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Bring Care to All Veterans 

This Veterans Day, we honored the veterans and military families everywhere that answered the call to serve our nation. It is also important to take a moment to acknowledge the family caregivers who provide the invaluable support to our disabled veterans every day.

Representatives Elizabeth Esty and Ryan Costello introduced the Care for All Veterans Act to bring the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers to all veterans. Learn more here. 

Click here to access Senior Resource Connect and stay current on the latest trends in older adult services.

AJFCA launched our new older adult services website, Senior Resource Connect this summer. The website aims to leverage the expertise of Jewish family services agencies assisting older adults in the community, increase referrals to member agency programs, streamline referrals between agencies, and act as an information hub on all matters of senior services.

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A Customized Volunteer Experience in Israel

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Frank Jacobson, vice president of marketing and development for Jewish Family & Children's Service Phoenix, served as a Skilled Volunteer for Israel, assisting a child welfare agency, Bayit L'chol Yeled (BiLY), from mid-August through mid-October 2015. "This exceptional experience both enriched me personally and added a depth to my time in Israel that will be with me for the rest of my life," he said. Here, he writes about his experience.


Our daughter Aviva was planning a move to Jerusalem in August 2015 with her husband and our 18-month-old grandson for her fourth year (of six) of rabbinical school, where she would be studying at the Conservative yeshiva. My wife, Stephanie, used the opportunity to retire from a career in higher education with plans to join them for the first couple of months, since we understood that this year is very challenging for the rabbinical students and their families. There, Stephanie could take care of our grandson Elijah for part of the day, perhaps cook some dinners for the family and try to make their lives a little easier. Continue reading here.
November 13, 2015  
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The Voice and Vision for Stronger Communities
D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

As I was reading this week's parashah, I started remembering the Smothers Brothers.  A few of you may remember them.  Tom and Dick had their own variety show in the 60's and they performed folk songs, which invariably led to humorous arguments between the brothers.  By the time the argument ended, Tommy would deliver his signature line, "Mom always liked you best!"
The difficulty of parenting is a central theme to this week's parashah, Tol'dot.  This is the story of the competitive twins, Esau and Jacob.  Jacob convinces Esau to sell his birthright and eventually deceives the dying Isaac to secure his blessing.  Isaac is exasperated by the deception and gives a second blessing to Esau, as he feels the obligation as a parent and he loves both of his sons.  Most likely, Isaac also feels some disappointment in both of his sons for not behaving in a proper and expected manner.

Rebekkah has an even greater struggle.  Even in the womb, Esau was a problem child.  She clearly prefers Jacob and nurtures him to take over his father's role as head of the family.  She even goes so far as to orchestrate Jacob's deception of Isaac for his blessing.  Is it possible that Esau had a right to his resentment of Jacob because "Mom always liked you best!"?  Parenting is never easy.

On this and every Shabbat, be blessed with all of your children as you bless them.

Shabbat Shalom.   
Final Reminder
Today, Friday, November 13, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. EDT, is the deadline to submit an Intent to Apply form for funding from JFNA's Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care under the federal grant.  The form is easy to complete, so if you plan to submit a proposal, or are even considering submitting a proposal, go to http://jewishfederations.org/holocaust-survivor-care/notice-of-intent-to-apply and complete the form today.

Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion Jewish leadership institute
The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware announced that applications are now open for the next Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion sponsored by the Ruderman Family Foundation. The Institute will be held in at the Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania February 1-4, 2016. Applications will be accepted until December 4, 2015. Learn more here.
Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month: "It's our time to shine"
Throughout the month of October, ACL has joined the Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy in recognizing National Disability Employment Awareness Month. As October comes to a close, the ACL Blog is featuring a series of posts on the importance of employment and efforts to support youth with disabilities as they transition to adulthood.
Giving Tuesday, In Its Fourth Year, Is Now Officially a "Thing" NPQ
Giving Tuesday is around the corner, and with more than 30,000 nonprofits participating, it is one of the strongest campaigns for year-end fundraising. Here are some practical ways that nonprofits can use strategies from retailers and tell their stories to boost donations and inspire supporters. Continue reading here.
San Diego, CA
May 15-17, 2016

Click here
to learn more (including link to book hotel room).
AJFCA Member Benefit: ALCA Membership Discounts
AJFCA is proud to support the work of Aging Life Care Association (formerly NAPGCM), which works to bring together professionals working to support older adults and caregivers through a holistic, client-centered approach. Kaaren Boothroyd, ALCA CEO, and her team recently shared information about their association and this new benefit to AJFCA members on the webinar "Aging Life Care: Why you? Why now?". Access a recording of the webinar here and download the webinar slides here to learn more about ALCA. 

Professionals from AJFCA member agencies with at least one full dues-paying ALCA member at the Advanced Professional or Professional level are eligible for a 50% discount on new membership for 2016. Applications and supported documents must be submitted to ALCA by November 13th. Download the membership application here and email Liz with questions. 
Board Orientation board source
Every board has a culture that is defined by its customs, traditions, and practices. Every new board member needs an introduction to that culture as well as the general expectations placed on individual board members. Read this free resource to learn more.
10 Considerations Before Running A Text-To-Give Campaign
Before signing off on a text-to-give campaign, nonprofits should remember they can be time consuming for staff, 81% of new donors never donate again and a third-party company will be needed -- which can result in added costs. In addition, a third-party vendor may refuse to share donor contact information, and most text-to-give donations range between $1 and $20, according to this piece. Learn more here.
Small Nonprofits Must Focus on Donor Quality, Not Quantity chronicile of philanthropy
Small and midsize nonprofits should focus on developing their existing big donors -- not seeking new donors, according to a recent study. "You can't have 100 people in your pipeline, because it will cost you too much money, and you can't pay attention to them well," said study co-author Amy Eisenstein. The report also found that nonprofit leaders who receive professional fundraising training raise about $37,000 more for each course completed. Read the entire article here.
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