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JFS Detroit's Mentor Connection Featured in Local News

jfs detroit
Jewish Family Service of Detroit's Mentor Connection program was featured in the Detroit Jewish News on July 17th.

Jerry Weinfuss and Daniel Whetstine met as strangers from different generations through JFS's Mentor Connection program. But over the course of more than six years, they became close friends. Jerry has had a very positive impact on Daniel who faced some challenging times as a teenager. Daniel recently graduated from high school and landed his first job, thanks in part to guidance and support from his mentor, Jerry.

The story demonstrates the profound impact that mentoring can have on both parties. You can view a digital version of the story here.
Another Success for JFCS Atlanta's Tools for Independence WORKS

Colin has been with Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta's TeamWORKS program for over 5 years. He was hesitant to transition into the BizWORKS Supported Employment Program, as he did not want to leave his friends. While receiving vocational training, his job coach helped to prepare him and encourage him that he was ready. They began going out on interviews and he established a relationship with the HR director at Target (since his mom is a frequent shopper).

Once the right opportunity came up, he passed the interview with flying colors and was hired as a cart attendant. Colin's self esteem and skills have increased due to his increased independence. He takes pride in his job and loves the discount he receives!
JFCS Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill Food Pantry Reveals Tribute Wall

jfcs pittsburgh
Jewish Family & Children's Service of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry Tribute Wall was revealed. The Tribute Wall honors the generous financial supporters who have helped the Pantry fulfill its mission, and inspires hope in the hearts of those who rely on it for

assistance. Check out the photos from the open house here.
JFS Los Angeles Provides Free Groceries

Jewish Family Service or Los Angeles' { SOVA, provides free groceries and an array of supportive services to over 12,000 individuals of all ages, ethnicities and religions each month.

Check out this family's experience featured on ABC 7 News.
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July 25, 2014 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

We are all familiar with the growing epidemic of Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss in our modern society.  Recently, a number of studies have been conducted to determine the effect of certain activities, diets, and other "best practices" that can prevent or slow down the loss of memory.  Among those mental activities that show promise are puzzles, word games, and other "brain games" that can stimulate our minds. From our own personal experiences, we know that continually revisiting memories, mentally going over lists and remembrances of events, helps to keep them alive in our minds and capable of sharing them with others.  

This week, we conclude the reading of B'midbar with the reading of parashah Mas'ei. Moses recounts to the people the itinerary of the Israelites as they wandered through the wilderness. Each stop along the way is mentioned, many of them at the beginning of the journey some forty years ago.  Some who listen to this list of places were born along the way. Others were there from the beginning and undoubtedly have their own personal memories of each location. Regardless of their individual recollections, the recounting of the place names is a communal exercise in memory, and, hopefully, a reminder of what they learned at each station along the way. It is critical for the future of the Jewish people that those who will be settling in Israel have the collective memory of the Exodus and the subsequent forty-year journey, so they may share those events and traditions with their children and future generations.

Working to prevent memory loss must be a priority for our society, both individual and collective memory. The Jewish people have understood this since the time of Moses. May we continue to recognize and encourage this important task.

Shabbat Shalom
Holocaust Survivor Report Language Included in Senate Appropriations Markup
The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services included report language on Holocaust Survivor needs in its subcommittee reported bill and draft report. It states that Holocaust survivors are likely to have complex physical and mental health needs and encourages the Administration on Community Living to prioritize this population within its existing programs. It also encourages the Administration to continue working with survivors, their families and the various organizations that serve them. The language can be found on page 159.
Refugees and Unaccompanied Children ajfca logo-resized
An estimated 80-90,000 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) are expected to cross the southern border of the United States by the end of the current fiscal year. The Office of Refugee Resettlement has had to reprogram $94 million to deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors. As a result, funds have been diverted from regular resettlement operations including many programs that Jewish agencies use to resettle refugees fleeing Iran, Iraq, Syria, Burma or Sudan. AJFCA has signed this statement and is advocating for increased funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement to adequately assist the children fleeing violence without detracting from our ability to serve existing vulnerable refugees.
The Disconnect in Connecting the Workplace
Technology is indeed connecting us in ways that improve communication, discovery and connectivity. The world is becoming a much smaller place as a result. Chances are that you are connected in one network or another to people in at least 12 other countries. Although social networking and smartphones are relatively new as a staple in the everyday life of adults and kids, how we as consumers use these networks and devices is outpacing how we as employees use technology in the workplace. Click here to read more.
Thoughts on the Relevance of Nonprofit nonprofit quarterly Management Curricula
What is the state of nonprofit management education today? From the ways we establish community value to a renewed emphasis on networking and an expanded menu of organizational designs (among other things), how we work in the sector is changing at a faster pace than ever. Continue reading here.
Planning & Delivery of Geriatric Care Management Services
AJFCA Older Adult Services Professionals are invited to share their experiences, ideas and issues regarding the planning and delivery of Geriatric Care Management services during this one-hour group discussion that will focus on getting started with fee-based Geriatric Care Management. All Older Adult Services Professionals from AJFCA member agencies are welcome to join the discussion, regardless of prior engagement.

Geriatric Care Management Discussion Call
Tuesday, August 19th, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Annual Foundation Center Renewal foundation center
Last call for annual Foundation Center subscription renewal. If you are interested please email Zahava by Monday, July 28th. For more information regarding the Foundation Center click here or contact Megan.
Virtual Strength: How the Internet Fosters  ejewish philanthropy Community
People are more mobile than ever; communities and jobs are more fluid, and relationships are taking on new shapes. While we are more globally connected, we are feeling ever more alienated and desperate for rootedness, connection, and community. For those of us in the expanding Zeitgeist of virtual communities, a number of questions require consideration.
Design A Better Dashboard 
Take a look at any nonprofit dashboard and the most effective ones probably have an organizational process that lies beneath. Dashboard design is more than simply clarifying outcomes and key metrics. Dashboard design should also inspire buy-in and continuous improvement by using "human centered design" methods. Continue reading about how human-centered design methods can help you design a better dashboard here.
Rethink How You Approach Lapsed Donors network for good
Conventional wisdom says it's more cost effective to retain donors than acquire new donors. Of course you should spend a fair amount of your time tending to your active donors, ensuring they're seeing the impact of their donation and making them a part of your community. In this case, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. But what do you do if these supporters stop giving? Write them off and move on? Learn more here.

Boost Fundraising Results through Branded Web Portal Sales - RESCHEDULED 

AJFCA is pleased to announce a partnership with REMCAP, 2014 AJFCA Annual Conference sponsor. The REMCAP Buying Portal, powered by Deem, provides a web-based buying portal for not-for-profit organizations that serves as a source for donations. AJFCA member agencies and local community donors and supporters sign on to use the portal to make purchases for home, leisure, travel or business needs. A portion of the sales value made by users is transferred to the local AJFCA member agency as a donation. The buying portal is branded with your agency's logo. Users make their purchases and in the settlement process REMCAP's system redirects funds to your organization. You determine the level of promotion to your community that you wish to generate. The result is a lasting, ongoing source of funds for your organization with no start-up or ongoing costs to participate for agencies or users.

Boost Fundraising Results through Branded Web Portal Sales

Thursday, July 31st, 2pm ET - REGISTER HERE

Up to 20% off a Complete EHR Foothold Technology

Special Offer for AJFCA Members - OFFER EXPIRES SOON!

To help members transitioning to electronic record-keeping, AJFCA has partnered with 2014 Annual Conference sponsor, Foothold Technology, a leading provider of web-based software developed specifically for behavioral healthcare and human services organizations. For a limited time, Foothold is offering all AJFCA members the opportunity to review its software and receive a discount of up to $6,000 (20% off) on Foothold's service package. More than 850 agencies across the country are currently using Foothold's federally certified and fully interoperable AWARDS software to manage and track all types of clinical data related to the services they provider to people in need.

To learn more about how your agency can save, click here. Act Now! Offer expires on Thursday, July 31st!  

Leadership in the Volunteer Community ejp full logo
Long standing professionals often forget for whom they work. They also tend to forget the importance of their role to nurture leadership and volunteerism. They forget the need to apologize to others, to admit they have erred. Read more about the structure of volunteer organizations and analyzing the leadership of their professionals' leadership styles here.
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