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July 2016 Newsletter

How do you know if your pond is ready for the long hot summer?

Orlando, Central Florida summers can be brutal with temperatures well above 95 degrees. There is quite a bit of information on how to care for an ecosystem pond in cooler climates, however, there is not as much information about ecosystem ponds in warmer climates. Pond keepers  need to think about how to minimize the stress of increased daily temperatures and also how to care for your koi according to Orlando, Central Florida conditions. It's important to understand that koi stressed by summer heat will have their health and overall development adversely affected.

Your individual ecosystem pond situation, this summer, will depend on several factors including the success of previous seasons. An ecosystem pond is a dynamic changing environment. Keeping koi healthy is primarily about maintaining a balanced ecosystem. To ensure a successful pond season we recommend a spring/fall cleaning annually to remove excess organic waste.

Other keys to success are plants to provide filtration and shade, lots of oxygen 24/7 and gravel for biological growth, fish caves to create shelter and cooler areas within the pond.

Maintaining your Orlando, Central Florida pond weekly with Beneficial Bacteria will help to ensure a balanced ecosystem, skimmer filter cleanings and trimming of dead plant materials.

Feeding your koi in the morning when the water temperature is cooler will also benefit the koi and the ecosystem, be careful to NOT overfeed your koi. It is safer to feed in smaller increments a few times over 5 minutes than to cast food out that they will not eat and have it end up in the filter.

Our hotter months are still yet to come, Is your ecosystem pond ready? 
How Hot Is Your Orlando,Central Florida Pond?
With a heat index of 110 degrees our Orlando, Central Florida ponds are HOT!!!
In this blog you will learn what we can do to make our Koi and pond remain happy and healthy.
Warm water has a low capacity for holding oxygen, so you may start to see your fish gasping for air close to the water's surface, or especially close to a fountain or waterfall. In addition, warm water leads to increased activity and that means your fish require more oxygen at a time when it's least available.Continue Reading
Aeration to Maintain Healthy Oxygen Levels

As the water temperatures are very warm and we begin the rainy season you are likely to see an increase in algae. 
Be proactive and get your Bacteria, SAB and Barley before the green algae

monster rears it's ugly head.  

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