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April 2014

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Hand Therapies At VMH
Treatment for Carpal Tunnel & More 
The use of both hands is something that we all value. If loss of function of the hands through injury, repetitive motion or disease occurs it can be devastating. VMH's Occupational Therapy Department is fortunate to have a Certified Hand Therapist on staff to work with patients to address pain and injury issues. Colleen Reubsamen is a Certified Hand Therapist at VMH and has experience in the treatment of hand, wrist and elbow pain.  Talk to your primary care provider about your hand pain or injury or contact the VMH Occupational Therapy Department for more information: (608) 637-4385

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Incontinence Management                           
If you're leaking like a faucet..don't be embarrassed, we can help


Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine. Sometimes this condition is caused by a disease or infection. This condition can be caused by different factors and should be evaluated by your provider. Stress, urge or mixed incontinence can affect men or women and is often related to pelvic muscle weakness.  Having a  baby is a common cause of stress incontinence. 


Treatment Options at VMH

Vernon Memorial Healthcare Physical Therapy offers assistance in strengthening pelvic floor muscles through exercise and therapy.  Kathryn Sutton-Anderson is certified in Advanced Pelvic Therapy and can assist with:

  • patient education of pelvic anatomy & dysfuction
  • pelvic floor exercises for down or up training
  • biofeedback for muscle retraining with Synergy 3D software
  • electrical stimulation for muscle strengthening and urge retraining
  • posture exercises including awareness, balance, flexibility, core strength
  • relaxation training and exercise for chronic pain
  • hands-on techniques for joint, muscle and nerve dysfunction
  • review of bladder irritants
  • bladder diary assessments and behavior modification recommendations
  • fitting of sacral-iliac belts and maternity support belts
  • aquatic therapy bodywork
  • aerobic, balance and strengthening exercise instruction and transition

 For more information call VMH Physical Therapy (608) 637-4385.

Get To Know Your Provider 
An environmentalist, cycling enthusiast, a fabulous cook and your Doctor                                     


Born in the hills of Tennessee, Dr. Brian Woody. M.D. has lived in Viroqua for 20 years, and 2 of his 3 daughters were born in Viroqua. Woody is thoughtful and his eyes sparkle when he talks about his various passions. At the top of the list is quality patient care in a small community. 


"My favorite thing about Viroqua is the small town intimacy. Getting to know patients and then seeing them at the grocery store. I like to see people I know when I walk down the street." Brian Woody has worked for VMH for 9 years after working for 11 years with Gundersen Health System.


Fun facts about Dr. Woody:

  • Excellent Cook
  • Used vegetable oil to heat his house and in his car
  • Helped to start the Viroqua Food Co-op
  • Avid cyclist, Bike Trail supporter 


Dr. Brian Woody sees patients at Hirsch Clinic in Viroqua. For more information, click here.


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