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Nurturing & Nutrition at the JFCS Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry

jfcs pittsburgh
On July 20th, Jewish Family & Children's Services of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP) revealed their dazzling new Tribute Wall, created by internationally known local artist James Simon. The Tribute Wall recognizes the donors who have helped SHCFP fulfill its mission through their generous financial support and aims to nurture hope in the hearts of those who rely on them for assistance. Visit the SHCFP Facebook page to view photos from the reveal at the community Open House! Click here to browse photos.

squirrel hill food pantry

In cooperation with Repair the World: Pittsburgh and NCJW Pittsburgh Section, SHCFP recently launched a new volunteer garden in Squirrel Hill.
The Squirrel Hill Produce to Pantry Volunteer Garden, broke ground in early spring and provides fresh, locally-grown produce for clients at SHCFP. Volunteers from Repair the World: Pittsburgh have assisted SHCFP staff members in all areas of garden operations, from breaking ground and planting produce to community outreach and volunteer coordination and preparing for the garden's first harvests. To date, volunteers have planted and cultivated produce including green beans, tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables, which will all be distributed to clients at SHCFP along with their regular groceries. Read more here.
A Jewish Call to Fair Treatment for All Children

For the first time in history, there is a large influx of unaccompanied children arriving at a U.S. border, requiring an immediate and effective humanitarian response.

There is no question that the long-term solution is to increase safety and opportunity for children in Central America. But, in the meantime, their basic needs for safety, shelter and food must be met.

Just as important, their well-being must be at the heart of every policy decision U.S. officials make. Under both international and domestic law, children who have asylum claims cannot be returned to harm. Furthermore, they should not be expected to represent themselves in court to make their asylum claims. We do not allow children to face complex legal procedures alone under any other circumstances. Why allow it in these cases? Continue reading here.

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August 1, 2014 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

I fear anti-Semitism. I fear anti-Semitism for me personally and for those I know and love. For the first time in my life, I fear anti-Semitism. For my entire life, I have been aware of anti-Semitism through the ages:  I have read accounts, I have seen photos. I grew up in the South, in a community with fewer than 10,000 Jews. I went to a high school where in my graduating class of 614, I was one of a dozen Jews. I heard anti-Semitic remarks, but I was never afraid. Today, I fear anti-Semitism.  I can see what's happening. I can feel the hate.

This week, we begin the reading of D'varim, the final book of Torah. The Israelites are so close to the Promised Land that they can smell it. Were they afraid to enter hostile territory and claim the land? I have no doubt. But, they had faith - in themselves and in God. Certainly, there were still tests to come, but by living the teachings of Torah they knew they would persevere.

I may harbor fears, but I know that by living our Jewish values all day, each day, we can continue to be a "light unto the nations." That is why the work of our Jewish social service agencies is so critical to perpetuating our community and establishing our continuing presence amongst our neighbors, locally and globally. The contributions of our agencies to people of all religions, races, and nationalities, even if they do not like us, bring justice to the world. It is our responsibility to bring justice to the world. Certainly, that should be enough to calm my fear.

Shabbat Shalom
What Does Inclusion Look Like?
Last week 16 Jewish leaders from Jewish day schools, synagogues, camps, Hillels, and community organizations came to Keshet's Boston Leadership Summit to study together, discuss LGBT inclusion practices, and create action plans for greater LGBT inclusion within their institutions in the coming year. View photos and learn more here.
Human Capital Management: Don't Reinvent the Wheel bridgespan
For-profits have been strategically managing their talent for years. But human capital management-the processes and activities an organization uses to hire, manage and develop people-is a relatively new concept to nonprofits. Click here to learn why nonprofits aren't taking advantage of lessons learned in the for-profit sector.
Toward a Nonprofit Theory of Leadership and Organizational Culture nonprofit quarterly

Nonprofit organizations are different from business and government. One would reasonably expect to manage and govern them differently. However, in the absence of a general framework for nonprofit management, third sector organizations are under persistent pressure to look like something else. Click here to learn about a set of expectations for leadership from board members, managers, and volunteers, in which these organizations gain from broad participation in important discussions and decision-making. 

AJFCA Member Agencies Join Verified Volunteers
Ten AJFCA member agencies have joined Verified Volunteers' platform since May 2014. Verified Volunteers, a new AJFCA partner and 2014 Annual Conference sponsor is the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of the
service sector and the first online community to mobilize repeat, vetted volunteers. To learn more and get involved please contact Jennie.

JFS Denver, CO
JFS Greater Charlotte, NC
JFS of WNC Asheville, NC
JFS Clifton Passiac, NJ
JFS Metrowest, NJ
Samost JFCS, NJ
JFS Orange County, NY
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JFS Salt Lake City, UT
JFS Houston, TX 
Planning & Delivery of Geriatric Care Management Services
AJFCA Older Adult Services Professionals are invited to share their experiences, ideas and issues regarding the planning and delivery of Geriatric Care Management services during this one-hour group discussion that will focus on getting started with fee-based Geriatric Care Management. All Older Adult Services Professionals from AJFCA member agencies are welcome to join the discussion, regardless of prior engagement.

Geriatric Care Management Discussion Call
Tuesday, August 19th, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Nonprofit Boards and the Board Member: A NPQ Distinction with a Difference
People use the terms "Board" and "board member" interchangeably. But that's just plain wrong! Click here to learn the distinction between the Board (the group) and the board member.
Follow Your Donors to Leading Technology
Follow Your Donors to Leading Technology, June 9, 2014, NTEN, by Elissa Everett
More and more, your donors are online, mobile, and tech-curious. What should you be doing to meet them where they are and motivate them to support you? Your future supporters are standing by.

Leading your nonprofit to success means being nimble and having the ability to quickly respond to your supporters.  With online giving on the rise, it behooves nonprofit leadership to focus on embracing technologies for more effective fundraising. Click here to learn how to create a user experience that will motivate donors to take it a step further.
The Art of Less As More: Micro Content
Visual.ly has published this really useful and free e-book on Micro Content. As our attention fragments and more and more of us are reading content on mobile devices, content creators are finding that the best way to engage audiences is with shorter, bite-sized chunks of content known as "Micro Content." Learn about micro content here.
The Power of Interoperability in Treating the Whole Person Foothold Technology
Interoperability, in the context of human services, is the capability of organizations involved in a person's care to exchange data with each other, safely and securely. In order to participate in data exchanges, it's becoming critical for all providers to have an Electronic Record that is interoperable with other systems. At Foothold, we have been making proactive decisions to prepare our providers for this new era of connected care. To learn more about interoperability and what Foothold is doing to stay at the forefront, click here.
Leadership in the Volunteer Communityejewish philanthropy
Long standing professionals often forget for whom they work. They also tend to forget the importance of their role to nurture leadership and volunteerism. They forget the need to apologize to others, to admit they have erred. Continue reading about the structure of volunteer organizations here.
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