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summer | 2016
Life is hard. (period)
In 2007-2008 things were looking pretty bleak for the construction industry. The great economic downturn affected everyone and the battle for small to mid-size remodelers especially was just to stay alive. All Pro Builders was one of the few that managed to ride it out and even innovate enough to thrive during the challenging times.  

This is one notable challenge that we recently faced. Of course, there have been others, personal and professional, as well. There have always been and will always be problems. The trick is to see them as tests and just keep working until you find a solution. Once you make it through to the other side, you'll be able to look back and see how you've grown and learned from the experience.

None of us can do it alone, however. Having a great support team (family, friends, colleagues) is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you make it through every trial that comes your way. And every May the National Day of Prayer signifies the importance of prayer in our daily lives.

With that in mind, this Summer issue of eNews highlights not only the challenges we all face, but also the spirit to keep fighting until we find the solution. All Pro is happy to be part of your team every day. Read on to learn some of the ways we've learned to survive and thrive no matter what for over 25 years!

Tips from the Pro
They say patience is a virtue and I'm here to tell you that's 100% true. Being in the remodeling business as long as I have been, I've learned that it's a people business and people aren't machines - they don't run on exact schedules. But that's OK because in the end, a great project is not graded on how fast it was completed or if the plan went perfectly start to finish. A great project is about making sure your customer gets the home they really want after all the dust is cleared away. It's also about how you act throughout the whole process - always keeping the customer's needs and wants in mind and ultimately building a relationship too.

Good quality work takes time and All Pro is willing to take the time. We always hear the horror stories of contractors starting jobs and abandoning them, leaving the homeowners hanging. We've gone in and fixed more than a few of these disasters over the years for some thankful customers. We can promise you we will never leave you or walk away, no matter what challenges come up. We never have in 27 years and we are not about to start. We will stick it out until the end, even if the end is a little further off than we all first thought. You can also always count on us to be open and up-front with the pros & cons of every change, addition, or unforeseen development. Honesty & Integrity is our motto for a reason! We'll be honest about the effects of changes to the plan or circumstances like weather on the schedule. And we'll always have integrity about our work. That's because we love what we do!

Because we value honesty and integrity, we don't promise the quickest kitchen or bathroom ever built. That's not us. There are remodelers out there who will be in and out before you even get to know their names... but how long is their work going to hold up? Will they be there for you later if something goes wrong? This is another kind of disaster that we've occasionally been called in to fix later for other contractors who've changed their numbers and disappeared. We've had the same number since the beginning and you can always call us - even just to say hi!

Sometimes people think about the short term and want to rush to the end. They can end up dissatisfied because real quality means building something that will last. Here at All Pro we only offer quality. We will always be efficient when we're working and use our years of experience to plan ahead for all the different circumstances that arise in a typical project, but we will not compromise quality just in order to do something quickly. Our commitment to total quality starts with how we protect your home when demo starts, all the way through the project until the last piece of baseboard goes in. Quality has been one of our core values from the beginning and many happy customers later, we have seen that it's the right call every time!

Marie Curie

Life is not easy 
for any of us. 
But what of that? 
We must have 
and above all 
in ourselves.
We must believe
that we are 
gifted for something 
and that this thing 
must be attained.


Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday,


The New Remodeling Battle 

Today remodeling is once again at its peak and All Pro is busier than ever. We're loving being busy and getting to be a part of so many great projects nowadays, but the increased business has brought some new challenges that impact material prices, subcontractor charges, and scheduling in particular. Industry conditions nationwide have increased the time it takes to complete a job from what it was during the recession.

Here are a few of the reasons customers may experience delays on projects in this new economic climate:

Challenge #1: With the upturn in remodeling, the city building departments just can't seem to keep up with the abundance of projects that are approved. Inspections that used to happen the day after you requested them are now taking up to 2-3 weeks before an inspector is scheduled.

Solution #1: The All Pro team is determined enough to stand in long lines, stay on hold forever, and keep following up until we get the approval. Anything for our clients! We are also experienced enough to know exactly what we should be doing, so we prevent problems with the inspections before they even happen.

Challenge #2: During the recession many qualified workers (remodelers, subcontractors, engineers) left the industry. Combined with the increased demand now, this is causing a labor shortage that makes prices go up and work take longer. 

Solution #2: We are always on the look-out for great craftsmen and partners. Number one for us is finding people who are both skilled and experienced, as well as passionate about customer happiness. We have worked hard to create the best group in the business who all give 110% every day. (And if you know anybody else like this who is looking for work, send them our way!)

Challenge #3: On average, there are 2-10 change orders on each project requested by customers. It's understandable - you see some tile or paint color on HGTV or in a magazine that you fall in love with after things have already been ordered. We get it and it's great to see clients so passionate about design, but these changes do add on time to receive new materials and adjust the work schedule, as well as additional costs. 

Solution #3: Both the customer and the All Pro team can make sure to keep the lines of communication open at all time, both about changes and about how they will affect timing as well as the budget.
All Pro is always looking to meet challenges head-on and find innovative solutions, in this new time of remodeling abundance just as much as in the lean times. We're always working as hard as we can to make everything perfect for our clients. Sometimes perfection takes some time, but it's worth it in the end! : )

Remodeling homes every day is what we do; however, every so often our website needs a remodel as well. Right now, we are in the trenches with our website design company, kneadle, and are hoping to have all of finishing details wrapped up by the end of July.

Here's a sneak peek at the home page....and we'll be sure to let you know when we roll it our for all to see! We can't wait and hope that you'll really enjoy the new experience.

In the Community

Seahorse Soccer Summer Camp
...Faith Awakens...

There's an exciting new opportunity for So Cal kids this summer - the Seahorses Soccer Summer Camp! The Seahorses provide quality coaching in a caring Christian environ ment. This summer they are offering 8 different camps, throughout both LA & Orange County for both boys & girls ages 5-14.

With a 10:1 camper to coach ratio, your child will receive skill, agility & tactics training; as well as participation in daily Bible time - and they'll get a cool T-shirt!

For full details regarding locations & costs, and to register, please visit their online site or call 714-739-8375.

Another thing we love about the Seahorses is their urban ministry in a low-income part of Anaheim throughout the whole year.
Csaba & Agnes Feher came to America from Hungary in the 80s as refugees and now they give back by setting up many community programs right here in Southern California. They run missionary trips to Mexican orphanages, homework clubs in their neighborhood on the weekends, and Csaba coaches soccer in a local vacant area they refer to as Lot 318. 

Biola University recently donated over a dozen rolls of turf that they removed from their field. All Pro helped transport the rolls to the Lot where they will be laid down for a real soccer field. Soon we'll also build a fence to surround it. We're so happy to know about this great program and be able to help them improve the neighborhood and the children's lives. 

Check out all the good work they're doing and donate if you can @ https://coachforgrowth.net/


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Until Next Time
Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings,
because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 
perseverance, character; and character, hope.
Romans 5:3-4

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