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Issue: XIX
          Fall 2012


Marina Grgas
Grand Vice President - Collegiates

Greetings from your new Grand Vice President for Collegiates!

Thank you for voting me into this position- I am thrilled and excited to serve you over the next biennium.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a Region Supervisor for the New England region and would like to thank those chapters for an enjoyable and memorable 4 years!

As your GVPC, I will serve you to the best of my abilities. I will work closely with your Region Supervisor to ensure that  Chapter is as efficient as you can be. 


I will ensure all your questions are answered and all your concerns addressed. I have created and updated several resources for your chapters- these can be found in the Chapter Management section of the LKS website. 


You will receive the LinKS newsletter four times throughout the year. Each edition contains important information, reminders and chapter updates.  


This summer we met in sunny San Diego for our annual convention. I would like to thank our host chapter, Lambda Chapter, for all their hard work! It was a well attended m
eeting that resulted in great accomplishments and a lot of fun.      


If you attended convention, I hope you gained something from the meeting, whether it was new friendships or chapter management ideas.Our next convention is the big one - the Centennial in Boston, Massachusetts! Mark your calendar now for July 25-27, 2013! Grand Council and Alpha chapter are well underway in planning this once-in-a century meeting! It will surely be an unforgettable celebration! 


Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you! I wish you a successful school year!



Lambs Love,  

Marina Grgas 

Marina Grgas, PharmD

Grand Vice President for Collegiates

Lamb 4 Life



2012 LKS Annual Convention - San Diego
Members unable to attend convention and those who did will benefit from this quick summary of what happened at Convention this year:

Strategic Organizational Plan (SOP)  Prior to the start of convention and everyone's arrival, members of your Grand Council and several alumni members diligently worked on the Lambda Kappa Sigma Strategic Organizational Plan. The SOP highlights our core values and our long term goals for the organization. The finalized plan was presented to the membership during one of the business sessions. Grand Council is producing materials that will be available to you so our fraternity goals can be front and center of all that you do.  If you'd like a copy of the SOP, please let me know.  


Core Values  Lambda Kappa Sigma's core values have been condensed to the following: Sisterhood, Scholarship, Integrity, Leadership, Philanthropy and Outreach.  New materials will be published soon to emphasize and promote our core values that you will be able to use on campus.  


Collegiate Workshops  Two workshops for collegiates were held in San Diego. One included a review of the Chapter Management Guide and a Q & A session. The second one was a detailed presentation by Marc Moores on Risk Management. Chapter leaders and chairpersons organizing events should review this information at your earliest convenience.   


HOPE WaLKS  We had our second annual Convention HOPE WaLKS 5K event this summer! Information on Project Hope was scattered throughout the resort grounds. Each walker was given a worksheet and filled in the blanks after reading informational posters. Those who got the most correct answers and finished in the quickest time received an iTunes gift card! 

The third annual Convention HOPE WaLKS 5K event will be held again in Boston, MA! Bring your shoes!! 


Collegiate Chapter of the Year


The Chapter of the Year award recognizes the top collegiate chapter based on a set of criteria such as submitting information accurately and on time, participating in fraternal events and recognizing fellow members.     

We are proud to recognize:

The 2nd runner up:  Alpha Phi Chapter!!  

The 1st runner up:  Alpha Chapter!!
Drum roll please:The 2012 Chapter of the Year.... EPSILON!!

Congratulations to the top 3 chapters!

Please remember that  Chapter is eligible for this award. Keep up the good work, put in 110% and your chapter just may be the 2013 Chapter of the Year! If you'd like information on successful tips, talk with your Region Supervisor.


Region Supervisor of the Year

The past GVPC, Elicia Fauvel, introduced the Region Supervisor of the Year award in 2011 to recognize the most outstanding Region Supervisor. Supervising an entire region requires time, effort, dedication and commitment. This award recognizes the supervisor who always goes above and beyond. The first recipient of this award was me (thanks, Elicia!). This year the award went to Nicole Cammarata! Congratulations, Nicole and thank you for all you do! 

Chapter Management
Visit the LKS website to meet the new Grand Council officers and Region Supervisors.  The Chapter Management section of the website has been recently updated with information for  Chapter members. Please check back regularly for updates and clarifications.


This fall, Chapters are working to submit Collegiate Chapter membership renewals by November 1st. 



Every chapter must maintain communication with their Region Supervisor, Grand Vice President - Collegiates and IO. Your Region Supervisor should have communicated with you what their expectations are, what reports you need to send and important deadlines. Please be sure to review all the IO deadlines and ensure all deadlines are met. When emailing me, your GVPC, please use the following email address:

Educational Grants

Lambda Kappa Sigma's Educational Trust raises money for collegiate grants. Educational Grants are now available for collegiate members.

Please take advantage of these and consider applying for a grant. You will not receive a grant if you do not apply! Applications are due November 1st.

"How To" Sheets

There will be 4 issues of LinKS published throughout the year- Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. This will be a great resource for your chapter. 


I would like to feature a "How To" section in each issue. This will be an opportunity for your chapter to share a successful chapter event or project. "How To" write-ups are step-wise instructions on how to organize and execute an event or project. Another chapter should be able to read your write-up and replicate the event or project. You can learn a lot from your fellow sisters!

If you would like one of your chapter events featured in a future LinKS issue, please email your Region Supervisor and me. Please direct all questions to your Region Supervisor.



  • Friday, October 14th - Founder's Day observed  
  • Saturday, October 15th - Blue and Gold Triangle chapter reports and photo submission deadline  
  • Tuesday, November 1st - Deadline for collegiate dues, insurance fee, and Convention delegate fee payment. Educational Grant submissions are also due.

New Member MMIS & Payments:  Please know that it takes approximately two weeks from the time the IO receives your packet to return the new member materials to you. Incomplete data or payment, or illegible forms require more time which delay processing. Please review contents prior to sending to ensure members have completed all parts of the form, and attach the Initiation Certificate Order Form.

Centennial Celebration

If you haven't heard already (don't know if that's possible!), Lambda Kappa Sigma will be celebrating its 100th birthday next summer!  
LKS was founded in 1913 by Ethel J Heath in Boston, MA at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  
This will be a memorable celebration- you will not want to miss it!  
The meeting dates and location have been set: July 25-27th 2013 at the Sheraton in Boston. Please start planning now! The more in attendance, the better! I look forward to seeing you there!