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JCS South Florida's Annual Meeting Revealed Results of Study on Agency's Total Economic Impact


JCS south florida  

Jewish Community Services of South Florida's 15th Annual Meeting on June 4th featured the results of an extensive study JCS commissioned from the Washington Economics Group (WEG) which determined that for every dollar in donations and funding spent to produce JCS programs, JCS generates an annual economic Impact of $32.47 for a total of $434 million. As J. Antonio Villamil, Founder and Principal of WEG, related in his keynote speech, the report details how JCS' highly efficient operations and low operating budget through partnerships with funding agencies, community organizations and local leaders continuously strengthen its outreach and expand its social and economic impacts with successful program outcomes.


"The importance of investing in our community's future by investing in JCS can't be overstated," said Fred Stock, JCS' President and CEO.  "Our programs bridging the gap between those who are struggling and those who are self-sufficient has a very positive economic and social impact on South Florida. A dollar invested in JCS today pays dividends for years to come in countless ways, such as moving people from dependency and taxpayer assistance to gainful employment; enabling seniors to continue to live at home rather than in government-subsidized healthcare facilities; building support networks that alleviate the economic and social consequences of addiction and violence; and providing kosher food and other assistance so that families can resume their productive place in society."  
Updated Behavioral Health Standards Released


To support COA accredited organizations as they navigate the evolving behavioral health landscape, COA has revised its standards to reflect the nationwide trend towards integrated services. In that regard, COA has combined the Outpatient Mental Health Services (MH) and Services for Substance Use Conditions (SA) standards into one service section, Services for Mental Health and/or Substance Use Disorders (MHSU). The new MHSU standards apply to organizations providing mental health services, services for substance use disorders, and services for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. The MHSU standards emphasize care coordination and incorporate emerging best practices in the field to prepare our organizations for the new age of healthcare reform. The Counseling, Support, and Education Services (CSE) standards have been revised to be more inclusive of peer support services and provide greater clarity around the types of programs and services that are reviewed under this service section. COA will be offering two online trainings to introduce the new service section (Tools and Training Spotlight Below).
Learn more about the updated standards here.
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July 3, 2015  
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D'Var Torah 
Lee I. Sherman

Last weekend, Zea Bowling was attending a local community festival in Columbus, Ohio with her father. A street preacher was shouting his anti-gay vitriol at the top of his lungs. Zea had been told about the Supreme Court's decision to legalize marriage for gay couples and she knew that this street preacher was spewing hate and she did not want to just ignore him. So, she walked up to this "man" and silently held out a gay pride rainbow flag. As he leaned in to her and continued to shout in her face, she continued to hold out her flag in a silent demonstration of strength and resolve. The adults around her were moved to tears, and some showed their support by giving her "high fives" and fist bumps. They came to the festival for a good time and were rewarded with a lesson in the power of innocence over hate.  

In this week's parashah, Balak, we find the unusual and comic story of Balaam and his donkey. This story is in many ways a strange interlude from the battles and laws we read about in most of B'midbar. Here we read of Balak, the king of Moab, summoning the sorcerer Balaam to curse the Israelites. On his way to do so, Balaam and his donkey meet an Angel of God. Three times, the donkey sees the angel and stops, veers, and sits.  Balaam, seeing nothing, just grows angry and beats the donkey. Finally, after the third incident, the donkey speaks, and says "why do you beat me, do you not see the angel." Only then are Balaam's eyes opened and does he see the angel.

We learn from this talking donkey that words or actions from an unexpected source may often be just what we need to see things differently, to add a new perspective, sometimes for the better, but always enlightening. A child who stands strong in silence can do even more. Hopefully, we do not need to always have a child or talking donkey to open our eyes to new experiences or moral insights, but we should take those lessons to remind us that unexpected sources can broaden our sight and our insights.

Shabbat Shalom.  

Disabilities Services Discussion Call:  Vocational Services
Join AJFCA and IAJVS professionals for an exploratory discussion call on new federal policies on vocational services and the impact on the provision of these services to persons with disabilities. Liz Leibowitz, Senior Legislative Associate at the Jewish Federations of North America and Genie Cohen, CEO of the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services, will share information on key policy changes related to employment services and assist in guiding a discussion for those who provide services to persons with disabilities. Plan to share your programs, experiences, outcomes, ideas and questions with other network members.

Vocational Services
Tuesday, July 7th - 2pm EDT - REGISTER HERE

2015 White House Conference on Aging
The 2015 White House Conference on Aging will be a national conversation about the issues of aging and how we can look forward to the next decade. The entire event will be livestreamed on the White House website. You can watch online and invite your friends and neighbors to watch the Conference with you. If you are planning to host a watch party, you can share the information about your party online here. We've prepared a discussion guide to help you host a watch party. In the days to come, we'll share additional information about the Conference and ways to engage in the conversation with everyone who registers a watch party.  We're excited to have you be a part of this year's 2015 White House Conference on Aging.
The Importance of an Open-Book Policy  ejewish philanthropy
The Importance of an Open-Book Policy, June 26, 2015, eJP, by Yoram Samets
I believe it is every stakeholder's (including employees and members) responsibility to provide financially for the success of their organization. I also believe that there are many different ways to financially support your organization. One opportunity ... would be to bring the financial/business issues out of the back room. Read more here.
Training vs. Learning: A Different Conception of Professional Development
The word "training" is often synonymous with "professional development." While a training session can be quite useful for a professional, learning is by far the more enriching experience. Learn more here.
Succession Planning is Not Only about the Successor  nonprofit quarterly
Not much has been written about the role of the retiring executive in succession planning, but this now-retired longtime nonprofit executive would like to lay out his view of how a departing exec should participate to ensure a more successful transition. Read his views here.
PurchasingPoint Update purchasing point
PurchasingPoint saved AJFCA agencies $131,000 last year. AJFCA member agencies spent more than $550,00, an increase of 46% from 2013.

Take advantage of the savings on office supplies, food, furniture, shipping, copiers, postage equipment, facility maintenance supplies, employee and volunteer screening, rental cars, web and audio conferencing services, and more. Contact Kaitlyn Hudgins, 202-347-2080 x32 to enroll.
Annual Foundation Center Renewal foundation center
AJFCA will be renewing the annual Foundation Center subscription. If you are interested please email Zahava by Friday, July 10th. Invoices will be emailed in late July. Service will begin in mid-August. We will be attempting to keep the subscription fee close to this past year's amount of $390. For more information regarding the Foundation Center click here or contact Megan.
Domestic Violence Professionals Fly In
Don't miss the opportunity to network with Member Agency Domestic Violence Professionals at AJFCA's 1st Annual Domestic Violence Professionals Fly In on Sunday, August 9th & Monday, August 10th at Jewish Child & Family Services of Chicago. Programming is listed below. Click here for descriptions.
  • Partnership for Safer Communities:  A Model for Institutional Engagement and Policy Implementation (Amy Rubin, Senior Director, Community Services, JCFS Chicago)
  • Rachel Coalition: A Successful Model of Community Coordination and Collaboration (Shari Bloomberg, Clinical Coordinator, Domestic Violence Services, JFS MetroWest NJ)
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention - a Teen Approach (Sara Walsh, Director, Rosenberg Abuse Outreach Program, Alpert JFCS West Palm Beach)
  • Funding (Jennifer M. Rosenkranz, Senior Program Officer, Michael Reese Health Trust)

Register here. Contact Megan with questions.

Midwest Older Adult Services Meeting
Member Agency Senior Service Professionals are invited to attend AJFCA's Midwest Older Adult Services Meeting on Sunday, August 30th & Monday, August 31st at Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit. Programming is listed below. Click here for descriptions and a more detailed schedule.
  • Trends in Aging Services (Tina Abbate Marzolf, CEO, Area Agency on Aging 1-B)
  • Geriatric Care Management: If You Build it, Will They Come? (Ann Sutton Burke, Director, Aging & Caregiver Services, JFS Cincinnati & Joan Ente, Manager, Your ElderCare Consultants, CJE SeniorLife)
  • Integrated Care and Supporting Dual Eligible Populations (Yuliya Gaydayenko, Senior Director, Older Adult Services,  JFS Detroit)
  • Subsets of the Aging Population (Sheri Sax, Executive Director Older Adult Services & Cindy Kaufman, Clinical Manager, Older Adult Services, JFSA Cleveland)
  • Holocaust Survivor Services & Supporting Russian Speakers
    (Yuliya Gaydayenko & Missy Lewin, Geriatric Care Management Supervisor & Coordinator of Indemnification Services, JFS Detroit)
  • Psychotherapy & Counseling with Older Adults (Keila Naparstek, Coordinator, Aging & Caregiver Services, JFS Columbus & Stefanie Small, Clinical Services Supervisor, JFCS Pittsburgh)
  • A Discussion on Community Collaborations (Liz Woodward, Director, Older Adult & Disabilities Services, AJFCA)

Registration is now open to all AJFCA member agency professionals. 

Summer Tips to Kick Start Development
Summer Tips to Kick Start Development, June 26, 2015, eJP, by Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock
One of the hardest things about working in development is the grueling annual cycle. The minute one fiscal year ends, the next begins. And so we push on, never taking a moment to think critically about that special time when one year ends and a new starts. Read more here.  
Hook * Hold * Payoff - A Framework for Better Stories
Click here and watch this video to learn how to manage a framework for engaging more donors, volunteers, fans, and followers through the power of storytelling. Click here to subscribe to John Haydon's 21 pre-recorded marketing lessons.
Millennials Respond Better to Peers Than to Bosses When Asked to Give, Study Saymillennial impact report
Almost 50% of millennials said they would likely give a charitable gift if asked by a co-worker but only one-fifth would give if asked by upper management, according to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report. Nonprofits can leverage this trend by encouraging millennials to spread the word about good causes to their friends. Millennials were also drawn to workplace giving by personal connection to a cause, incentives and competitions, the survey found. Continue reading here.  
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