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2015 AJFCA Annual Conference
Sponsor Sessions
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AJFCA would like to thank our 2015 Annual Conference Sponsors.
Visit them on the main conference floor Sunday afternoon and Monday.




Join AJFCA's 2015 Silver and Gold Sponsors for AJFCA's Sponsor Showcase on Sunday, May 3rd from 10:30am-11:30am on the Main Conference Floor. 
Sponsor Sessions

Sunday, May 3rd, 2pm



Sunday, May 3rd, 3:45pm

Community TechKnowledge
How to Understand and Design an Outcomes-Based Service Delivery Model 

This session will focus on how to better position your nonprofit for increased funding and utilization of best practices - learn how to do more than maintain in 2015. With examples of how actual nonprofits are using outcomes planning & reporting, you'll learn more about the model requirements recommended to enhance your nonprofit's ability to track and report the results of your work.    

Monday, May 4th, 10:15am  

SafeLink Wireless 

Connecting Your Clients to Employers, Family and Emergency Services safelink

This informative session will provide an overview of the free cell phone program, SafeLink, and how AJFCA members can enroll the clients they serve. SafeLink Wireless is a Lifeline supported service, provides low-income individuals with a free cellphone and monthly minutes.  During this session more details about the program will be provided.  The session will cover how agencies can participate, the reimbursement structure and how to order materials.   

Monday, May 4th, 1:45pm  


How to Ensure A Sustainable Future  

Many nonprofits face financial situations that constrain their ability to grow and even threaten their existence. A sustainable future is more important now than ever before. During this session we will discuss what sustainability looks like in the nonprofit sector and provide examples of how organizations have created a more stable future. During the session you will work with your peers (both staff and board members) to analyze the key elements of sustainability so you can better understand how to apply them to your nonprofit organization.  

Registration closes Friday, April 17th.  
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