We ARE the Champions!!

"Before you win, you have to believe you are worthy."
~ Mike Ditka

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What an amazing month July was! We would like to thank and congratulate you on having two successful conventions last month. There were almost 2,000 people in attendance between Dallas and Orange County. Not only was it great to see everyone, it was an honor to see our leaders climbing to the top and achieving so many awards.


If the success of Champions Weekend wasn't enough, we also managed to close out July as the 2nd best month in Zurvita history. We had people who were far away at the beginning of the evening but were able to see miracles come true when the clock struck midnight. As we move forward in August, I believe that one of the keys to ending the year with momentum is what we accomplish during this month.

We want to encourage you and your entire team to watch the 25N7 video (below). The secret is in the basics of the business and we want to see you succeed at every level possible. Set your goals early and allow your up-line, as well as your corporate staff, to help support you as you watch your miracles come true at the end of the month, like so many others did this last month. Don't forget to email your goals in to goals@zurvita.com and keep us updated!


We are looking forward to a fantastic month!


God Bless,


Mark and Tracy Jarvis
Zurvita Co-Founders
Say hello to the future...
Your NEW Welcome Kit!

As a part of the new $35 Enrollment Fee, all consultants will receive a newly designed, packed-to-the-gills WELCOME KIT!


The new Welcome Kit is designed to give new Consultants the marketing tools they need to launch their business. It comes with all the tools they'll need for their first 2 Challenge Parties with the goal of achieving All-Star in their first 30 days!


Welcome Letter

Quick Start Guide

Making the Shift CD

Fully Loaded  Challenge Party Kits (2) * 

Car Decals (2)

Doctors Reports (5) 
5 Journals (Zeal for Life Challenge DVDs in each)

Product Brochures (5)

Opportunity Brochures (5)


*Each Challenge Party Kit comes packed with a Zeal for Life Challenge DVD, Challenge Party Instructions, 5 Challenge Cards, 5 Starter & Wellness Pak Flyers, 5 Independent Consultant Enrollment Forms, 5 Challenge Pak Flyers

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There's an APP for that...literally! 

In the month of July, Zurvita was able to launch
in an effort to grow through social media and aid you with your prospecting and ability to share marketing materials quickly. 

The Zurvita Mobile Marketing Application allows you to share videos and marketing products digitally at the ease of a button, even by text!  

Do you love the Advanced Formula Protein Shakes? With the Zeal for Life Shake Recipe Application, you can now scroll through recipes concocted by fellow shake lovers, as well as submit your own to share with the world! 

Have you been using The Posting Tool from your computer? Well, now it can travel with you anywhere in your phone. 

Click on the images below to be taken directly to the App Store!


iOS Apple Store
NOTE: These Apps are currently only available on iOS. The
Android applications are under construction and will be
available to you soon. 
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Zurvita Team Bonus Program
Watch along as Kirby Wright, V.P. of Marketing, explains the different steps to being a Zurvita Consultant - from the ground up! This is a powerful tool, so don't forget to use it personally as well as with your team! Locate this informative video on your Zeal for Life website under the "START BIZ" tab in the "MAKE MONEY" section. 

As many of you are aware, we have released our Marketing Compliance Training modules! These modules are an essential tool to arm you with knowledge on proper marketing skills. In the event that this course is not completed by August 31st, your commission payout will be held. You will receive 100% of your payout once the module has been completed. Moving forward, new Consultants will have a 30 day period in which to complete this training. 

Where can you find this Compliance module? Look under the TRAINING tab of your Z-Center in the "Getting Started" section.

We are here for your support if you should have any questions or need any assistance! COMPLIANCE@ZURVITA.COM

AM with an S
Hear from Zurvita's  
Ambassadors Tadd & Lauren Coston
San Angelo, TX
Coston Family 
Lauren Coston lives in San Angelo, TX with her husband Tadd and their daughter Stella. When asked how Zurvita has changed her life, she shared:


"Thanks to Zurvita, I am now able to be at home with my baby girl instead of working 60 hour work weeks. I'm happier, more driven to be healthy and eager to spread all the joy that Zeal for Life has given me. It's given me a reason to be passionate about my life and not stagnate. My number one supporter since day one has been Alex Dinverno. He has stood by my side and encouraged me when I thought it was impossible, he's never let me fall short of meeting my goals - I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Thanks to two major players in my amazing downline, Tim White & Renee Socha. Your teams have put me in a position I never thought possible. Thank you for all your hard work and love for sharing Zeal! Finally, thanks to my mom for helping with Stella while I'm sharing the Zeal for Life Challenge, I couldn't do this without you!"
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who promoted in July! Congratulations to you all!
Click the above image to view the list.
who promoted in July! Congratulations to you all!
Click the above image to view the list. 
Zurvita, Inc. Newsletter

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Leadership Row

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To all the Zurvita Consultants that were promoted to NEW levels in the month of July 2013! Great job!

Every day, new Zurvita Consultants are becoming Car Qualified. Below is a list of Zurvita Consultants that began driving their Zurvita Company Car in JULY!
NEW Zurvita Consultants were Car Qualified in July!

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How are you doing with your personal Zeal for Life 


Take advantage of this
FREE TOOL to help you daily track meals and exercise completed. Download the FREE app to your smartphone and you will have instant access to the nutritional content of the menu items of restaurants. Click the icon above to get it today.  


 Get Started Call


Are you NEW in Zurvita? NEW to Network Marketing? Eager to learn how to get on the road towards financial increase? Do you know how to become a Zurvita All-Star and make $1,000 in your first 30 days?


Let's get started

Click on the above image to listen to these recorded calls onSoundCloud!

Wake-up Call

Wake up every morning and start your day right. Listen to Ambassadors Cindy Wright, Frank and Lori Jarvis and Andi Duli as they motivate you and get you ready for a successful and amazing day!     

  Wake Up Call Alarm Clock

 Monday through Friday

8:15am CT

(832) 225-5232  82251#

Monday Corporate Update Call 


Stay up to date with your Zurvita business by listening to the Corporate Update Call every Monday night. Important product promotions, event information and guest speakers will aid and guide you along the road to success! Click HERE to find the Corporate Update Calls on SoundCloud or watch your email each Monday night around 5PM for that weeks' link.

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Weekly Challenge Call


Become informed and encouraged by Challenge Coach Peter Nielsen, Dr. Scott VanLue and Co-Founder Tracy Jarvis as they answer questions regarding food choices, proper exercise techniques, how important your shoes or sleep are to your health and so much more! Each Thursday, around 5PM (CST), an email with the newest call link is sent out. Don't forget to swing by SoundCloud, by clicking the above image, to get caught up on the advice from past calls as well!

Women of Exellence Call

 Join Tracy Jarvis and other like-minded women on this inspirational call that will empower and equip you to walk as the victorious woman you were destined to be!


 Tracy in California 5-14-11



8:40am CT

(832) 225-5232 82251#

You have access to an extensive library of recorded calls at

Including the Corporate Update and Zeal for Life Challenge Calls!

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