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To bring our mission and vision closer to the day-to-day realities of our business, we recently adopted a new mandate known as Be Even Better.

For our customers it means developing a deep understanding of your industry and your business, then sharing our knowledge by creatively applying the best solution for your needs. It means building long-lasting relationships by earning your trust. It means providing quick decisions so we can be there to help your business when you need us. It's both a long-term conviction and a commitment we pledge to make each and every day-to be even better.
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A Simple Solution to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft


An estimated 13 million Americans were victims of identity theft-related fraud last year. That's up by more than 500,000 from 2012. According to a recently released Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research, someone in this country becomes a victim every two seconds!


Identity theft is generally associated with victims losing their credit cards or having their information taken from databases and receipts. Yet, an often overlooked, but common tactic used by identity thieves is mail theft. Yes, they steal your mail directly from your mailbox.


Consider all of the documents that are delivered to your home mailbox such as bank and credit card statements, newly issued cards, tax information, loan and mortgage documents, credit offers, etc. Your mailbox is a hotbed for 

identity thieves-and the potential damages to your credit history can go way beyond credit card identity theft.


Shredding your documents will prevent a "dumpster diving" identity thief from getting your personal data. But shredding is not an option if fraudsters steal documents directly from your mailbox, an increasingly common tactic.


Another way identity thieves can get your mail is to falsify a change of address form that will forward all of your mail to the thief's rented post office box. A mail box that can be quickly discontinued and difficult to trace. 

The Solution
Go paperless whenever you can. Start with your bank statements. 

Receive your account statements and notices electronically through Voyager's secure Online Banking programs. E-Statements are presented in an easy-to-read format, and you don't have to wait for them to show up in the mail. Plus you can easily review past statements, a nice benefit at tax time.       

E-Statements are convenient, secure, great for the environment and  never need shredding. Best of all, they're FREE!


 Contact a Voyager Bank representative to begin receiving your account statements and notices electronically through our Personal Online Banking or Business Online Banking programs. 

Tax Law Changes
Changes for your 2013 taxes 

Before you start preparing your taxes, you'll probably want to review IRS tax changes for 2013: