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Do drop in to chat with the volunteers, find information about our Landcare  work and browse the hundreds of donated books while you're there.

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News Flash 

Friday 25th April 2014

TML Storage Shed: progress!
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Work is ongoing at the site on Hartley Road to prepare for the erection of our shed.

Builder and Landcare member Martyn Haynes kindly spent nearly a full day with the earthworks crew coordinating the cutting and levelling of a sizeable area. This will accommodate the shed, its awning, a donated shade house and a water tank and will allow for the future erection of bins for mulch. The earthmoving team also spread a large pile of mulch across the back of the block ready for tree planting.
Shortly a concrete slab will be poured. When it is cured the shed will be erected in only one day, after which we'll have a permanent home for our tools and supplies.
Thanks to the shed subcommittee, ably led by Denby Browning, for their efficient work in making all this happen.   

Contour Rd sites: Flora and fauna surveys 

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The surveys on Monday, April 14 were the first since November 2011 and drew a record seventeen TML members who followed a path through the rainforest at the first regenerated Contour Rd site.  Doug White and his sons identified some animals while Glenn Leiper recorded plants. Amongst the 115 plants was the rare Rusty Helicia (Helicia ferruginea) and the Mountain Redberry Vine (Berberidopsis beckleri). This vine has never previously been recorded on the mountain. At Kinabalu Prospect 84 rainforest plants were recorded and at Areca Gully, still under regeneration, 57 species were seen.


Such surveys as these are invaluable to demonstrate the diversity of plant and animal life in our forests, including in regenerated areas, and to enable us to select appropriate species for planting.


Our thanks to Mike Russell for his great work in coordinating surveys over the years and recording them for a database shared with the Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association. 

Conservation volunteers lend a hand

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For two weeks in May TML will be hosting a Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) team of 10 or so young people from overseas, who will help in our work of forest restoration. It's a great opportunity for these young people to get to know our rainforests and feel a sense of achievement in restoring them to health. 


Over the past 10 years, a number of these groups have worked on our sites, clearing large areas of invasive weeds and planting many trees. This year two sites have been selected: Ohia Court (12-16 May) and Millet Park (26-30 May).  


TML members are warmly invited to come along and see what is happening on these sites and to say hello to the CVA group members. For more details of location and activity, phone our Regeneration Coordinator, Judith Roland, on 5545 2052 or 0429 808 206. 


Our thanks go to the Scenic Rim Regional Council for assisting with funding for this project.

Meetings: More action, less talk? Tell us what you want


Most TML members don't attend our Sunday morning General Meetings, held 3 times a year. We understand: weekends are busy times in our increasingly busy lives. And these Newsflashes give you essential information about our activities in a form you can read at a time that suits you.


The Management Committee therefore suggest that these General Meetings (but not the AGM) be discontinued.  

Instead, we plan to offer occasional activities such as the flora and fauna survey, National Tree Day event, community planting days and the like.  


Any comments, or ideas for TML activities you'd like to be part of? We'd like to hear from you. Please contact the secretary, Wendy Morgan, on 5545 4618 or via email:





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