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Note: Piccabeen Bookshop is closed from Monday 21st December, reopening Monday 11th January
Summer holidays bring lazy days: a great chance to catch up on your reading! So make sure you've checked out our wonderful range of books before 21st December.

Our bookshop always has an excellent range of quality second-hand books at low cost, and given the quick turnover you're sure to find a book you're keen to read.

Do drop in to chat with the volunteers, find information about our Landcare  work and browse the hundreds of donated books while you're there.

Gift vouchers are available too.
The Piccabeen Bookshop is maintained entirely by volunteers and all income is returned to TM Landcare's projects.
Shop 15 / 10 Main St Nth Tamborine (behind the shops and down the laneway)

News Flash 

Monday 26th November 2015

New site launched
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The mobile site team volunteers have begun removing weeds from the edges of the lovely Tamborine Rainforest Reserve on Wongawallan Rd, Eagle Heights, and replacing those weeds with native plants. Most of this site is healthy rainforest with a good diversity of plants.
The photo shows Jordan, granddaughter of our membership secretary, Maureen Booth, with a self-sown rare rusty kurrajong (Brachychiton Bidwillii). It's good to see such volunteer plants (as well as people!) on our sites.

 Landcare Centre: worth a visit
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Our centre on Hartley Rd (east), adjacent to the Sports Grounds, is shaping up well, thanks to the work of some key volunteers. The native display gardens are still a work in progress - the demonstration plants will eventually be identified with informative signs. Why not take a wander round the new plantings, the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly trellis and the waterhole, and perhaps have a picnic at the nearby table?
 Rummage Book Sale
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The rainy weather on Saturday 14th November didn't dampen the enthusiasm of those who rummaged through the boxes of books at the Landcare Centre. They went away with bags of great books for summer reading and stocking stuffing - all at bargain basement prices!

Profits from the sale, like all our Piccabeen Bookshop proceeds, support our on-ground rainforest restoration projects. The Bookshop volunteers do a wonderful job of making the bookshop an attractive, well organised drop-in centre with fresh displays of quality books.

 2015: a great year of achievements
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Thanks to the support of all TM Landcare members this year, and especially our volunteer site teams and our contractors, we've made great progress in our regeneration work. All our projects are on track, and the reserves are looking healthy and lush. Many hundreds of trees are now sending out new roots. Our big vision of the Biodiversity Corridors Regeneration Project is steadily becoming realised, and our sites will be mini national parks for all to enjoy in the future.

In 2015 our volunteers, including those who staff our bookshop, donated approximately 4000 hours of work. In dollar values this is about $120,000 that we have contributed this year to our local environment and community. Our heartfelt thanks to all who support this important work.
To all our members: we wish you a safe and refreshing holiday season.





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