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#JewishPurpose: An Open Invitation to Participate 

The member agencies of AJFCA through their work with and on behalf of their clients promote social justice every day; one person, one family at a time. Regardless of who those clients may be, this is some of the most authentic Jewish work being done today. Recognizing the importance of our Jewish history and values to our work, and the appeal of this expression of our Judaism to a broad spectrum of our communities, we joined many of our colleagues from other Jewish organizations in crafting this statement, which appeared in eJewish Philanthropy on November 1, to celebrate the possibilities for many more to join us in doing our work for justice through the richness of Jewish tradition.

Since the release of the Pew study in 2013, there has been much hand-wringing in the Jewish community, with some calling this, again, a time of crisis. As leaders of Jewish social justice initiatives, we see instead an incredibly exciting moment in Jewish life, in which Jews of all generations are experimenting with new modes of practice, diving into learning, creating new Jewish cultural expressions, and drawing on Jewish wisdom and our Jewish traditions to inspire engagement with the world. Read #JewishPurpose:  An Open Invitation to Participate here.