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Preparing for Cooler Temperatures


Being prepared for every different season Mother Nature throws our way helps us help our ponds cope with the changes. Learn how to manage your pond when you live in a warmer southern climate.


Aquatic Plants
Stop fertilizing as soon as the water temperature gets below 70F and remove all spent leaves off of the lilies, as they will continue to produce leaves. This is also a good time to take those beautiful tropical lilies inside and store them in a water-filled container located in a place that will not freeze. Lilies can be left in the pond in Central and South Florida.

This is the time to fatten up your fish just before old man winter comes back and puts them to rest. Feeding your fish a little extra in the early fall will help with their growth rate and increase their metabolism prior to hibernation. This does not justify over feeding - just a little extra will do fine. When the water temperature reaches the mid 50's, stop feeding all together.

Depending on the location of your pond, the
No. 1 fall maintenance issue is falling leaves. A large amount of leaves collected in the bottom of a pond will decompose and produce tannins that can be harmful to your fish and also reduce the clarity of the water. Keeping the skimmer basket emptied is very important, and the addition of netting over the pond will also reduce the chances of increased tannins in the water.


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