January 2016
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 February 29th - March 31st
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Two Levels of cleaning: FULL and PARTIAL

1: Drain pond down to 6 inches in water depth
2. Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water
3. Drain remaining water and power wash pond , stream and waterfalls.
4. Remove debris from bottom of pond.
5. Clean all filter pads, biofalls, skimmer and pump.
6. Clean all light lenses and inspect for bulb replacement
7. Make any necessary minor adjustments to rock if needed.
8. Fertilize water lilies.
9. Add declorinator to make pond water ready for fish
10. Reintroduce fish to pond

Options include: Install eco carbon and barley pellets in each biofalls.
Note: The large majority of debris is removed from the pond. If the pond is "sterilized" by removing ALL living bacteria etc... the established eco system will be destroyed.

1. Remove and Clean all filter pads, nets and brushes.
2. The biofalls and skimmer will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
3. Reinstall all of the above and restart pond.

For pricing simply attach pictures to this CLEAN OUT REQUEST Form.

Koi in pond
Feeding Koi in Cold Weather
Tips from Dr Erik Johnson

Feeding in Cold Water
Fish will feel hungry in cold water, even down to the mid 40's, however the enzymes needed for the digestion of most koi food will be lacking. The fish will eat, sometimes fully, and then languor in the cold water as their metabolism slogs the food through. In very cold water, fish simply don't eat.

If the food is going to be processed by cold fish with impaired metabolism, it makes sense to offer foods that are easily and quickly digestible and contain minimal residue to stall their gut. Over the years, soluble plant proteins like wheat germ were found to be effective, and so were Cheerios. Fish love Cheerios, especially the Honey Nut Cheerios. Try it, you will see they go for the darker, tastier(?) Honey Nut Cheerios over the plain ones. And they can tell when you buy generic Cheerios. But it's okay.

The point of Cheerios is that they supply some useful energy, with minimal nitrogen to strain a cold biological filtration system, and the fish like 'em. A lot. In my own pond, I've noticed that Cheerios are sort of fattening when offered with regular food year round, so if you want to put some weight on a big female fish, especially through her face, give her some Cheerios with her regular diet through the year.

In cold water I recommend that you:
  1. Reduce feeding drastically in water under 70 but above 64 Fahrenheit. Feed sparingly once per day or every other day. Watch for elevations in Ammonia because of a stalled bio filtration.
  2. Feed Cheerios once, every other day in water under 64 but above 53 DF.
  3. Stop feeding when water temps are consistently under 55 - 53 DF
  4. Resume feeding Cheerios in the Spring when water temps are consistently at or above 55 - 53 DF
For more information about feeding your koi

From "Jim's Pond" A blog about Ponding. 

12-02-2015 13:29:00 PM



"Welcome to Shangri La"


When I first stepped into this backyard I did not feel like I was just a few miles from busy Downtown Orlando. This beautiful lanai has become a labor of love to create the perfect backyard retreat for this couple.  


The first time we met, I spent an hour talking about Aquascape 8.0 Signature Series skimmers which doesn't sound exciting however it was very important for me to make sure that this Do It Yourself project was done correctly. I am very passionate about anything ponds, even boring filtration.  


Over the course of the time spent talking, a very loyal customer was born.  

As I remember it took a long 4th of July weekend in 2011 to install the ecosystem pond with a little help from friends and family.


The fish and plants were added and in a very short time they both were "Hooked on the Pond Lifestyle"


After the first year their fish were huge. As you can see they are very well fed, only the best of the best for these Koi.Blackwater Creek Gold N by the 40lb bag.


Just about a year after the pond was built the homeowner noticed the shelves and rocks starting to fall into the pond. Each year we cleaned the pond we would do our best to re-stack the rocks but they continued to slide into the pond. Small round rock were used in most of the pond which by nature are easy to lift but difficult to stack.


In August of 2015 the Pondtastic crew arrived to rebuild "Tank and Friends" pond.


To continue reading and see pictures Click Here 

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