Course:  Aircraft Accident Investigation - Fire and Material Failures 



Aircraft Accident Investigation - Fire and Material Failures


New course offered by BlazeTech Corp.

Woburn MA USA

19-21 May 2015


Dr. N. Albert Moussa, P.E. 
Mr. Andy McMinn, M.S., P.E.



This is an advanced course on aircraft accident investigation that focuses on fire pattern recognition and material failure identification. Dr. Moussa will discuss the flammability of fluids, polymeric materials and composites, ignition sources, fire spread, smoke development and fuel tank explosion using real aircraft accidents involving fires in engine, cabin, fuel tank, cargo and hidden areas. Both in-flight and post-crash fires will be examined. Mr. McMinn will discuss material failure identification whether progressive (fatigue, corrosion, creep and wear) or instantaneous (ductile v. brittle overload) using real aircraft accidents involving in-flight breakup, mid-air collision and crash impact. The impact investigations will cover failure of structures at high and low impact angles and failure of turbine engine components at high and low RPM.


The above training is provided in our office at 29 B Montvale Ave., Woburn MA, and it can be provided at the customer location by special arrangement.


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