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Christine Warren - Transformational Training and Counseling: Specializing in life Transitions, Vision and Metaphysics

"My work is loving the world."  
-Mary Oliver, "Messenger"


I hope this finds you well and enjoying the quiet peace of late winter. May you be finding some time in your life to curl up with a cup of tea, perhaps by a fire, enjoying time to journal, read, walk in the snow, and reflect on where you are now in your soul journey and human expression. It's time to replenish, recharge, and reflect before spring arrives with new beginnings and fresh energy in our lives.  
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~Living From the Source, April 3 to May 29, an 8-week group in Santa Fe; 

~An excerpt from my book Navigating Change: Mr. Garcia's Field and Casting Your Nets;

 ~April 28: Free Talk: "Living in Possibility";

~ Metamorphosis, a possible June Santa Fe retreat (cast your vote!);

~ Navigating Change workshop at Kripalu Center this August.

As you move through the end of winter and welcome spring, remember who you are, stand in your worth, and shine your unique light on the world. We need you!


An 8-week group   

 April 3-May 29, 2013~Wed. eves~6:30-8:45 p.m. in Santa Fe

"10 years ago I signed up for a workshop with Christine Warren. Life has never been the same! Over the years, I have returned again and again for 'a drink at her well'. She is an exceptional and masterful teacher and empathic guide.


Christine walks her talk. She creates safe containers for vulnerability, trust and truth to exist as one."


-Lisanne Scafine

Food and set stylist to the photography and motion picture industry

Make this spring a time of personal breakthroughs, deep spirituality, and greater possibilities in your life! Develop a higher level of joy in your relationships, self worth and creative expression by living from the great Source of wisdom and love inside of you.  
Click here to read more about this program, or to register.
Early registration discounts! 

Mr. Garcia's Field and Casting Your Nets mrgarcia 

An excerpt from my upcoming book, Navigating Change


Just down the road a piece from our land is the most perfect field in all of our rural village of Tesuque. It receives full-tilt southern exposure sunlight all day. It is always freshly disked, the sun-warmed earth begging for planting like a woman all set for her lover. But the lover doesn't show up. He's too busy out buying her beautiful lingerie, or chilling the champagne, or shaving, to get into bed and make love with her, which is of course is the point of the preamble.


It was a Sunday spring afternoon, and my husband Kenn felt like getting naked on our lawn in the hot sun. Barring an earlier, impressive full naked plunge and ablutions in the frigid spring waters of the Tesuque River that ran through our front yard, it was only the second time I've seen him be naked on our land, and the effect was charming. I am fond of his wild man self, the real man underneath the polished literature professor and high-level art dealer, the man who cries over killing gophers and builds stone walls by the river and does Native American chanting up on the mesa and lies around naked. But I digress.  


Two months earlier, driving down my road, I'd stopped to meet the old Hispanic man I saw each day in a pith helmet and impeccable work coveralls, readying his field. Mr. Garcia (not his real name) stood at the fence in wonder that a blonde Anglo* (Anglos: common jargon for anglo-saxons in Santa Fe) woman had pulled over to connect. His neat rows of irrigation sprinklers stood at attention in the glistening, weedless ploughed rows. I went back later and left a note in his elegant wrought-iron gate, inviting him to stop by for a visit sometime. I forgot about the invitation as Anglos do, being so busy with our important emails and projects that wedge us off from life and friendships, neighbors and meaning.


As Kenn took the rays on parts unknown to most, into our driveway pulled Mr. Garcia... Click here to read about the rest of our enlightening afternoon with Mr. Garcia...

Free Talk:free-talk
 "Living in Possibility"   
At The Celebration ~ Sunday, April 28, 10:30 a.m. ~ All are welcome  
Visit  for directions and information  
The Celebration spiritual community is a warm and welcoming tribe with wonderful music, readings and meditations, honoring all paths.

A possible Santa Fe Retreat with Christine in June! metamorphosis 

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." - Lao Tzu  

 I am considering offering a 3 day retreat this June at a beautiful local retreat center of my new program "Metamorphosis", a deep inner retreat time guiding you into your emerging new expressions, directions, and visions for your life. This program will include vision and ritual time in nature, soaking in sacred outdoor pools, song, ceremony, fun, and art making as we explore our own life metamorphoses. You can read more about this program here. 


I would like to hear from those of you who are interested in this! If enough people want to come, I will offer Metamorphosis here in Santa Fe as a three day June retreat.

Please send me an email if you hear an inner "yes" to this.

~Save the date!~change 


   August 23-26, 2013 at Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA   


Often called "life-changing" by participants, Christine's workshop
Navigating Change is in its 12th year at Kripalu. It gives you the tools, skills and teachings to complete closures in your life and forge an inspired vision for the next chapter. Price varies with your choice of accommodations, from deluxe to simple.  


Kripalu Center is one of the world's largest transformational program centers. Christine is a founding member and 36 year senior faculty. 
Click here for more about this program.
In my soul-land Ireland! at a standing stone circle
I wish you a beautiful spring of planting seeds, rebirth, and exciting new beginnings!


In One Spirit,