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May 2016 Newsletter
Is Your Koi Pond Ready For The Orlando, Central
Florida Summer?

The summer temperatures are here and it is still technically spring. It's a good idea to make sure your koi pond is ready for what the Orlando, Central Florida summer has in store for us.  
Once the water temperature rises above 80 degrees, you could run into problems. The following guidelines will help make sure your koi are happy and that you have a safe an balanced ecosystem throughout the summer.
There are some preventative measures you can take in order to keep your pond from becoming a warm, unhealthy mess. It all starts with a well-designed water feature. Depth, plant coverage, shade, and circulation should all be considered when building a pond. A depth of two feet is required so the bottom can remain cooler. 
We place your waterfall biological filter and skimmer mechanical filter across the pond from each other, so that all areas of the pond are skimmed and the water circulated. Your waterfalls, streams, and even fountains or spitters play a huge part in the oxygenation of the water in your pond.

During the hot summer months, you can use some of these tips to help keep your pond performing optimally:
  • Add oxygen to your pond by placing an Aerator or AquaForce pump in your pond. You can also install a fountain with a pump if your pond doesn't have a waterfall or stream built in.
  • Feed your fish in the morning and be careful not to overfeed. Uneaten food decays faster in warmer water and can pollute the pond.
  • Be sure to remove dying leaves and flowers before they have a chance to decay in the warmer water.
  • Be sure to add Beneficial Bacteria to the pond weekly to ensure a safe and balanced ecosystem for you koi.
Here is a great article on fish spawning from Aquascape. We would of course ignore the part about bringing the babies in for the winter as it never gets that cold in Orlando, Central Florida

The Joy of Baby Koi


April 6, 2016

Aquascape Baby Koi
If you have fish in your pond, sooner or later they are going to have babies. Late spring to early summer usually marks the time of year when koi and goldfish start to spawn. When koi and goldfish spawn, they produce thousands of eggs but very few actually survive and grow up into baby fish. Koi are egg "scatterers," meaning they generally deposit their eggs on the bottom of the pond or in plants.
The eggs hatch a few days after although you probably won't be able to see them for several weeks because they are too small. At this stage in development, the babies will feed off of all sorts of microorganisms in your pond. After a couple months the babies are about an inch long and may start eating commercial food. In order to "bulk" them up, look for a food that has high protein content. Depending on the pellet size, it may be necessary to crush them in order for the babies to eat the food.
By the end of summer you'll have to decide whether to bring the babies inside or let them over-winter in the pond. If you decide to let them over-winter outside, they may or may not survive because they don't have enough fat reserve to tide them over. If you decide to bring them in, make sure you have a large enough tank with adequate filtration because they will continue to grow inside.
Another thing to remember is that if your pond babies continue to survive year after year, sooner or later they are going to get big and could overcrowd your pond. If you plan on keeping some of the babies, understand that eventually you may have to get rid of (cull) some of them. Watching the baby fish grow up is fun and the whole process is a great learning experience for kids and adults, alike.


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As the water temperatures warms up you are likely to see an increase in algae. 
Be proactive and get your Bacteria, SAB and Barley before the green algae
monster rears it's ugly head. 


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