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JFCS Boston's Visiting Moms Program Leaves Lasting Impressions

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Recently, Rimma Zelfand, CEO of Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Boston, spoke at a conference held at Simmons College. After her presentation, people came up to her to talk and ask questions. What are the odds that three people told her how the Lauren and Mark Rubin Visiting Moms program through the The Center for Early Relationship Support changed their lives as well of the lives of their loved ones?

The first person to introduce himself to Rimma was the husband of a woman who had premature twins five years ago. When the couple finally brought the twins home from the hospital, there was a lot of confusion and the mother was under an extreme amount of stress. Luckily, the couple contacted JF&CS and soon they became involved with the Oliver, Ian, and Serenity Wolk Fragile Beginnings program as well as one of the support groups in Newton for the families of multiples. The Visiting Moms program also came to the rescue, sending a compassionate volunteer to the home for empathetic support, guidance, and companionship. The husband credited those three services for saving his marriage. Continue reading here.
Refugees Find Growing Community in Toldeo, Ohio Thanks to HIAS Partnership

For new refugees, resettling in the U.S. is about more than finding a job and a new home; it's about rebuilding a sense of community and fostering new long-lasting relationships.

While New York and Chicago are large metropolises with vibrant inner-city neighborhoods and comprehensive public transportation systems, Toledo, Ohio is a small city with a spread-out population and limited public transportation, making it hard to get around.

Ghaziyah, a 63-year old Iraqi widow who resettled to the U.S. to reunite with her son just a few months ago, initially struggled to connect with a community in Toledo. The closest refugee assistance organization was more than an hour away by car in Columbus. Settling in was hard for her as five of her six children are in Iraq and she has never worked professionally.

The opening of HIAS partner US Together's new office this past month, however, is dramatically improving the lives of refugees like Ghaziyah. Continue reading here.
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Breast Cancer Survivors: What You Need to Know About Nutrition and Exercise
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August 15, 2014 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

These are troubling times. The news from around the world is not good. While there is currently a truce in Israel, the trauma of the past month and the tension of what more could be coming is difficult for all involved. In Iraq, the purposeful slaughter of people of multiple faiths by ISIS is a reprehensible act which should be receiving universal condemnation, but is not. In Missouri, a questionable killing of a young man by a police officer has set off demonstrations that have led to more violence, and police action that at times has become more than ugly. The amazingly talented Robin Williams, whose comedic antics made so many of us laugh for more than 3 decades, took his own life and exposed the seriousness of depression and the need for more public awareness (and funding) of treatments for mental illness. Another tough week.

All of this was on my mind, as I thought about this week's parashah, Eikev. We read the familiar words, "Man does not live on bread alone," followed, but rarely when treated as an aphorism, by "but by the utterance of God's mouth does man live." We understand that both physical and spiritual sustenance are necessary, but it is not always so clear as to how they relate to one another. Moses goes on in his oration to reflect back on much that has occurred during the forty years in the desert. There were many difficult times, when God supplied the manna of spiritual sustenance. There were good times, when our bellies are full for which "you shall bless The Lord, your God," the origin of our Birkat HaMazon, the blessings after the meal.

Even in these troubled times, just as during the Israelites' turbulent crossing of the wilderness, the one constant is a connection to a greater spiritual presence. It may be difficult to discern, at times seemingly impossible, but it is what drives us to survive. It also inspires the work of our agencies as they provide individuals, families, and communities the strength to confront and overcome so many overwhelming events and circumstances. Tough, but possible, and still much for which to be thankful.

Shabbat Shalom.
Americans with Disabilities Act Celebrates 24 Years
The President linked ADA's anniversary with the benefits of the recently enacted Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), signed into law during the ADA anniversary week. WIOA breaks down barriers and streamlines services with the goal of moving more individuals with disabilities into competitive, integrated employment. "And as we approach the 24th anniversary of the ADA, this bill takes new steps to support Americans with disabilities who want to live and work independently," the President said at the signing of WIOA on July 22, 2014. Read more here .
Thoughts on Making Social Impact Bonds Work-If They Should at All nonprofit quarterly
SIBs may be just another public policy fad sweeping the social sector, generating bipartisan excitement accompanied by heavy promotion by a few consulting and investment firms, but buried within the SIB/PFS concept might be nuggets of insight that could be useful in boosting the efficacy of both nonprofit service providers and the government agencies that provide the bulk of their funding. Click here to read the insights.
The New Wild West - Staffing Nonprofits in the Age of Social Media
What skills are now necessary for nonprofit professionals navigating the new Wild West of virtual communications? Click here to learn what the Nonprofit Technology Network's 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study of 53 top nonprofits revealed.
Cultivation Across the Generations
Join professionals from four AJFCA agencies as they recreate a popular 2014 AJFCA Annual Conference workshop. Presenters will relay their experiences in working with programs at their agencies aimed at teens, families and young adults. Listen to what works to attract and retain young donors to support your agency. The webinar will focus on:
  • using an agency program to promote community outreach and engagement,
  • creating hands-on experiences to engage younger donors on a deeper level, 
  • messaging the value of engaging with the agency in a way that resonate with younger donors, and 
  • creating opportunities to link the donor's engagement with their Jewish values.
Cultivation Across the Generations
Tuesday, August 26th, 2pm ET - REGISTER HERE
2015 Annual Conference Workshop RFP 
building community together
AJFCA is seeking workshop proposals that will enhance the 2015 Annual Conference theme: connect|miami: building community together, by focusing on leveraging the collective impact of our network, with an eye toward building resilience in our agencies amongst the following areas of focus:
  • Executive Leadershipajfca logo-resized
  • Agency Services
  • Fund Development & Marketing
  • Board Leadership
  • Volunteer/Young Adult Engagement
Click here to view the RFP Guidelines and Workshop Proposal Form. The proposal deadline is September 19, 2014. This document contains important information on the Conference and detailed guidelines for each of the areas of focus.
Board Members as Donors & Investors:  ejewish philanthropy Understanding Impact & Conveying ROI
What makes a Board work? What drives an organization to recruit one person over another? Why do some Boards with comparable missions and similar caliber people succeed more than others? How do they measure success? What do Boards today expect from their members? Do they achieve their goals? So many questions... Click here for the answers.
When Funding Success Feels Like Magic ejp full logo
Successful fundraising results when every lay and professional member of your team is trained and aware of the importance of their role in supporting your development team. Click here to read the five things you should be doing to create a culture of philanthropy.
Realizing the Full Potential of Your Events
Development professionals develop relationships with people. While we sometimes turn to mass appeal approaches such as direct mail, excellent interpersonal skills are central to our work. Sometimes, we talk about the Development Cycle, or the "5 I's of Development":  Identify, Inform, Interest, Involve, Invest. A fundraising event provides opportunities to advance each of these stages of development work. We must continually talk to people, interest and inform them, excite and involve them in our mission. Click here to learn more ideas.
YNPN & NPQ Begin Collaboration: Young Nonprofit Leaders Speak Out! 
Nonprofit Quarterly is beginning a partnership with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network to ensure that they are serving and including YNPN's membership in their information and readership community. The exciting collaboration was kicked off by asking the YNPN community to fill out a special survey. Click here to read the comparison and learn more.
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