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2014 AJFCA & IAJVS Annual Conference
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                   May 4-6, 2014

               Montreal, Quebec
Here is a glimpse of the dynamic sessions being offered at the 2014  AJFCA & IAJVS Annual Conference: Inspiring Creativity in a Changing World:


Agency Services
Fighting Stigma . . . It's OK to Talk About Mental Illness
Fully 1 in 4 individuals experiences a mental illness at any period of time. It's more common than cancer, heart disease or diabetes, yet, less than 30% seek appropriate treatment. Just as we have learned to talk more easily about AIDS/HIV, cancer, or addiction, we are learning to be more open about mental illness. Stigma-shame, loneliness, and embarrassment-can  prevent someone from seeking treatment or support for what can be a manageable and treatable illness. For those dealing with mental illness, open and honest communication with their friends and family is a powerful step on the road to healing. Session participants will learn about an 18-month stigma reduction campaign (print, videos, web and educational) that can be tailored to local communities  to give clear direction on how to start those conversations. This session will also explore the importance of community coalition building and engaging funders and community leaders in the introduction of Mental Health First Aid, an international evidence-based SAMHSA-approved program. 
Elaine Rotenberg, Clinical Director, Alpert JFCS W. Palm Beach
Richard Odiam, Director of Clinical Services, JFS Kansas City
Don Goldman, Executive Director/CEO, JFS Kansas City
Agency Operations
Developing Agency Leaders through Strategic Talent Management

"Pick two celebrities to be your parents" - OK, so we are not Urban Outfitters and don't typically ask this question in a hiring interview; however, our success does depends on our ability to attract, develop, evaluate and retain the right staff. Join us as we explore what JF&CS Atlanta and Boston are doing to build and maintain a talented, engaged and aligned workforce through cutting-edge talent management programs.

Ira Schor, Senior VP of Operations, JF&CS Boston
Debi McNeil, CFO, JF&CS Atlanta
Lisa Bronstein, Director of HR, JF&CS Atlanta


Fund Development & Marketing
Branding: Signaling a Difference

What is Brand? Why Brand? How do you Approach Branding Your Agency? JFCS in Phoenix, AZ, JF&CS in Atlanta each embarked upon an assessment of brand perceptions of current and potential stakeholders, in light of existing and future business/care provision offerings. The session will present the process, and findings of the assessment, the articulation of a brand image and the graphics and narratives that have been developed. Prof. Doug Olsen will present on the meaning of brand and the assessment of stakeholders. We will follow the presentation and panel discussion with Q&A.

Frank Jacobson, VP of Marketing and Development, JFCS Phoenix
Douglas Olsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Arizona State University

Brenda Fiske, Chief Marketing Officer, JF&CS Atlanta

Board Leadership
You're Too J ewish, You're Not Jewish Enough: How To Message and Fundraise in the Jewish and Secular Communities 
Many Jewish Family Service agencies provide a broad range of services to the non-secular population. Yet the Agency roots are in the Jewish community, as are many of the Board members and donors. Agencies face many dilemmas and issues in dealing with this dual identity and promoting the message of core values to the community and beyond. There are issues in Board diversity, fundraising and programming. Convincing the secular world that the Agency supports non-Jewish clients and ensuring to the Jewish community that programs support their needs are dual priorities many agencies face. Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services will discuss their strategies for connecting with the local community as well as to mainstream funders and donors. They will discuss how a broad range of services fit together and how important the Jewish values are as the underpinning of all that Gulf Coast JFCS does.
Jay Miller, Incoming Board Chair, Gulf Coast JFCS
Rochelle Tatrai-Ray, CEO/COO, Gulf Coast JFCS
Stuart Berger, VP, Development & Marketing, Gulf Coast JFCS
Cindy Stern Minetti, Director, Jewish Family Services, Gulf Coast JFCS   
Volunteer/Young Adult Ambassadors
Fostering Organizational Partnership: The Repair the World Fellows & AJFCA Member Agencies
In October of 2013 Repair the World launched a 10-month fellowship in four cities: Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Baltimore.  Repair the World fellows are young adults ages 21 to 26 who are committed to mobilizing the Jewish community toward meaningful volunteer projects.  This session will talk about the different ways Repair has partnered with AJFCA member agencies in each community to build capacity within the organization and engage a new generation of volunteers.
Mordy Walfish, National Program Director, Repair the World (pending approval) 
select Repair the World Fellows, TBD


Continuing Education Credits 

Continuing education credits (CEUs) will be offered to social workers for each conference session. At the beginning and end of each session attendees will be reminded to fill out a session evaluation form. Forms can be returned to the AJFCA table in the Delegates Lounge or to Megan Manelli via mail, fax or email following the 2014 Annual Conference. Certificates of completion will be emailed within 30 days of the conference unless requested otherwise.