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Pondtastic is a Top Frog

Pondtastic Water Gardens left the blazing temperatures of Orlando, Fl to enjoy a breezy week in St Charles IL. for our annual pond conference. 
Pondemonium is the water gardening industry's premier annual training event for contractors, retailers, and distributors. Certified Aquascape Contractors from around the world travel to this yearly event. 
This is a time where we connect with the best of the best in the water garden world, hear inspirational keynote speakers and learn the newest technologies.

This year Pondtastic Water Gardens is ranked #20 in the Construction and Retail category. We are very honored to have received this Top Frog Award!

Pond Renovation Is It Time?

Have you sat out at your pond or waterfall and thought this needs work? Or, because work is needed you rarely go out to your water Feature?
What is the difference between pond renovations vs. pond repair?  
Even though they sound similar, they are quite different. To repair something means fixing or replacing a part that is broken or not working. Whereas, a renovation is a complete overhaul and redo, resulting in a practically brand new water feature.

What renovation work can I have done? 
This is the perfect opportunity to change anything you don't like, and address any issues. You could install lighting, upgrade your filtration, increase pump size, add fish caves. Maybe you want to make the pond larger, or add another waterfall.
In the last 5 years there are so many new technologies developed that help reduce maintenance and enhance the enjoyment of the water feature that can be added. 
Who gets pond renovations?
Our pond renovation work comes from Pondtastic pond owners who want to increase the size of their ecosystem pond. Homeowners who did not have a Certified Aquascape Contractor build the pond, instead they had a landscaper  build the pond and it is not the pond they had hoped for.
Often pond renovations come from new homeowners who don't know their pond's history and want to incorporate their own ideas into their backyard paradise.

How much does it cost? 
We have done renovations from $5,000 all the way up to $85,000

So are you ready for a renovation to be done on your pond or waterfall? 
Contact Orlando's only Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

Please send pictures of your pond or waterfall to Subject: "Smith" Pond Renovation
We will schedule a FREE phone consultation upon receipt of your pictures.

** All Onsite design consultations are $100.00

 Begin enjoying your pond again!



Send Us Your Photos
Do you decorate your pond for the holidays? 
Let's see your Harvest, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day  pond pictures.

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