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Nowadays it seems like you can have anything you want with just a push of a button. That includes the people in our lives, with FaceTime, Snapchat, Skype ... the options are endless! The internet is a great way to keep in contact with friends near and far, but with all these apps, are we really more connected? That depends. In some ways we are a lot closer than we used to be, helped by all our technology. However, sometimes it can seem like we're so absorbed in our screens that we're just lonely little pixel dots ourselves.

We explore different kinds of connectivity in this issue, with personal perspectives on ways to reach out, as well as learning about "smart" homes that are connecting us to the future of home building. The future is here today - let's enjoy it! We can look up from our screens and around at our friends and soon-to-be friends, because all it takes to make a connection is to reach out and connect those dots!

Grab a pencil and get going....

Tips from the Pro
When I started this business did I understand all the connecting that would need to be done to operate successfully? I would like to say I did, but to tell you the truth, I had no idea!

What is connecting? Connecting nails, lumber, beams, walls & a roof together to form a house--that is one type of connecting. Connecting with people is a whole other story; if I had known connecting meant I would have to step outside my comfort zone, I might not have even started this company. It brings to mind the saying: "hindsight is crystal clear". You learn as you go, and honestly, 'you don't know what you don't know!'

That is why it is so important to have 1 or 2 mentors to meet with and bounce ideas off of; you are not trying to reinvent the wheel. I tried early on to find one, but had no luck and wound up learning the hard way -- or as some would say 'old school'. It taught me that I could not do it alone and I had to depend on a lot of other people for our success. That was the hardest part for me: trusting and letting other people into my life.

It's taken a long time for me to even be able to consider that, but God has brought some of the most amazing people and friends into my life that have forever changed me and my life. Are they perfect? No. Do we hurt each other? Yes. Life happens and that's OK, but we are called to forgive each other, we are all broken people trying to figure out why God put us here. He put each of you in your own community to love, encourage and bless each other, embrace the opportunity, don't let it pass you by; you have a gift that God designed you with and only you can touch that person. Don't let your gift go to waste. Step off the shore and into the deep end where life begins and connections can be endless. You must get off the shore and into the deep.

My greatest connections are from the Lord above, Jesus Christ: Lisa, my wife; Adam, my son; and all of the people God has surrounded me with in this community which I have been placed.

Customer Connection

A couple of our favorite dots are the Dito's! Loyal customers since 1997, we have completed close to 15 projects in their home and they have recently contacted us for yet another: their entry door & front windows. 


We have connected with the Dito's in many ways from working together so often. Projects with them are true collaborations, like in their Master Bathroom Remodel where their Mediterranean vacations served as a design inspiration and led to one of our favorite projects ever! (Check out how beautiful it turned out!) 


We have also become genuine friends with them over the years. They've seen us grow and improve for nearly two decades, and have always been great cheerleaders for us with positive reviews and referrals. We even exchange Christmas cards! The best thing about being so close with them is that they know we're just a call away any time they get that "remodeling bug" and they know we're going to treat their home like our own ... because we know we'll be back soon!

That kind of connection is a very special thing and it's our goal with every one of our customers and fellow community members. We know it takes work to earn trust and effort to show how much you really care with quality work and a cheery attitude. So give us a call, drop us a note, post on our Facebook page - however you want to connect, we're happy to know you all and would love to get to know you even better! :) 


Brene Brown 

We are hardwired to
connect with others,
it's what gives
purpose and
meaning to our lives,
and without it
there is suffering.

"Happy Birthday to You"
"Happy Birthday to You"

"Happy Birthday dear____"
"Happy Birthday to You!"
[and many more......]


7/15 Chris & Lillian Paniagua
8/14 Art & Jill Pang 

The Connected Home.....  

Psst! You're living in the Age of the Connected Home, you just may not know it yet.

Just imagine: You are halfway to work and you think you might have left the garage door open. Worrying about it all day is the old analog way. The new connected digital home could allow you to check on things like that through your smartphone, anytime, wherever you are.

These days nifty and convenience-enhancing home electronic gadgets are wireless, controlled by an app, and inexpensive compared with the pricey systems of the '90s and 2000s. So why do these kinds of upgrades still only appeal to a niche segment of the high-income market?

The answer could be simply not that many homeowners know the potential of these kinds of upgrades. There are many ways to tailor the technology to your needs, like the ability to monitor thermostats and remotely control security systems, which are basic functions that have a broad appeal.

The word is starting to get out though. Wireless is putting connected home technology within reach of the average household, with pricing at almost a tenth of what it used to be and the ability to wirelessly control devices with an iPad or iPhone. And although temperature and security remain the hottest-selling product categories, consumers are also beginning to explore other products, such as lighting control and automated shade. 

While there is great interest in connected home technology among those under age 40, most homeowners in the market for remodeling fall above this age range. And even people in their 30s or 40s can need help sorting through all the choices. The growing number of wireless devices may also require some technical upgrades to your routers and networks.

So think about ways to use our connected internet world to make your home better, safer, and just plain cooler! You could be living in the home of tomorrow, today! 

-- From Professional Remodeler's March issue --

Making Headlines    

So excited to once again be among the Top 550 named by Remodeling Magazine!

This year we reached #231 and it marked our 7th time being on their list of Full-Service Remodelers throughout the nation.

Full-service remodeling companies offer general contractor services in renovation projects ranging from whole-house remodels to handyman jobs such as changing out doorknobs. Many of those on this list have a long-term history in their market, and have been able to survive the downturn in residential construction by drawing on relationships [connections] with past clients (ourselves included!).

Many of the companies have changed just about every part of their operation (marketing, field operations, niche markets, etc), but one thing that remains is a commitment to quality construction.

Little Bit from Lisa
In the last 5 years my apparent disconnection from my community became quite clear to me -- and thankfully I realized how unfortunate that was -- both for me and the others in my life.

So over the last year and a half, after being part of an outstanding Life Group, attending a discipleship class and reading numerous books (Brene' Brown's included) about community and connection (along with attending Wilshire Ave Community Church every Sunday), I am ready!

Ready to embrace those around me (both literally & figuratively) and become connected! To step out of my little box, use my God-given gifts that I have discovered and encourage those in my circle of friends.

If you happen to be one of those I've encountered during this time, you'll know what I'm talking about and how I've changed. And if I haven't seen you in a while, I'm looking forward to making you the next dot in my connection : )


Our family owned & operated company was founded in 1989 by Paul Paniagua. Built on the principles of HONESTY & INTEGRITY.

then. now. always.


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Until Next Time
"Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches.
Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit.
For apart from me you can do nothing." 

John 15:5

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