August 8, 2014 
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Last week, I was in Washington, DC, marching on Capitol Hill with advocates from the National Council on Independent Living. This week, I'm staying close to home and am developing protocols for the use/rental of our state of the art conference space. Enjoy the News Desk!


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Recap of Our Move & Grand Opening

Thank you! We did it! ILRCSF held our Grand Opening celebration on July 26, 2014. It was wonderful to see so many old friends, as well as several new faces. Here's a link to Schindler Elevator Corporation's Facebook Photo Gallery of our Grand Opening:

Also, check out this Curbed Magazine Article on ILRCSF's architect, Chris Downey: 

A Request from Lyft 


Rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are facing legal action in several states for failure to make their services accessible to individuals with disabilities. In San Francisco, we are watching the issue closely and will be very interested in hearing about your experiences using rideshare companies as a person with a disability. Email me at


The following links provide some background and commentary about this issue:

Man with a guide dog claims he was refused a ride by Uber: 


Uber & Lyft consider the disabled: 

Knowing that background information, we felt it was incumbent on us to pass the following message from Lyft along:


Can you help us get the word out? We are looking for individuals who own wheelchair accessible vehicles interested in earning additional income by providing rides to Lyft passengers with disabilities in their spare time.


Anyone interested in driving can apply here: 


Mental Health Peer-Run Warm Line


On behalf of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHASF), I am pleased to announce that a new Mental Health Peer-Run Warm Line will begin operations in August  2014!  The Peer Run Warm Line, part of a new Crisis Triage Project in San Francisco, will provide live peer-support via phone, chat, and text to San Francisco residents in need of emotional support and resources in San Francisco.  All staff working on the Warm Line are individuals with lived experience of recovery from mental health conditions.


For the month of August, the Warm Line will be in operation Monday - Friday from Noon to 8pm.  Beginning in September and October, it will be expanding to 24 hours 7 days a week.


Call the Warm Line:



Apple iOS Announcement Livestreamed with Accessibility Commentary



When Apple launched the original iPhone, there wasn't anything quite like it. iOS transformed the way that consumers interacted with cell phones, and the App Store unleashed an unprecedented wave of developer creativity.This creativity and ingenuity has lead to leaps forward in accessibility for individuals with disabilities.


ILRCSF is hosting an open forum to provide live commentary on the Apple event and to promote what a wonderful thing Apple has done for the disability community. The event will be livestreamed from our new Conference Room, directly across the street from the Moscone Center where all the action will be taking place! Save the date, September 9th - more details to follow.


Various community leaders including Mike Calvo (Founder of Serotek Corporation) and I will be providing commentary on what may be the most accessible version of iOS yet. Please join us as we continue the dream of Steve Jobs, who had a vision of  a world where technology erases limitations. Live tweeting and bloggers welcome!   



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