would like to assist the Alpha Pi chapter in their relief effort. If you would like to help out, you may send donations (monetary or items) to the following address:



Joseph V. Etzel  

Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Student Affairs 

College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
St. Alberts Hall Room 181
Jamaica, NY 11439


Items needed include: clothing, non-perishable food, batteries, diapers, toiletries, etc. For a complete list, please contact your GVPC.


On behalf of Lambda Kappa Sigma, I would like to take this moment to thank the ladies of Alpha Pi for all their hard work. You have made us very proud and have made a difference in the lives of many NY families! THANK YOU!!
Chapter Management
Visit the LKS website to meet the Grand Council officers and Region Supervisors.  The Chapter Management section of the website has been recently updated with information for  Chapter members. Please check back regularly for updates and clarifications.




Every chapter must maintain communication with their Region Supervisor, Grand Vice President for Collegiates and IO. Your Region Supervisor should have communicated with you what their expectations are, what reports you need to send and important deadlines. Please be sure to review all the IO deadlines and ensure all deadlines are met. When emailing me, your GVPC, please use the following email address:

Preparing for a Region Supervisor Visit

By Nicole Cammarata, Mid-Atlantic Region Supervisor


Region Supervisor (RS) visits make many of our lambs nervous - don't be! These visits are meant to help your chapter and its members. We're coming to visit on behalf of your Grand Council to see how things are going - meetings minutes and reports can only tell us so much. We also love getting to know all of you better! 


*When contacted by your RS, find a date that will work well for the members of the chapter as well as your RS. Visits may be one or two days long. Ask your RS what time they will arrive and depart, and whether they might need transportation to/from the campus, lodging accommodations, etc. 


*Officers, members, the dean, faculty and fraternity advisors will need to be available for meetings with your RS. Once a date has been selected that will work well, first schedule meetings with the dean and advisors, then start to schedule officer/member meetings per your RS's request - an hour with the president, 30 min with historian, etc. Don't forget to make time for meals and bathroom breaks, and have a member available to meet your RS upon her arrival on campus. Submit a draft of the schedule to your RS for review prior to the visit date, and make sure your RS and chapter members all have the final draft at least the day before the visit. All officers should bring their officer binders and any other pertinent materials to their meetings for review, as well as any questions or concerns. 


*Your RS has a wealth of LKS, pharmacy, and life knowledge and experience, so ask away! She was once a collegiate lamb just like ewe.

"How To" Guides
Ever wonder how some chapters organized their most successful events? Wish you could replicate that event with your own chapter? Now ewe can! "How To" guides are step by step instructions on how to organize a chapter event or project. If you want to submit a "How To" guide for future publication in LinKS, please email your Region Supervisor.


By: Jennifer Chang and Carla Lefebvre (Epsilon Chapter)


An opportunity for a small group of students to have an intimate brownbag lunch with a faculty member to gain insight and foster professional development through a laid-back platform.


1.      Select a faculty member that you feel your target students would be most interested in getting to know.


2.      Ask said faculty member to participate in Lunch with Lambs.


3.      Reserve a meeting location at a time and date that conflicts least with the students' schedules (preferably a time when most students are on campus but aren't yet in class) and accommodates the faculty member's schedule as well.


4.      Advertise the event by sending out flyers via e-mail and posting on Facebook. (When establishing Lunch with Lambs, more modes of advertising may be warranted).


5.      Request that students RSVP to ensure an intimate gathering (12-18 students is recommended).


6.      Purchase a lunch, "Thank You" card, and small gift (i.e. chocolates) for the faculty member to show your appreciation for their participation.


7.      Prepare a couple introductory topics to spark conversation.

a.      Why did you choose pharmacy as your career?

b.      Tell us about your career path and your current practice.


8.      Have Lunch with Lambs!


9.      Take pictures of the event to share and generate interest for future lunches. 

Educational Grants

Lambda Kappa Sigma's Educational Trust raises money for collegiate grants. Due to Hurricane Sandy, the deadline for Educational Grants applications was extended to November 17th.


Recipients of these Educational Grants will be notified by January 15, 2013.
Professional Development

Learn more about Terms That Can Ruin Your Resume.


If you wish to contribute articles pertaining to Professional Development, please email me your article. 

  • December: ASHP Midyear Meeting- LKS Member Reception
  • Saturday, December 15th - Deadline for submitting proposed amendments to the bylaws to the IO 
  • Tuesday, January 15th - Announcement of recipients of Educational Grants 
Centennial Celebration

If you haven't heard already (don't know if that's possible!), Lambda Kappa Sigma will be celebrating its 100th birthday next summer!  
LKS was founded in 1913 by Ethel J Heath in Boston, MA at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  
This will be a memorable celebration- you will not want to miss it!  
The meeting dates and location have been set: July 25-27th 2013 at the Sheraton in Boston. Please start planning now! The more in attendance, the better! I look forward to seeing you there!