October 24, 2014 
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This Saturday, 10/25, at 1:30pm, and Sunday, 10/26, at 5:30am, CNN will run the full length piece they did about our architect Chris Downing and ILRCSF! We will post links when we get them. Until then, Happy Halloween and don't forget to VOTE!


Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You can email them to me directly at: ED@ilrcsf.org

The Bay Area Science Festival


The Bay Area Science Festival will hold its 4th annual Family Fun Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco, and ILRCSF is proud to be hosting a table at this FREE event. The Science Festival, which holds events throughout the Bay Area, and has grown exponentially since its inception, aims to make all aspects of science interesting, fun and engaging for people of all ages, and the Family Fun Day at the home of the SF Giants provides a great opportunity for people to get out and try literally hundreds of hands-on activities dealing with anything from electricity to biology to chemistry to robotics...the list goes on. Forget everything you think you know about science fairs.... think this is where block party meets carnival meets hands-on science. ILRCSF is thrilled to have an opportunity to host a table focusing on DIY Assistive Technology, with our main activity answering the question, "How can people with disabilities enjoy gaming?"


Join us on November 1st, at AT&T Park, from 11am to 4pm, where we will have some truly innovative AT concepts on display. Have a go at playing our Wii console, which has been modified to be accessible by a players with a wide range of disabilities, including extremely limited mobility. 


We're so happy that the organizers of this event are so enthusiastic to have activities and presentations that address disabilities, and we're hoping the event, as a whole, attracts a large number of people with disabilities and their families. It is, after all, and event for ALL Bay Area residents. This is definitely a family-friendly event, and it's absolutely free of charge. ILRCSF is organizing a group to attend...contact Roland Wong at Roland@ilrcsf.org to get details or, if you'd rather go on your own and meet up with friends and family at the ballpark, Muni will leave you right at the front gates.


For more information about this event, and other events organized by the SF Science Festival, check out http://www.bayareascience.org/festival/discovery-days-at-att-park/

Yahoo's New Accessibility Web Page 


Yahoo is just one of the partners ILRCSF works with to expand accessibility to technology. They have just released their new accessibility web page. Check out their mission below:

Our Commitment

At Yahoo, we work to create online products and services that can be enjoyed by everyone. Great design demands nothing less. Whether a person is disabled or not, products that are conceived and designed with every individual in mind are simply better products.


Visit the page here: https://yahoo.com/accessibility 


Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2014



Congratulations to the five finalists in the Disability Organizing Network's first ever video contest!  This Election 2014 themed contest asked participants to film a 1 to 2 minute video urging people with disabilities to get out and vote.  

With 57 Million Americans with disabilities, our community certainly has the potential to be a driving force in American politics. However, our voter turn-out rates range around 40%, compared to other communities with higher turnout rates. We need to increase the disability participation in elections to ensure that our fellow citizens don't make decisions about us without us!

The purpose of the contest is to showcase the creative ideas why people with disabilities should get out and vote. Many people with disabilities rely on services and programs affected by our elected officials and ballot initiatives to live independently in the community. By sharing your ideas you have the opportunity to motivate and inspire your fellow disability community members and their allies to take a greater role of the voting stage. 

Now it is your turn to participate by voting for your favorite video.  Just click on the link below and VOTE!  Voting will end on Election Day Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT).  You may view the contest rules by clicking on the link below. The winners will be announced on our website and by email on Wednesday November 5, 2014.  


Click Here to view the videos and vote!



Disability Rights California's Election Day Hotline


If you have a disability and:

  • you cannot get into your polling place
  • the accessible voting machine is not working
  • other people can see how you are voting
  • you are told you cannot vote becasue you have a disability
  • you have a question about your right to vote
Disability Rights California can:
  • explain your rights
  • work to resolve the problem
  • help you file a complaint
Election Day Numbers - November 4th:
Voice: 1-800-569-7995
TTY: 1-800-719-5798
Relay: dial 711

Before or After Election Day Call:

For assistance in languages other than English and Spanish, you may be put on hold while we connect with interpreters.

Upcoming ILRCSF Workshops

Not quite ready to dive into PT/or FT work?
Want to try getting back into the swing of things?

Come learn how you can become a Volunteer!

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time: 9:30 am (Please be on time)
No need to sign up
Where: ILRCSF, 825 Howard Street

This Economic Empowerment Workshop will help you build your skills and resume in preparation for a job search and it may not happen again, so join us!





New trains are coming for the Muni Metro system! 


These new cars will have more reliable passenger doors, better visibility from the operator cab, and an enhanced braking system. They'll also require less maintenance so that we can dedicate more time to providing quality service. And there will be more of them. With the 175 new trains that will start arriving in 2016, Muni will more than double its fleet of light rail vehicles.


They are seeking your input!  Come and learn about these new trains and share your thoughts on interior features like seating preferences, interior color schemes, and accessibility of layout.  Your input will guide the design decisions.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Time: 11am

No need to sign up

Where: ILRCSF, 825 Howard Street



NOTE: ILRCSF is wheelchair accessible and provides reasonable accommodations upon advanced request. In order to be fully accessible to all people with disabilities, ours is a scentfree office. When visiting ILRCSF, please do not wear any scented products, including perfumes, aftershave, hairspray, etc. Reasonable accommodations and alternative formats will be made available upon request no later than 2 business days before the event. 

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