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Tell Transportation Decision-Makers: Keep BART Accessible!!

The proposed design of the new BART cars has many features that will make it difficult for people with disabilities to ride with equality in the future. These include floor-to-ceiling poles near the entrance doors, and segregated seating for wheelchair and scooter users.

Now is your chance to get involved! BART must get community input during the design process for these cars. They didn't include us until after the car was designed and even though many people with disabilities have expressed concerns over these barriers, they have not made adequate adjustments. The federal government has the authority to revoke federal funding for BART's Fleet of the Future if they do not act on our feedback.

We are asking you to continue this fight by writing letters and taking it to social media! The future of BART is about US, so don't design cars without US!
Click here for a letter that can be used as a template to send to:
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Federal Transit Administration Office on Civil Rights
  • Department of Transportation.

Please email your letters to the:

We would appreciate it if you can respond to this call to action by Friday, October 31st.

Tweet your concerns to @MTCBATA, @FTA_DOT, and @USDOT.
You can say something like,"Please help us keep BART's fleet of the future accessible for all! #accessibleBART"
Thank you for helping to ensure that the BART's Fleet of the Future is accessible for everyone. Together we can maintain transportation equality!


Fiona Hinze
Community Organizer