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JFCS Southern Arizona Announces New CEO

jfcs tucson  
Carlos A. Hernández, MA, LCSW, CPHQ has been named president and CEO of Jewish Family and Children's Services of Southern Arizona. Jill Rosenzweig, chair of the JFCS Board of Directors, announced the appointment after a national search.

"We welcome Mr. Hernández and the leadership he will provide to our 73-year-old social and human service organization. His experience covers the gamut from services for children, adolescents and families, to community collaborations that bring psychotherapeutic counseling to children and caregivers, all with sensitivity to the needs of our multi-cultural community," said Rosenzweig.

Hernández, a resident of Tucson and most recently the Director of Family and Community Partnerships at Child-Parent Centers, succeeds Shira Ledman in a position she held for five years and Jeanne Anderson, who served as interim president & CEO since November 2013.
Hernández has served as director of quality management with Pantano Behavioral Health Services in Tucson, research project coordinator with Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, a part-time social work consultant, a program supervisor with the Association House of Chicago's Independent Living Program, and a case manager for that organization's foster care program.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in sociology and social work from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's degree from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He is a former member of the Pima Council on Aging Board of Directors and serves as adjunct faculty at Arizona State University's School of Social Work in Tucson and with the Pima Community College Social Services Department.
JFS Dallas Hosts Most Successful Diaper Shower to Date

JFS Dallas  
On October 24th, Jewish Family Service of Dallas hosted their 4th Annual Diaper Shower Benefiting the Community at the JFS Food Pantry. Collecting diapers and wipes for families in need in their community, this event was their most successful year ever! Thanks to donations from all over the Greater-Dallas area, they collected 45,305 diapers (15,000 more than in 2013) and 48,037 wipes (12,000 more than in 2013).

1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers and 39% of Dallas residents are in asset poverty. Security-net programs such as SNAP (food stamps) and WIC do not cover the cost of diapers, so the JFS Food Pantry has these items to help supplement the 120+ families they see each week in the JFS Food Pantry.
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October 31, 2014 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman 
On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of hearing Ari Shavit, author of My Promised Land, speak here in Baltimore. I was struck by his admiration for not only the brave immigrants who founded the modern miracle that is Israel, but also those who came to North America for over two centuries and created the greatest Jewish diaspora community in history. Both groups of immigrants came with little in the way of "earthly" possessions, but against all odds built or contributed to great nations.

This week's Torah reading, Lech L'cha, begins the story of Abraham and, thus, the story of the Jewish people. Both stories are full of trials and tribulations, moments of great exultation and deep reflection, and probably more questions than answers. But through it all there is a momentum, a sense of progress, that has its source in the opening words "lech l'cha." God instructs Abraham to leave his father's home, and all with which he is familiar, and to go and found a great nation. It is significant that Abraham must leave physically and journey to a new land to fulfill God's direction.  Abraham is an active participant (a mover and a shaker), as he shapes his own future and the futures of his succeeding generations. It is not likely that Abraham could have imagined all that was in store for him in the journey that unfolds over the next several parashot, but with God's urging and blessing he takes the initiative to "go forth."

Whenever I hear the words "lech l'cha," I think of the generations of Jews who have followed this commandment and Abraham's example. Perhaps they did not leave the comfort of their father's home; maybe it was a forced exit or fleeing a desperate situation. Nevertheless, all of these Jews left their homes to better their circumstances and shape their own futures. I think of those who were forced from Jerusalem by the Romans, from Spain by the Inquisition, or from Russia by the pogroms. There were those fortunate enough to escape the rise of Nazism in Europe and the Ethiopians who have found a new home in Israel. I think of my own grandmother who left her village near Kiev when she was six years old, and accompanied only by her nine and twelve year old brothers came to this country. I thank God for giving each of them the wisdom, spirit, and determination to "go forth" and better their lives and the lives of all of us who have followed.

Have a restful Shabbat.
10 Things Departing Nonprofit CEOs Should Do to Manage Their Exits bridgespan
Every job and every career eventually ends in a transition. It's just a matter of when, how, and how well managed. When CEOs move on-especially if they are founders, long-tenured executives, or transformational leaders-their organizations will need to devote appropriate time and resources to managing the transition. The longer an executive has been in place, or the more significant his or her impact, the harder he or she will be to replace-and the more challenges a successor will likely face. An exit strategy can help pave the way for a smooth transition. Continue reading here.
A Jewish Communal Response to Addiction
This 2014 AJFCA Annual Conference session is geared at approaching, treating and educating about addictions within the Jewish community.  Leaders in the field of addiction treatment, engagement, and preventive services will explain their modalities and techniques. Techniques such as:  Abstinence model, community re-engagement, counseling, and harm reduction will be discussed, as well as prevention through education.  Additionally stigma, shame and other addiction treatment barriers will also be reviewed.

A Jewish Communal Response to Addiction
Thursday, November 6th, 2pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Good Deeds Day Webinar 
Good Deeds Day, held on March 15th celebrates doing good for the benefit of others and the planet. All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to give of themselves, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do a good deed, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively impact the world. Good Deeds Day, held March 15, 2015. Learn how to organize a project in your own community and activate your goodness.

Good Deeds Day Webinar
Tuesday, November 25th, 12pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Financial Transactions with Your Board: Who Is Looking? nonprofit quarterly
In recent years, policy-makers, the media, and the public have increasingly focused on the accountability of nonprofit boards. Legislative reforms have been proposed, nonprofit associations have called on their members to review and strengthen nonprofit governance practices, and the Internal Revenue Service has released "Governance and Related Topics-501(c)(3) Organizations," which includes a series of goodgovernance recommendations.Accordingly, nonprofits face pressure to become more accountable and transparent to their communities, their constituencies, and the public, which in turn has had a profound impact on nonprofits' internal discussion about appropriate board roles and policies. Continue reading here.
Donors Care More About How Money Is Spent Than Results, Study Says chronicile of philanthropy
Donors Care More About How Money Is Spent Than Results, Study Says, October 28, 2014, Chronicle of Philanthropy, by Alex Daniels
Donors are more interested in how a nonprofit's funds are spent than in the results it achieves, according to a study released today. About 46 percent of people surveyed by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, a charity watchdog, said they base their trust in a nonprofit on its finances, which include the amount spent on overhead costs like salaries and fundraising versus allocations to its programs. Only 11 percent of donors said the results a charity gets from its activities engendered the most trust in that organization. Continue reading here.
Religious Donors Are Ready To Take Risks, Support Broad-based Causes ejewish philanthropy
Turning upside-down the stereotypical image of religious givers whose primary philanthropic concern is their own faith group, a new report released by Jumpstart reveals that charitable givers with deep connections to faith traditions are less in-group-focused than donors with looser ties. Donors who are the most connected to their faith traditions are not just more likely to give, but do so with a sense of openness, experimentation, and risk tolerance, according to the report, Connected to Give: Risk and Relevance.
Repair the World Fellowship Repair the World
The Repair the World Fellowship is an 11-month opportunity for young adults ages 21 to 26 who are passionate go-getters ready to:
  • Engage and challenge the Jewish community to address education and food justice
  • Collaborate with peers to create thought-provoking events & volunteer experiences
  • Explore how Jewish values inform our social justice work
  • Serve in a dynamic city: Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh
International Volunteer Managers Day international volunteer day
November 5th is International Volunteer Managers Day. Universally, people recognize the contribution of volunteers - however, volunteering does not succeed in a vacuum. Behind this world's army of volunteers lies an equally dedicated group of individuals who are responsible for the coordination, support, training, administration, and recruitment of volunteers - skilled professionals who are adept at taking singular passion and turning it into effective action. That is why we celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day every year on November 5th.

AJFCA urges you to mark your calendar and, whether you are an administrator, a volunteer, a community leader or someone who receives the benefit of volunteer help, to make sure the people who act as leaders and catalysts get the recognition they deserve.
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