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JFS Calgary is Lending a Voice to The Silent Crime

JFS Calgary  
 Over the last couple of years, Jewish Family Service Calgary along with Jewish Service agencies in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Ottawa, has been participating in a project funded by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program. The focus of the project is to raise awareness and provide resources relating to the often silenced topic of elder abuse. The project's lengthy title - Pan-Canadian Elder Abuse Awareness and Education Program for Ethno-cultural Communities - is certainly justified by its wide scope that includes linguistically relevant resources development, workshop facilitation, and the production of an interactive socio-drama.
Each phase of the project presented us with amazing opportunities for connections and collaborations, both within and outside the Jewish community, all aimed at a common cause. At its inception, it involved establishing the Senior Advisory Committee, comprised of older-adult volunteers. Its members provide guidance and relevant perspective ranging from developing informational brochures, to directing the emphasis towards legal rights and responsibilities at our workshops. In order to accurately inform both service providers and community members about such legalities, we (JFSC) have been collaborating with the Calgary Police Service's Elder Abuse Response Team.
The final phase involved putting together a socio-drama, appropriately titled The Silent Crime, which is a play with a narrator who leads the audience in discussion throughout the show. Our cast of volunteer actors, led by our director Stefanie Lis, have been delivering heart-felt, thought-provoking performances. It would be an understatement that the responses from the community has been exceeding our expectations. It is so encouraging to witness reactions ranging from shock to curiosity to outrage. We can only hope that this awareness will inspire compassion and a sense of responsibility in all generation in hopes to eradicate the risks of elder abuse.

Tanya Muschanov, M.C. Shlom Bayit and Pan-Canadian Project Coordinator, JFSC
Alpert JFCS Announces New CEO 

alpert jfcs
On July 1st Jenni Frumer took over as CEO of Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Services of West Palm Beach County. Now, former CEO Neil Newstein served as CEO for almost exactly 28 years to the day.

In a reflection Neil wrote about his experiences he explained, " What I think I've enjoyed the most after all these years, is the realization that, collectively, we have made so many lives better. And even if we couldn't make a life better, we have been able to provide comfort and support. Continue reading here.
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Measuring Success in Patient Advocacy Initiatives
July 9th, 12pm EDT
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July 3, 2014 
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Shabbat Message

This has been a disturbing and traumatic week in Israel. Our agencies know well the challenges of dealing with personal tragedy, and the difficulty of articulating and processing our responses. When first hearing of the murders of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Dean of the Mekor Chaim School, said: "[t]o best honor their memories - indeed, to comfort evil - we must act always as proud Jews, in our deeds and through our lives." 

I want to share with you the beautiful and moving words of Seth Cohen, AJFCA board member, in a blog he wrote earlier this week. May we all find the strength to transform the world through gemilut chasadim, acts of loving kindness.


Tears in the Square

"It feels like we should do something," the woman next to me said. "Like maybe sing Hatikva?"

"No, no," the man next to her said. "The only thing we should say now is Kaddish." 

"I don't know what to say," said another. "But I know that I am tired of not knowing what to say, and I am tired of the sense of helplessness-when will this all end?"

At that moment, what was being said and not said, what was being felt but not understood, was shared by all of us, grasping for reasons beyond reasons and words beyond words.

It was dusk in Union Square in New York City, and I was standing in a crowd that had gathered spontaneously to mourn the news that Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali were dead. More than dead, murdered. The crowd swelled in despair. Israelis, students, parents all became hosts to sad faces, lit candles and smoldering anger.

I was accidentally present-I wasn't supposed to be there (are any of us?) at this impromptu vigil. I was in NYC for a daddy/daughter trip-a chance to spend time living and laughing with my 11-year-old daughter, dancing in elevators, walking the streets and talking about her future. It was a day of dreaming, including a long walk along the High Line, enjoying high times.
But there we were, not laughing on the High Line but crying. What we did that day Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali won't be able to do, and their parents won't be able to do. The news cut through our day-reminding us that however removed we were from sadness, we were never too far from the darkness it can cast.

I told my daughter, "It is important that we go light a candle." She looked at me forlornly but understandingly-this was a diversion, a sad and frustrating one (aren't they all). And as we walked towards the small flickering flames, we talked about what it means to be connected to others, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. That even though we were on a vacation, our sense of responsibility motivated us, required us, to take a moment to stand in solidarity with our global family. She didn't argue, she didn't cry. She knowingly walked with me, holding my hand, squeezing it tight.

It almost felt normal. Like we were supposed to be doing this together, that this is what we do as a family, as much as any other family activity, like a daddy/daughter trip.

But this is not normal. It is not normal to need to go to a vigil for three dead boys who were killed in cold-blood for no reason. It is not normal to need to always speak to your children about terrorists and the evil things that are done by them. It is not normal to say that it will be ok when the facts, the cold hard facts, indicate otherwise. It is not normal, and we shouldn't pretend that it is.

As a nation, Israel convulses at news such as the death of three of their own, and a world of Jewish people echo their pain. But then we walk to dinner. We go on living in a way Israelis seemingly can't but somehow do. And maybe we can't either. But this pain is getting too regular, these vigils too common. Paris. Kansas City. Brussels. Israel. The places are different, but the question is the same.

"Why don't they like us?" my daughter asked. "Why do they want to kill us? It seems so confusing."

"It is." I told her. And my voice was just one more in the square at dusk, among a nation of people weeping.  
AmeriCorps VISTA Leaders Wanted
AJFCA is recruiting a VISTA Leader to join us in our Baltimore office beginning August 30th (or earlier, if available) to work on a national project building capacity in 12 select agencies to serve Holocaust survivors (Click here to read more about the complete project.) This would be a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to gain experience on a national scale or in social services. A key requirement for VISTA Leaders is at least one previous year of VISTA service, so please let us know if you have anyone who meets this requirement. Applications will be accepted through July 14th. Please share the job descriptions widely - we're looking for a top-notch candidate to help organize our sites across the US:  CNCS Listing. Idealist Listing. Contact Jennie or Liz if you have any promising candidates.

Click here for the full list of job postings.
Annual Foundation Center Renewal foundation center
AJFCA will be renewing the annual Foundation Center subscription. If you are interested please email Zahava by Friday, July 11th. Invoices will be emailed in late July. We will be attempting to keep the subscription fee close to this past year's amount of $390. For more information regarding the Foundation Center click here or contact Megan.
AJFCA CEO Council Conference Call
AJFCA member agency CEOs are invited to join Relationships Between Executives & Board Chairs, a CEO Council conference call. During the call we will discuss effective ways for executives to work with their board chairs, looking at the elements that lead to a good executive/board team, how the roles and balance of responsibilities are set and positive communication practices. We will also discuss what member agency executives want their board chairs to gain from the AJFCA conference and consider steps to achieving this.

Relationships Between Executives & Board Chairs
Wednesday, July 9th, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Facilitator:  Paula Goldstein, President/CEO, JFCS Philadelphia and Chair, CEO Council of AJFCA
AJFCA Geriatric Care Management Call
AJFCA Older Adult Service professionals are invited to share their experiences, ideas and issues regarding the planning and delivery of Geriatric Care Management services during a group discussion that will focus on measuring outcomes and determining early access entry points to bring clients into services. This discussion group was formed during a networking opportunity at the 2014 AJFCA Annual Conference. Older Adult Services professionals from AJFCA member agencies are welcome to join this call, regardless of prior engagement.

AJFCA Geriatric Care Management Discussion Call
Wednesday, July 16th, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Communications/Development/Marketing Call ajfca logo-resized
Are you looking for new ideas and programs to help raise funds and awareness for your agency? Join AJFCA member agency communications, development and marketing professionals for an updates and ideas exchange. What events, programs and projects have benefitted your agency this year? Share your successes with other AJFCA member agency professionals. To make the most of our time please send Megan 1-2 bullets for discussion. The call will conclude with a virtual tour of the new AJFCA Marketing Bank.

Updates & Ideas Exchange
Thursday, July 17th, 2pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Facilitator:  Alison Berman, Fund Development Director, Collat JFS (Birmingham)
Boost Fundraising Results through Branded Web Portal Sales
Donors and Supporters Save on Everyday Purchases - Local Agencies Receive Share-of Revenue Donations
AJFCA is pleased to announce a partnership with REMCAP, 2014 AJFCA Annual Conference sponsor. The REMCAP Buying Portal, powered by Deem, provides a web-based buying portal for not-for-profit organizations that serves as a source for donations. AJFCA member agencies and local community donors and supporters sign on to use the portal to make purchases for home, leisure, travel or business needs. A portion of the sales value made by users is transferred to the local AJFCA member agency as a donation. The buying portal is branded with your agency's logo. Users make their purchases and in the settlement process REMCAP's system redirects funds to your organization. You determine the level of promotion to your community that you wish to generate. The result is a lasting, ongoing source of funds for your organization with no start-up or ongoing costs to participate for agencies or users.

Join REMCAP and AJFCA for a complimentary introductory webinar on Thursday, July 17th at 4pm ET. We'll discuss the buying portal, registration process, and additional program features.
Boost Fundraising Results through Branded Web Portal Sales
Thursday, July 17th, 4pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Grants CNCSCompetition
The 2014 Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Pay for Success (PFS) Grants Competition will provide up to $11.2 million in grants to eligible nonprofit organizations and city and state governments seeking to advance and evaluate emerging models that align payment for social services with verified social outcomes. Click here for details
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