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The 2014 AJFCA & IAJVS Annual Conference was a success
thanks to the hospitality of the host community, Agence Ometz, our talented speakers and presenters and
enthusiastic attendees and supportive sponsors.
The Conference & Community
Dan Pallotta - Sunday Opening Plenary Speaker

For a few days in Montreal, the AJFCA & IAJVS Annual Conference attendees formed a true community. We shared information, resources, and strategies. We dined together, both in large and small groups, as we got to know one another and exchanged personal and professional stories. We heard three amazing plenary speakers, each of whom challenged us to be creative as we push our agencies to solve the social problems we address each day. We participated in workshop sessions led by many of you, each one urging us to strive for excellence and providing us the tools to keep on making progress. We relaxed for a bit at a lovely host reception at the beautiful Museum of Fine Arts, and we enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of our host community throughout our time in Montreal.

Mitch Joel - Monday Plenary Spearker

From the work that you do as professionals and volunteers at your agencies, you understand the obligation of the community through each and every one of its members to seek out those in need and draw them close where we know they will gain strength. Judaism teaches us a sense of collective responsibility that calls each of us to participate in our own way - whether through donation, volunteer work, professional practice, or random acts of kindness. We sense our unity and mutual responsibility through each recollection of our history, we feel it in the honor and reverence the community places on every individual and family within, and we know it through the values we are taught to dignify each person, to work toward a more perfect world and to act in the Jewish way.
Suzi Sosa - Tuesday Closing Plenary Speaker

To those of you who were at the conference, thank you for participating and adding so much to the experience for all of us. To those of you who were not able to attend this year, please take advantage of the opportunity to see materials and photos as they are added to our website over the coming weeks. To all, I look forward to seeing you in the coming year and together again as a community at next year's conference in Miami.  

Shabbat Shalom,


If you have not already done so, please share your conference feedback with us. Click here to access the conference evaluation survey.


A lovely Sunday evening at the Musée des Beaux Arts Montréal (Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal), hosted by Agence Ometz.

Attendee List

Session Presentations
Conference presentations are available on the AJFCA website. As more presentations become available they will be added to the AJFCA website.

Continuing Education Credits
Continuing education credit session evaluation forms for licensed social workers are available on the AJFCA website. Once CEU session evaluation forms are completed please return them to Megan Manelli via:
  • email:  mmanelli@ajfca.org
  • fax:  410-664-0551
  • mail:  AJFCA, Attn:  Megan Manelli, 5750 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 
* Certificates of completion will be emailed within the next 30 days. Hard copies are available upon request.  

Conference photos should be available next week. They will be accessible via the AJFCA website. Stay tuned.  

We can't wait to see you next year for AJFCA's 43rd Annual Conference, May 3-5, 2015 in Miami, Florida.